Just released: new arrivals for January 2023


Son-Vidéo.com presents the latest hi-fi and home theater releases for January 2023! Discover the latest generation of equipment designed to perfect your audio and video system: ultra short-throw projectors, hi-fi amplifiers, AV receivers, speakers, soundbars, outdoor speakers, hi-fi headphones, USB audio DACs and car speakers.

This month for home theater, find the latest LG HU915QE ultra short-throw projector, the innovative JBL Synthesis SDR-38 receiver and the impressive JBL Bar 1300 soundbar. Also discover the latest range of Focal Vestia speakers and the Focal Littora 200 outdoor speaker series. Explore the features of the new Yamaha YH-5000SE high-end hi-fi headphones, the powerful Rotel S14 hi-fi amp, the versatile Taga Harmony DA-400 USB Audio DAC, and the Sennheiser IE 200 in-ear monitors introduced at CES 2023. Finally, you’ll find Alpine Electronics’ in-car speakers.

New products selection

Rotel S14 hi-fi amplifier

Rotel S14 hi-fi amplifier: lifestyle and rear view
The Rotel S14 hi-fi amplifier includes a DAC capable of reading Hi-Res music up to 24-bit/384kHz, as well as MQA files.

The Japanese company has recently expanded its range of connected amplifiers with the Rotel S14 hi-fi model. Capable of developing up to 2 x 80 watts into 8 ohms in class AB, this equipment integrates its own network player to facilitate access to web radios, podcasts and music streaming services. The icing on the cake is its wide range of analog and digital connectors, as well as its Bluetooth aptX HD receiver, which allows you to pair it with any source. €2,699

LG HU915QE ultra short-throw projector

New releases for January 2023: LG HU915QE ultra short-throw projector
Placed only 18cm away from the screen, the LG HU915QE ultra-short-throw projector displays a bright image with a diagonal of 3m.

The new LG HU915QE 4K UHD ultra-short-throw projector is both intuitive and powerful. HDR compatible and equipped with a powerful RGB laser lamp, it has a high brightness of 3700 lumens to project a very large image, even during the day (up to 3m across at only 18cm from the wall). Practical, its connectors include three HDMI inputs and two USB ports, and the LG WebOS operating system provides access to online streaming services. Finally, the 2.2-channel, 40-watt audio section with the Clear Voice III feature optimizes sound clarity. €5,990

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JBL Synthesis SDR-38 AV receiver

Focal Vestia speaker range: front and rear view
The JBL Synthesis SDR-38 receiver supports HDR 10+, Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced, as well as audio streaming via AirPlay 2, Chromecast or Bluetooth, in addition to Tidal Connect, Roon Ready and Spotify Connect.

In January, the American brand released its new JBL Synthesis SDR-38 AV receiver. This exceptional model provides 15.2 channel decoding and 7.2 channel amplification. It delivers a high power of 7 x 100 watts in class G, the first 20 watts being amplified in class A to offer an incomparable musicality. The connectors, composed of HDMI 2.1 inputs and outputs, allow you to connect the receiver to the latest sources. €6,900, available.

Focal Vestia speaker range

New releases for January 2023: Focal Vestia speaker range
Equipped with an inverted dome, M profile TAM tweeter made of an aluminum and magnesium alloy (Al/Mg) exclusive to the brand, the speakers of the Focal Vestia range offer a precise and detailed sound.

The French audio specialist has, for its part, unveiled the new Focal Vestia speaker range. Designed and manufactured in France, this series includes the Focal Vestia N°1 bookshelf speakers, the Focal Vestia Center speakers and the Focal Vestia N°2 floorstanding speakers. They have the same characteristics as the Focal Chora, but differ from them with the new TAM tweeter and a redesigned cabinet. The Focal Vestia speakers are equipped with Focal’s exclusive Slatefiber cone speakers and ensure a high quality listening experience, for both hi-fi and home theater. From €499, available.

Yamaha YH-5000SE hi-fi headphones

New releases for January 2023: Yamaha YH-5000SE hi-fi headphones + accessories
The Yamaha YH-5000SE hi-fi headphones come with a stand, ear pads and two cables for unbalanced (3.5mm mini jack) and balanced (4.4mm jack) connections.

The new Yamaha YH-5000SE headphones are the flagship of the Japanese manufacturer and feature orthodynamic (Planar Magnetic) drivers combined with a range of unique technologies. These open-ear headphones guarantee authentic sound and a faithful reproduction over the entire sound spectrum, with a frequency response of 5Hz to 70kHz. Finally, their light weight ensures ideal wearing comfort, even for the longest listening sessions. €5,499, pre-order.

JBL Bar 1300 soundbar

New releases for January 2023: JBL Bar 1300 lifestyle
The JBL Bar 1300’s two detachable, battery-powered surround sound speakers can be placed anywhere in the room for optimal cinema immersion.

JBL also showcases its expertise through the new JBL Bar 1300 soundbar. This 11.1.4-channel model includes the soundbar, a wireless subwoofer and two removable wireless surround speakers. In addition, the JBL Bar 1300 supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and MultiBeam audio formats to deliver ever more immersive sound. €1,499, available.

JBL BAR range

Focal Littora 200 outdoor speaker range

New releases for January 2023: Focal Littora 200 outdoor speakers
The Focal Littora 200 outdoor speakers are weather resistant and blend in with the surroundings with their discreet, clean appearance.

The French company also presented its new range of Focal Littora 200 outdoor speakers in January. This series includes the Focal OD Sat 5 outdoor speaker, the Focal OD Stone 8 model and the Focal OD Sub 12 subwoofer. IP55 certified and with a particularly sophisticated design, these models can be discreetly installed near a swimming pool or in a planter. From €499, pre-order.

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Sennheiser IE 200 in-ear monitors

New releases for January 2023: Sennheiser IE 200 (overview and detail view)
Designed for optimum wearing comfort, the Sennheiser IE 200 earphones come with several pairs of silicone and memory foam tips.

The entry-level model in the Sennheiser IE range, the Sennheiser IE 200 IEMs use the 7mm TrueResponse transducers that ca be found in the brand’s most prestigious models. This ensures a balanced and accurate sound, even when on the move! €149, available.

Taga Harmony DA-400 USB DAC

New releases for January 2023: Taga Harmony DA-40 DAC
The DAC Taga Harmony DA-40 benefits from a full set of connectors so it can be easily connected to various sources.

The Polish brand is also making news at the beginning of this year with the excellent Taga Harmony DA-400 USB DAC. The latter is designed to ensure optimal conversion of digital streams. It supports Hi-Res streams up to 32-bit/768kHz, as well as DSD 512 and MQA files. Its analog and digital outputs allow it to be used with any amplifier or pair of active speakers. €299, available.

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Alpine car speakers

New releases for January 2023: Alpine speakers
The Son-Video.com catalog is growing with the introduction of amplifiers, stereos, speakers and subwoofers from Alpine’s car audio range.

Alpine joins the Son-Vidéo.com car audio catalog. You can choose from four ranges of coaxial and kit car speakers, amplifiers, active and passive subwoofers and car radios. Speakers include Alpine Electronics’ proprietary technologies, ideal for enhancing your original setup and enjoying your favorite tunes on your daily commute. From €40, available.

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This month’s guides

Son-Vidéo.com also has many unmissable guides to read. The latter can help you make the best choices, or simply learn more about current technologies.

This month, we explain why you should use a power amp in hi-fi and home theater. Learn how a power amp enhances system performance and provides increased accuracy and musicality.

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For vinyl enthusiasts, the new “Moving magnet and moving coil cartridges: what are the differences?” guide presents the advantages of these technologies to ensure that you make the best choice among the wide variety of existing hi-fi cartridges.

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In addition, we give you all the tips to take full advantage of Ray Tracing. How can you benefit from it? What do you need to display your ray tracing video games in 4K? What is the impact of ray tracing on your FPS? What is DLSS? We explain everything!

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A good musical atmosphere can enhance the image of a brand. That’s why we also address professionals with the guide dedicated to sound systems in public places such as a store, a restaurant, a bar or a hotel. By following these tips, you and your customers will be able to enjoy consistent and accurate sound distribution throughout your establishment!

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The world of hi-fi and home theater still holds many surprises: new technologies, increased performance, improved comfort… While waiting to discover them, you can have a look at the hi-fi and home theater releases for October, November and December 2022!


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