The XBox One S now supports Dolby Atmos


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Microsoft Xbox One S

An important update for the Microsoft Xbox One S?with a new version of its OS?has been made available for automatic download. Downloading will now be faster for all types of Internet connections, including ADSL, cable and optic fiber. Improvements should fall somewhere between 40% and 80% on average.

The Blu-ray player app can also be updated to offer an exciting new feature?a bitstream pass-through audio mode which enables the transmission of original audio stream (DTS, Dolby) to the user?s home cinema receiver. As such, support for Dolby Atmos format will make PCM 2.0 stream a thing of the past.

Members of the Xbox Preview program can already take advantage of this bitstream pass-through mode with all of the apps for Xbox One S, and most of all with its video games. Gaming with Atmos sound should thus become a reality in the near future.

To help you understand how Dolby Atmos works, feel free to browse through our specialized guide.

Guide Dolby Atmos

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