WeMoove outdoor TVs let you turn your garden into an open-air cinema


When the weather is good, it’s always nice to spend more time outside in the garden or on the patio. But how can you enjoy the outdoors without missing the pivotal match of your favorite sports team, a movie on TV, or the latest headlines? WeMoove’s Vivaldi range of outdoor televisions provide the answer to this problem by allowing you to enjoy all your programs from your garden. These outdoor TVs are designed and optimised to provide excellent image quality, even in full daylight. These waterproof and robust TVs are just waiting to be installed on your terrace or patio or in your garden to transform your outdoor space into an open-air cinema.

A waterproof television like the WeMoove Vivaldi WM-ODTV550HB1500 is ideal for enjoying sports, movies and series on your terrace or porch or in the garden.

WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor TVs: waterproof design

The WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor TV range includes three models: the 43” (109cm) Wemoove Vivaldi WM-ODTV430HB1500, the 55” (139cm) WeMoove Vivaldi WM-OD TV550HB1500 and the 65” (139cm) WeMoove Vivaldi WM-ODTV650HB1500. These WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor TVs are specifically designed to be used in the garden, on the terrace or in humid places (bathroom, spa or indoor pool, for example). They have a completely waterproof design that is resistant to moisture, rain, snow, UV rays and extreme temperatures. For example, with its internal temperature control system, the WeMoove Vivaldi WM-ODTV550HB1500 can be used outside in temperatures between -20°C and 50°C (-4°F and 122°F). This means you can leave the television outside all year round and enjoy your TV programs, no matter the season.

The WeMoove Vivaldi WM-ODTV430HB1500 TV has a completely waterproof design that is resistant to humidity, rain, snow, UV rays and extreme temperatures.

WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor TVs: high brightness

In addition to their waterproof design, WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor televisions are able to display extremely high brightness peaks to ensure consistently optimal viewing for HD and UHD 4K movies, series and sporting events, even in bright daylight. This brightness can reach 1500 cd/m2 on the 65” WeMoove Vivaldi WM-ODTV650HB1500 TV. The UHD 4K display used on WeMoove outdoor televisions also features an anti-glare filter so you can still see every detail in your movie, even when the sunlight is directly hitting the screen.

The WeMoove Vivaldi WM-ODTV650HB1500 outdoor TV has a very high brightness of 1500 cd/m2 and features an anti-glare filter to ensure consistently optimal viewing for HD and UHD 4K movies, series and sporting events, even in bright daylight.

WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor TVs: wall mounting

To reduce the risk of them accidentally falling or being blown off, outdoor TVs are designed to be wall mounted. Consequently, all outdoor televisions in the WeMoove Vivaldi range come with a wall mount. The latter can be fixed onto stone, plaster and solid walls using standard dowels. The power cord and audio and video cables must be passed through a protective sheath to prevent any damage by rodents.

The WeMoove Vivaldi WM-ODTV550HB1500 outdoor TV comes with a wall mount that is compatible with all surfaces.

WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor TVs: Smart TV

The WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor TVs are equipped with a WiFi/Ethernet network controller and the Android TV operating system. Powered by a Mali 400 MP2 Quad Core processor, the OS allows you to install many different apps, including those of major VOD services such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Rakuten TV, Twitch and YouTube. You simply have to connect the television to the mains and the internet network to directly access all your programs. Naturally, three HDMI 2.0 inputs are also present for you to connect a UHD 4K Blu-ray player, a network player or a games console, for example. Unlike the televisions, these sources are not waterproof and must be installed inside the house. If you want to use multiple sources, an HDMI switch or A/V receiver can centralize them so that you only have to run one HDMI cable to the outdoor TV. For longer distances, an HDMI/optical cable such as the Norstone Jura HDMI Optic is ideal to ensure perfect transmission of UHD 4K streams.

The Norstone Jura HDMI Optic cable ensures perfect transmission from audio/video sources installed inside the home to the WeMoove outdoor TV.

WeMoove Vivaldi outdoor TVs: audio section

Between barbeque conversations, people jumping in the pool, jacuzzi pumping systems and family meals, gardens are often very noisy and busy when the weather is good. WeMoove Vivaldi TVs feature a 2 x 10 watt audio section with two ultra-sensitive speakers so that you can clearly hear the dialogue in your movies and TV programs. For a true cinematic experience and to fully enjoy your TV despite screaming kids or your neighbor’s lawn mower, WeMoove outdoor televisions can be connected to an A/V receiver and outdoor speakers and subwoofers.

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