GQ Style Night 2017: Pictures (featuring Elipson speakers)

On June 1st, GQ Magazine organized a celebration in honor of style and design in the Marais neighborhood in Paris. From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., over 40 stores, bars, and restaurants participated in GQ Style Night 2017.

Son-Vidé and Elipson were partners of the private party held at the 18-20 Archives Concept Store after the event. Elipson, the French speaker manufacturer and precursor of design objects in hi-fi, was on the scene.. As a reminder, Elipson has recently partnered up with Habitat, and its iconic and colorful models can be found at the Parisian high-end store Colette. Many emblematic Elipson speakers were on display for the occasion, such as the Elipson Lenny, Elipson Planet L, Elipson Planet M, Elipson Facet 6B and Elipson BS50 Tribute.

Here are a few pictures of this very successful event.


The Elipson Lenny Bluetooth speaker.


The famous Elipson Planet L speaker.


The Elipson Lenny and Elipson Planet L speakers.



On the left, the Elipson BS50 Tribute speaker.


An original Elipson BS40 loudspeaker.



The Elipson BS50 loudspeaker.


The Elipson Facet 6B compact speaker on display above a Planet L speaker.



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