Son-Vidé is celebrating its 15th anniversary


Mis à jour le 1 August 2019.

Son-Vidé is 15 and that calls for a celebration! To help us celebrate, we’ve created an anniversary section where you can read about our history, learn about the developments in hi-fi and those in home cinema between 2000 and 2015 and win prizes worth a total of 15 000 ?.

First prize is a complete Dolby Atmos home cinema installation including a pair of Klipsch RP-280FA, Klipsch RP-260F, Klipsch RP-140SA and Klipsch RP-250S speakers, a Klipsch RP-450CA centre speaker, two Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers, an Onkyo TX-RZ900 home cinema amplifier and an Oppo BDP-105D Blu-ray player. The 10 runners-up will each receive a pair of Klipsch RP-140SA Dolby Atmos speakers.


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