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Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

QED Supremus

The QED Supremus speaker cable is the fruit of over twenty years of research carried out by the British brand. While developing this model, QED brought together all of the discoveries it had made in the field of audio signal transmission to serve its goal of producing the ultimate speaker cable.

QED Supremus review: the importance of cables

Is the importance of cables overrated’ If you aren’t quite convinced of their fundamental influence on the amplifier/speaker link, we invite you to read our interview with Jack Fox. QED’s success is not merely anecdotal: many music lovers trust the brand, and certain speaker manufacturers, such as Q Acoustics, recommend QED cables without hesitation.

QED Supremus
The QED Supremus cable?s Rhodium connectors

The new QED Supremus cable is a 3-meter-long pre-terminated cable which can be used for hi-fi or home cinema applications. By ?pre-terminated,? we mean that its opposing ends are fitted with banana plugs, and can thus simply be inserted into the binding posts of an amplifier or speaker. Its cross-sectional area, measuring 6.2mm² in diameter, is composed of oxygen-free copper, with no less than 16 conductors per channel. A particularity of the QED Supremus is the fine layer of ceramic enamel applied to individually insulate each conductor and thus keep detrimental interaction from occurring. Moreover, the cable?s conductors have each been cooled at cryogenic temperatures (extreme cooling), in order to completely stabilize their molecular structure. In short, nothing has been left to chance. The banana plugs are composed of Rhodium-plated copper.

In order to fully appreciate the benefits offered by the QED Supremus cable, we listened to it with several different speakers, including a pair of Klipsch Heresy IIIs and a pair of Monitor Audio Radius 270s. Two pairs of speakers that are entirely different, with the former featuring a very large-diameter bass driver and horn-loaded medium and treble drivers, and the latter employing small drivers and a classic dome tweeter. An ultra-sensitive and uncompromising model from Klipsch, and a highly pragmatic model from Monitor Audio.

QED Supremus
The QED Supremus cable features a metal holding ring: a very robust build quality

QED Supremus review: listening impressions

From the very first notes, we noticed that a very large bandwidth was restituted, without any petering out at either end of the audio spectrum, and with an even distribution of energy throughout. Our listening experience was exquisitely smooth, complete with a spectacular and richly detailed dynamic range. Notes seemed to last longer: their appearance and diminution were more progressive, so much so that the listener could easily hear the breath of the artists and follow the delicate overtones of acoustic stringed instruments ringing out over a sea of electric guitars.

The QED Supremus cable miraculously clarified interwoven layers of sound for each track we listened to, without leaving anything out or coloring the audio signal.

The different instruments were always well balanced, and women’s and men’s voices were remarkably well portrayed. Absolutely all types of music were masterfully reproduced and we were easily impressed by genres and styles which aren’t normally those we might prefer.

Our first impressions were confirmed throughout our listening session: the medium and upper bass frequencies instantly found their rightful place with respect to the speaker?s tonal balance. Everything seemed calmer, steadier and more detailed, to such a point that we weren’t afraid to turn up our amplifier?s volume as we knew that this wouldn’t add any harshness to the sound. The QED Supremus cable offers a clearly discernible and remarkable musicality.

QED Supremus

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