LG OLED55C3: the best 4K TV available right now?


Mis à jour le 7 November 2023.

Like the previous C Series OLED TVs from the Korean manufacturer, the LG OLED55C3 is one of the most popular models of its generation. It offers an impressive home theater experience, optimized gaming performance and an improved Smart TV interface, all at a competitive price. Is this enough to make it the current best TV?

Optimal image and sound quality according to the brand, a smooth and intuitive smart TV experience and a competitive price: the LG OLED55C3 has a lot of convincing arguments.

Dolby Vision and HDR10 for home theater, 120Hz 4K, G-Sync and FreeSync for gaming, a new webOS interface for intuitive us: all the ingredients are there to make the LG OLED55C3 a bestseller. The manufacturer also offers its range of LG OLED C3 TVs in six different sizes to suit every need, from 42″ (106cm) priced at €1,290 to a gigantic 83″ (210cm) sold for €5,490.

Unlike the LG OLED G3 range, which introduces a new ultra-bright OLED Meta panel, the C3 series has the same OLED EX panel as the previous generation. However, the latter features a new control circuit designed to improve luminosity. This panel also benefits from the new α9 AI 4K Gen6 processor that perfects HDR images and upscaling.

Available for €1,590, is the LG OLED55C3 TV different enough from the previous generation and competing models, such as the Samsung TQ55S90C, to maintain its leadership status?

LG OLED55C3: accessories

The LG OLED55C3 television comes with its base and the screws needed to install it. If you prefer, you can mount it on a TV wall bracket, as it is VESA 300 x 200 compatible.

A faithful companion for several generations of smart TVs, the LG Magic Remote is one of the most intuitive remote controls on the market. Too bad it still doesn’t have backlighting.

The TV is accompanied by a Magic Remote and two batteries. The manufacturer also includes cable ties to attach to the back of the screen, as well as a cover for the top part of the base.

LG OLED55C3: presentation

The 55” LG OLED55C3 promises a beautiful 4K UHD experience thanks to the LG OLED EX panel and its Brightness Booster technology. This improvement ensures optimal display quality for HDR10 and Dolby Vision content, whether it’s 4K Blu-ray movies or streaming.

More powerful than the previous generation, the α9 AI 4K Gen6 processor is also more effective when it comes to image processing and HDR management. This should benefit the Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature.

The LG OLED55C3’s video processing is handled by the α9 AI 4K Gen6 processor. In particular, it is responsible for OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro and precise pixel brightness management (Brightness Booster).

High dynamic range images are now analyzed over 20,000 zones, compared to 5000 zones for TVs in the LG OLED C2 range. On screen, this results in greater finesse and nuance in the reproduction of light gradations. 

As for sound, this television is now compatible with DTS:X as well as Dolby Atmos, providing virtual spatialization for an immersive audio experience. Moreover, it incorporates the LG WOW Orchestra feature, allowing the television’s drivers and a compatible LG soundbar to work in perfect harmony. This technology ensures greater immersion, something we observed during our review of the LG SC9S soundbar

Among the LG OLED55C3’s new features is the webOS 23 Smart TV interface, which provides a smooth and intuitive experience. Popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ are easily accessible for fans of movies and series. We also noticed a new menu that provides quick access to the TV’s settings. LG has also included a custom picture mode that is very easy to adjust.

The LG OLED55C3’s connectors include four HDMI ports, all of which are 120Hz 4K, ALLM, VRR, G-Sync and FreeSync compatible.

For gamers, the LG OLED55C3’s four HDMI 2.1 ports support 120Hz 4K, VRR (G-Sync and FreeSync) and ALLM. The TV also provides access to cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now, Blacknut and Boosteroid, all whilst being compatible with 4K Dolby Vision Gaming at 120Hz. 

Last but not least, this television is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, Google Assistant, the LG ThinQ AI virtual assistant and Alexa. This allows for convenient voice control and an optimal user experience.

LG OLED55C3: key specifications

  • Screen size: 55” (139cm)
  • OLED Evo panel (high brightness)
  • HDR10 and Dolby Vision IQ compatible
  • G-Sync/FreeSync
  • 120Hz 4K
  • webOS 23 Smart TV
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio
  • 4 HDMI 2.1 ports

LG OLED55C3: configuration

After screwing on the base and installing the television on a TV cabinet, we connected it to an antenna to receive DTTV channels. Connected to the TV using an Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI cable, the Magnetar UDP800 4K UHD Blu-ray player allowed us to watch movies on 4K Blu-ray. The LG OLED55C3 was connected to the Internet using a network cable and the Netgear Orbi RBK852 WiFi system. Lastly, two of the Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filter’s filtered sockets allowed us to power the TV and the Blu-ray player.

During this review, the Taga Harmony PF-2000 power noise filter powered the LG OLED55C3 television, as well as the Magnetar UDP800 UHD Blu-ray player.

When powered on for the first time, the TV guides the user through the set-up process: choice of country and menu language, Internet connection (WiFi or network cable), TV channel search and detection of connected sources. Once these steps have been completed, AI-optimized picture and audio modes can be activated or deactivated, after which the TV is ready for use.

LG OLED55C3: our impressions


Compared to the previous generation, nothing has changed in terms of design, apart from the color of the chassis behind the screen. The latter is now anthracite gray instead of cream/white, and uses 30% recycled materials.

The bottom of the screen that houses the electronics and connectors is 4.5cm thick.

The LG OLED55C3 panel is only 5mm thick. With the part that houses the electronics and connectors, the TV has a total depth of 4.5cm.

This television has the familiar flat, metallic bezel and brushed aluminum “blade” base. The black frame surrounding the screen is a mere five millimeters thick, leaving as much space as possible for the image.

The anti-glare filter is slightly better than last year, but still isn’t as good as the one used on LG OLED G3 TVs.

webOS 23

The LG OLED55C3 is powered by the proprietary LG webOS 23 operating system, with the many new features mentioned in our review of the LG OLED65G3.

LG OLED55C3: webOS 23
Every year, LG fine-tunes the webOS interface of its smart TVs, which are among the most user-friendly on the market.

The customized interface allows users to group their favorite applications and services together for easy access. LG offers a series of five tiles, or Quick Cards, with the headings Sports, Games, Remote Working, Dashboard, Home and Music. They are accessible on the home screen, just below the main banner, and can be easily reordered.

The new context menu is very pleasant to use, and lets you access the main TV settings very quickly, without having to browse through the many menus and submenus.

Finally, there’s also a custom picture mode, enabling you to adjust the main picture settings (color temperature, hues, brightness and contrast) to your own tastes. All you have to do is look through a series of images provided by the TV and select which one you prefer. The TV will then create a personalized profile that you can save.

Gaming features

The arrival of webOS 23, with its activities grouped by theme, enables the LG OLED55C3 to offer simplified access to all gaming applications and services via the Games tile. This includes GeForce Now, Utomik, Blacknut and Boosteroid cloud gaming services, as well as direct access to HDMI-connected consoles.

All video game and cloud gaming features can all be found in the Games tile, which is directly accessible on the LG OLED55C3’s home page.

In the top right corner of the screen, the controller icon provides direct access to the Bluetooth gaming device pairing menu (controller, keyboard and mouse). However, you still need to use the remote control to navigate through the Games menu. Our DualShock 4 wireless Sony PlayStation controller allowed us to explore the interfaces of the cloud gaming platforms, but not those of the TV. 

Another of this TV’s key features for gamers is the Game Optimizer interface, which superimposes video game settings on the screen. This means you can quickly adjust game, image and sound settings, without losing sight of the game in progress. For example, black and white balance, contrast and black levels can be adjusted to brighten dark areas, making it easier to flush out enemies and find hidden objects.

The LG OLED55C3 proved to be very responsive for gaming, providing an optimal experience with the latest game. Whether you’re looking to beat the fastest lap time on Gran Turismo 7 or fighting wizards and magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy, the picture was incredibly rich, and the gameplay was also smooth.

4K HDR movies and series

To test the LG OLED55C3’s 4K HDR picture quality, we streamed a few movies and series, and watched some on 4K UHD Blu-ray.  With the series Jack Ryan streamed in 4K Dolby Vision on Prime Video, the sharpness and precision were flawless. The image was teeming with details. 

The standard mode provided a bright image, but with rather cold, albeit realistic, hues. During the day, we preferred the Cinema Home mode, which was slightly warmer, but bright enough to take full advantage of HDR rendering despite the ambient light. When the room was dim, the Cinema and Filmmaker modes, which are very well calibrated by default, proved to be ideal.

With Filmmaker Mode activated during Frank Darabont’s The Shawshank Redemption in UHD 4K HDR Blu-ray, we were immediately captivated by the cinematic quality of the image. The OLED panel made perfect use of its deep black and its ability to modulate the brightness of each pixel to enhance HDR images and reproduce the slightest nuances.

With Frank Darabont’s film on 4K UHD Blu-ray, the LG OLED55C3’s Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor performed superb tone mapping to reproduce every nuance on the prisoners’ uniforms, and the slightest subtleties in the complexion of their faces.

In the prison’s austere courtyard and corridors, where there is a cold, almost clinical light, and on the rooftops as the prisoners sip their beers, warmed by the heat of the setting sun, we were effortlessly immersed in the atmosphere of the setting and the moment. 

The level of detail and colorimetric accuracy was also remarkable, especially during the many close-ups of Andy and Red’s faces: skin texture, hair and fabrics were highly realistic. 

The LG OLED55C3 impressed with its ability to bring characters to life thanks to an ultra-realistic image.

HD to 4K upscaling

The LG OLED55C3’s upscaling was very impressive with TV programs and 1080p HD Blu-rays. The α9 AI 4K Gen6 processor managed to effectively enhance the definition of the picture without distorting it or generating artifacts.

With DTTV channels in HD definition, the LG OLED55C3 achieved excellent uspcaling. In standard mode, the images were vivid.

Whether it was with TV channels or the Blu-ray HD version of Batman The Dark Knight, the picture was beautifully crisp and the level of detail was highly satisfactory.

DVD and low definition to 4K upscaling

Depending on how complex the image was, the results weren’t as good with standard definition sources. With Tim Burton’s first Batman movie on DVD, the LG OLED55C3 improved the overall quality of the picture, but it was a far cry from high definition. The image was smooth, but sometimes lacked precision. 

With standard definition content, such as the DVD of Tim Burton’s first Batman movie, the LG OLED55C3 optimizes the image quality but doesn’t work wonders regarding definition.

With older programs and documentaries broadcast on various TV channels, the results varied. Still shots benefited from the extra definition, but noise and pixelation was generated as soon as the picture became a little too lively. But the manufacturer can’t be blamed for this: this LG TV does neither better nor worse than the competition when it comes to low-definition content. 


The LG OLED55C3’s 2.2-channel audio system boasts 40 watts of amplification, 20 watts of which are dedicated to low frequencies. An automatic calibration function optimizes sound reproduction according to the room’s acoustics and TV placement (on a wall or on a piece of furniture). Numerous audio parameters can also be adjusted in the settings menus. Note that this new generation of LG OLED TVs now supports DTS:X, in addition to Dolby Atmos.

The LG OLED55C3’s Audio menu lets you adjust and customize a wide range of settings.

Thanks to advanced audio processing settings, this LG television’s goal is to reproduce virtual surround sound on up to 9.1.2 channels. It didn’t quite manage this with Dolby Atmos tracks, but the spatialization was still very good. The rear effects were absent or very timid, but the soundstage was wide and benefitted from nice verticality at the front. The depth was pronounced, as were the lateral effects, which helped immerse the viewers. 

We appreciated the reproduction of the low midrange, which was very distinct. This brought rhythm to actions scenes and added depth and presence to deep voices.

The LG OLED55C3’s audio section therefore makes it possible to do without a soundbar or wireless home theater system.

LG OLED55C3: compared to


The differences between the LG OLED55C2 and LG OLED55C3 aren’t significant enough for you to replace the older model with the C3. It is better to invest in a model from the G3 if you want to benefit from a true upgrade in quality.

The LG OLED55C3 is not a radical departure from last year’s model, whose main features it has retained and perfected. The display of HDR content benefits from a slight increase in brightness and the power of the new Alpha processor to offer more HDR nuances and improve the finesse of HD to 4K upscaling. The audio section has also been improved, with more presence in the bass and a slightly more enveloping spatialization overall. It also boasts DTS:X compatibility. If you own an LG OLED C2, however, these improvements don’t justify swapping it for a C3. If you own a C1 or CX series, the upgrade seems more worthwhile.


The LG OLED G3 range features the OLED Meta panel with micro lenses, providing greater brightness as well as more nuanced and precise HDR images, particularly in the highlights.

Available for 500 euros more, the LG OLED55G3 is equipped with a META OLED panel whose micro lenses drastically improve brightness. This results in better management of HDR images, particularly in the highlights, which are more intense and nuanced, as we saw during our review of the LG OLED65G3. The new anti-reflection filter exclusive to the G3 is even more effective.

The LG OLED55C3 remains an excellent TV, both for home theater and gaming. In the end, it’s in the audio arena that it comes into its own, with slightly more pronounced lateral effects and even more bass presence than the G3.

Samsung TQ55S90C

In addition to its brightness and slightly superior colors, the Samsung TQ55S90C provides more cloud gaming options and supports 4K video games up to 144Hz.

With this second generation of Quantum Dot OLED TVs, Samsung delivers a model that is slightly brighter and has richer colors than the LG OLED55C3. HDR content therefore benefits from better rendering in the highlights, offering both greater intensity and nuance. It’s a pity that the Samsung TV is not Dolby Vision compatible, even though it supports the competing HDR10+ format, absent from LG’s model. The Samsung TQ55S90C also stands out in the gaming field with two strong arguments: 144Hz 4K compatibility and the Gaming Hub, which provides access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, in addition to the other services offered by the LG television. Finally, the Samsung model has a more effective anti-glare filter.

LG OLED55C3: who is it for?

The LG OLED55C3 will impress both home theater enthusiasts and gamers. For the former, it offers superb 4K HDR image quality with Dolby Vision and HDR10 compatibility, as well as high-performance HD to 4K upscaling. The latter will enjoy ideal smoothness and responsiveness for console and PC gaming, thanks to 120Hz 4K, G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility. All will also appreciate the convincing sound spatialization, guaranteeing a highly immersive cinema and gaming experience.

LG OLED55C3: conclusion

The versatile LG OLED55C3 television provides an excellent 4K HDR experience for movie fans, with the added bonus of an efficient audio section that provides immersive sound with DTS:X and Dolby Atmos tracks. Players will appreciate this TV for its smoothness and responsiveness (120Hz 4K, G-Sync, FreeSync), as well as for its compatibility with cloud gaming. 

Not as revolutionary as the LG OLED G3 TVs and their ultra-bright META OLED panel, the LG OLED55C3 is still an excellent option for movie buffs and gamers looking for a great OLED television at a competitive price.

Offering superb picture and sound quality on TV programs, 4K HDR movies and series, as well as with video games, the LG OLED55C3 is an excellent investment for those who want a versatile OLED TV at a reasonable price, without compromising on performance.

Note that the LG OLED C3 TV range includes six models ranging in size from 42” (106cm) to 83” (210cm) and €1,290 to €5,490 in price.

We liked

  • The sharpness and finesse of the picture
  • The rich and natural colors
  • The well calibrated Cinema and Filmmaker modes
  • The HD to 4K upscaling
  • The webOS 23 interface
  • The sound spatialization

We would have liked

  • Backlighting on the remote control
  • A more effective anti-glare filter
  • Better SD to 4K upscaling

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