Son-Vidé is celebrating its 20th anniversary


Mis à jour le 20 October 2020.

For 20 years now, Son-Vidé has been sharing its passion for high fidelity and home theater with a wide audience. An anniversary that we wish to celebrate with you throughout the year.

Son-Vidé 20 years of hi-fi and home theater

Son-Vidé’s story began in 2000 when Philippe Carré, a professional audio and events specialist, met Éric James, a loudspeaker and audio electronics designer.

Philippe Carré & Éric James, the founders of Son-Vidé

Their shared passion for sound resulted in Son-Vidé, the first French hi-fi and home theater e-commerce website. The idea behind this project was to provide as many people as possible with access to a wide range of hi-fi and home theater equipment selected for their qualities and performance, while offering each customer personalized advice and exemplary customer service.

The interface of the Son-Vidé website in 2000. The Teac M1MD hi-fi system was one of the first devices to be referenced on the website.

Son-Vidé quickly became a reference on the internet regarding hi-fi and home theater. In 2002, we published our first printed catalog. Inside was a superb section focusing on hi-fi, as well as the first LCD/plasma flatscreen TVs and projectors, which were becoming increasingly popular. This printed version was a big success and is renewed every year. Inside the 2020 catalog are reviews, articles, interviews and a presentation of the year’s iconic products.

The rise of home theater with the success of DVDs, the democratization of projectors and flatscreen TVs, but also the convergence of computing and high fidelity participated in Son-Vidé’s development.

Son-Vidé more than 15 stores in France

Very quickly, Son-Vidé expanded beyond the internet and is now present during many shows and events alongside the biggest hi-fi and home theater brands. In 2003, Son-Vidé’s headquarters were moved from the site in Montreuil to Champigny-sur-Marne. Storage space was multiplied by 30! The new building also allowed the e-commerce site to open its first showroom. Aimed at both consumers and professionals, there are now 15 Son-Vidé stores throughout France. The biggest store yet is set to open this year in the company’s new headquarters. In our different French stores, you can discover and listen to a wide selection of hi-fi systems with all major online music services and try the best headphones and DAPs. You can even watch clips from Hollywood blockbusters in showrooms entirely dedicated to home theater in our stores located in Thonon-les-Bains, Lille, Antibes and Grenoble.

In our stores, you can discover and listen to a wide selection of hi-fi systems with all major online music services, try the best headphones and DAPs and watch clips from Hollywood blockbusters in showrooms entirely dedicated to home theater.

Son-Vidé a multitude of guides and tips

In addition to enriching its online catalog, the Son-Vidé website has also become a platform for exchanging and sharing knowledge: our editorial content has been supplemented with advice pages, different technology guides, the history of major brands and thematic selections. This content complements the Son-Vidé blog that was launched in 2007 and features hi-fi and home theater news, interviews, equipment reviews and lots of tips.

Son-Vidé multiple events and shows

Since it was founded, Son-Vidé has always attended many hi-fi and home theater events and shows. One of the most popular events is the Sound Days show, which has attracted many enthusiasts wanting to discover the latest turntables, headphones, wireless speakers and portable systems every year since its launch in 2016. Another major event is the Son & Image Festival, which became the Paris Audio Video Show in 2018. Held every year in October, it is the only show in France to give hi-fi and home theater enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and listen to the newest releases and exclusive products in one place. The 2019 edition of the show was marked by the first Masterpiece awards ceremony, which rewards the best product, best hi-fi demonstration and best home theater demonstration.

For its anniversary this year, Son-Vidé is organizing a large clearance sale in Champigny-sur-Marne this June. During this exceptional event, you can enjoy incredible stock clearance discounts on countless references from iconic brands. You will also have the opportunity to meet our teams and talk to our expert advisors.

At the start of 2020, Son-Vidé’s Facebook page reached 100,000 followers. News, reviews, offers, new releases, customer installations and hi-fi and home theater entertainment attracts more and more fans every day. This adventure continues over on the Son-Vidéo YouTube channel with the Grand Déballage show in which PP Garcia reviews the latest headphones, amplifiers, HD DAPs, amplifiers, earphones, speakers and more.

With over 12,000 products, 730,000 clients and an average user rating of 9.3/10, Son-Vidé has been the leader in hi-fi and home theater for 20 years. We owe this success to each and every one of you and to the trust that you place in us every day. We wish to share this success with you throughout the year, with many surprises that will help you wait until the fall, when we will organize a major event to proudly celebrate our 20th anniversary.

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