Which TVs are the best to watch sporting events?


Mis à jour le 11 June 2021.

Are you thinking about upgrading your TV to enjoy sports competitions in the best conditions possible? Discover our selection of UHD 4K TVs , of OLED TV and QLED TVs and mini-LED among the best models currently available to be transported right in front of your favorite teams and favorite sporting events!

Compared to models from five or ten years ago, the 2020 and 2021 4K TVs all feature optimization technologies to enjoy smooth images when broadcasting sporting events. The sport mode ensures perfect sharpness with fast movements, so you don’t lose sight of the ball on the court or the field. In addition, recent advances in upscaling with artificial intelligence have made it possible to obtain very good quality images in UHD 4K from a DTTV HD source, with a sharpness and a level of detail almost comparable to native 4K resolution.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy UHD 4K matches in your bedroom or living room!

Best TV for sports between €500 and €1200

Panasonic TX-50HX810E (126 cm): 1800 Hz, sport mode and HDR

With the Panasonic TX-50HX810E , the Japanese manufacturer presents a 50-inch diagonal UHD 4K LED LCD TV boasting excellent value for money. Among its strengths, its 1800 Hz sweep frequency and sport mode ensure smooth and sharp images eveng with the fastest sports. Its zoned backlighting optimizes contrast for better readability, on sports programs as well as on films and series which also benefit from its HDR10 + and Dolby Vision compatibility.

1800 Hz scan, Sport mode, optimized contrast: the Panasonic TX-50HX810E allows you to enjoy sports events in UHD 4K in good conditions and offers great value.

TCL 65C715 (164 cm): QLED technology, Android TV

The 4K UHD TV TCL 65C715 lets you take advantage of QLED (Quantum Dot) technology and its Dolby Vision and HDR10 + compatibility to offer you bright images with optimized contrast on all matches and competitions. This TCL 65C715 features with Android TV and Google Assistant for voice search. It is thus possible to ask the TV when the matches of your favorite teams will take place! It can also access YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + as well as the main replay services of all the major channels via the Internet.

The TCL 65C715television TVis designed to let you enjoy the matches with smooth images with rich and well contrasted colors.

Samsung Serif QE49LS01T (123 cm): QLED 4K Lifestyle TV

The Samsung The Serif QE49LS01T Lifestyle TV is designed by the Bouroullec brothers for Samsung and combines a unique aesthetic with cutting-edge technologies. Placed on a TV cabinet or on its floor stands, it will catch all of your guests’ eye. Its UHD 4K QLED panel is HDR compatible to broadcast sporting events with well-contrasted images and intense colors, via its TNT, cable and satellite tuners. Its HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use the majority of current audio-video sources.

This Samsung The Serif QE49LS01T stands out for its unique design which makes it a real decorative object for your home. QLED technology also guarantees excellent image quality.

Panasonic TX-55HZ1000E (139 cm): the best contrasts

The Panasonic TX-55HZ1000E features a 4K UHD OLED panel, a technology renowned for its responsiveness, infinite contrast and rich colors. The support of all HDR formats (HLG, HDR10, HDR10 + and Dolby Vision) by this TV ensures an always optimal picture quality, whether you are streaming from Prime Video (HDR10 / HDR10 +), Netflix (Dolby Vision ), TNT UHD (Roland Garros in HDR10 and HLG, for example) but also UHD 4K Blu-rays (HDR10 / 10 + & Dolby Vision). Moreover, even content that was not shot with a wide dynamic range can benefit from optimization with HDR upscaling, resulting in brighter and images much better contrast. The Panasonic TX-55HZ1000E has plenty to offer when it comes to sound with Dolby Atmos compatibility, a 30-watt amplifier, a headphone output switchable to subwoofer output and the possibility of listening to the sound of the TV wirelessly with Bluetooth headphones .

Smooth images, intense colors, deep blacks: thePanasonic TX-55HZ1000E does not lack assets to seduce fans of sports programs.
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Best TV for sports between 1200 and 1600 €

Philips 48OLED935 (121 cm): OLED, Ambilight 4 & soundbar

The OLED TV Philips 48OLED935 is an excellent solution for enjoying sporting events with a beautiful UHD 4K picture. Its high-performance OLED panel compatible with HDR10 + and Dolby Vision ensures smooth images and stunning realism. The immersion is optimal thanks to Ambilight technology on 4 sides which virtually extends the range of the image. Its audio section developed by Bowers & Wilkins delivers convincing spatialized sound to enjoy three-dimensional sound immersion in Dolby Atmos. Finally, the Android TV interface provides easy access to countless sources of entertainment including Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

The OLED panel for smoothness, contrast and richness of colors, Ambilight and the B&W soundbar for visual and sound immersion: with the Philips 48OLED935 , you will be enthralled like never before in front of your favorite team!

Sony KE-75XH9096 (189 cm): sport on the big screen

With its very large 75 ”HDR compatible panel and one of the best image processors on the market, this very large UHD-4K TV Sony KE-75XH9096 allows you to enjoy not only movies and TV series but also sporting events in excellent conditions. High-performance upscaling to transform HD DTTV into 4K UHD, smooth images and realistic colors: everything is there to let you fully enjoy the show.

This very large Sony KE-75XH9096 4K UHD TVpromises you moments full of emotions thanks to its beautiful image quality.

TCL 65C825 (164 cm): the Mini LED revolution by TCL

With the TCL 65C825 mini-LED TV, the Chinese manufacturer offers a connected 4K Ultra HD TV with a very attractive design and remarkable performance. Compatible with Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10 +, it displays images with high brightness and optimized contrast thanks to its mini-LED backlighting while QLED technology allows you to enjoy rich and nuanced colors. Its extended connectivity, the Android TV interface with Google Assistant and the built-in Chromecast also help make this TCL connected TV the heart of an entertainement system controlled from a smartphone or by voice. Best of all, it is 4K 120 FPS compatible for next-generation video games via two of its four HDMI 2.1 sockets.

The UHD 4K QLED panel of the TCL 65C825 displays extremely sharp and detailed images, with optimized contrast thanks to the Mini LED backlight. From Onkyo, its Dolby Atmos compatible audio section delivers convincing spatialized sound.

Best TV for sports between 1600 and 2000 €

Sony KD-55AG9 (139 cm): the best OLED TV of 2020

Equipped with an HDR and Dolby Vision compatible OLED panel, featuring many image enhancement technologies implemented by the powerful Sony 4K HDR X1 Ultimate video processor, the OLED TV Sony KD-55AG9 is also equipped with a very efficient Acoustic Surface Audio + audio section. It offers the most advanced Smart TV functions thanks to the richness and user-friendliness of the Android TV interface, with the added bonus of the integrated Google Assistant. Although it was released in 2020, the Sony KD-55AG9 remains one of the best performing UHD 4K TVs on the market today.

The Sony X1 Ultimate 4K HDR video processor implemented in theSony KD-55AG9ensures high level 4K upscaling and perfect smoothness of the images.

LG OLED55G1 (139 cm): LG’s brightest OLED TV

Specifically designed to be placed on the wall thanks to its supplied wall bracket (it does not have a stand), the LG OLED55G1 4K UHD TV features a brand new OLED EVO panel optimized to provide greater brightness and even more intense contrasts. Its α9 Gen4 AI 4K Processor optimizes smoothness, sharpness, contrast and colors while the Sport Alert function allows you to follow your favorite teams while watching another program. The television can discreetly display the score of the match, superimposed on the image being broadcast. As for the 4.2 channel audio section compatible with Dolby Atmos, it totals 60 watts of power for an ultra immersive experience.

The LG OLED55G1is one of the most efficient and well crafted TVs and is ideal for enjoying the picture quality offered by OLED technology.

Samsung QE65Q95T (163cm): Best QLED TV of 2020

The high-performance video processing of the Samsung QE65Q95T uses artificial intelligence to optimize fluidity, details, textures, colorimetry and contrast. Ultimate UHD Dimming Pro zonal backlight management, high brightness (peak at 2000 nits) and HDR10 + video content support ensure consistently optimal picture quality, whether sports, movies or TV series. With its extensive connectivity (HDMI x 4, USB x 2, WiFi, Bluetooth) theSamsung QE65Q95T can be easily paired with many sources and access multiple online video services. The support of VRR (Freesync) technology optimizes the display when connected to a compatible video game console.

TheSamsung QLED QE65Q95T 4K UHD TVdisplays a very realistic image thanks to the Quantum Processor 8K which uses Artificial Intelligence to convert all content to 4K resolution, even those in low definition.

Samsung The Frame QE65LS03A 2021 (163 cm): a real framed picture

The Samsung The Frame 65 “QLED 2021 (QE65LS03A) is an attractive 4K UHD television in more ways than one. It feature an HDR10 + compatible QLED panel to display very bright and well-contrasted images. Its design guarantees perfect integration into any interior. Its Art mode allows you to display personal works or photos with optimal image quality in UHD 4K resolution. As for its connectivity, it is suitable for all current uses. The connectors are all grouped in a separate box, which makes it possible to limit the number of cables connected to the screen. Finally, its advanced multimedia and Smart TV functions ensure access to a wide range of sources.

HDR10 + technology and the TV’s Quantum 4K processor allow theSamsung The Frame 65 “QLED 2021 (QE65LS03A) to display vivid, bright and well-contrasted images with a wide dynamic range.

LG OLED65CX (164 cm): optimized for video games and sports

The LG OLED65CX is equipped with the powerful LG α9 Gen3 AI Processor 4 to offer the best possible image quality with 4K HDR content and standard quality content that is upscaled in 4K resolution and HDR. Enhanced contrast and brightness make it possible to enjoy sports broadcasts in the best conditions, the responsiveness of OLED technology also guaranteeing excellent smoothness. Its audio section is Dolby Atmos compatible to deliver three-dimensionnal sound for an increased feeling of immersion. Finally, its Smart TV functions are accessible by voice and its customizable WebOS interface is very easy to understand.

Optimal contrast, responsive screen, rich and natural colors: theLG OLED65CX is ideal for enjoying sporting events on the big screen.
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Best sports TVs over €2000

Samsung QE65QN95A (163 cm): Neo QLED 2021

The high-performance video processing of the Samsung QE65QN95A uses artificial intelligence to optimize fluidity, details, textures, colorimetry and contrast. The backlight which uses tens of thousands of mini LEDs gives it a high brightness (peak at 2000 nits) with excellent contrast thanks to the management of the backlighting by zones. Support for HDR10 + video content ensures consistently optimal image quality with rich, nuanced colors. The 4.2.2 channel audio section with a power of 70 watts is not to be outdone with OTS (Object Tracking Sound) technology which offers very realistic surround sound. The Samsung QE65QN95A mini LED TV is also equipped with four HDMI 2.1 compatible 4K / 120 fps inputs, ideal for the latest generation video game consoles such as the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

The Samsung Neo QLED QE65QN95A adopts a UHD 4K panel backlit by a multitude of mini LEDs that optimize brightness and contrast: the images are even more realistic and more vivid.

LG OLED77CX (195 cm): the XXL OLED TV

The very wide LG OLED77CX features the powerful LG α9 Gen3 AI Processor 4K. It thus offers the best possible image quality not only for all 4K HDR content which benefits from enhanced contrast and brightness, but also with standard quality content which is upscaled to 4K resolution and HDR. Its audio section is Dolby Atmos compatible to deliver sound all around the spectators and ensure complete immersion in the action. Finally, its Smart TV functions are accessible by voice and its customizable WebOS interface is very easy to understand.

With its wide picture measureing 195 cm in diagonal and efficient surround sound, the LG OLED77CX 4K TV has no equal when it comes to being fully immersed in the game!

SONY XR-65A90J (164 cm): Next-generation OLED from Sony

Equipped with an HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatible OLED panel using numerous image enhancement technologies implemented by the powerful Sony Cognitive Processor XR video processor with cognitive intelligence, the OLED TV Sony XR-65A90J is also equipped with a very efficient Acoustic Surface Audio + audio section. It features the most advanced Smart TV functions thanks to the richness and user-friendliness of the Google TV interface, is equiped with Google Assistant and benefits from Chromecast and AirPlay compatibility. With the Sony XR-65A90J, the Japanese manufacturer delivers the most efficient 4K UHD OLED television currently on the market.

Cognitive intelligence processor, infinite contrast, very realistic colors, optimal image fluidity: the Sony XR-65A90J guarantees exceptional quality images in all circumstances.
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