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Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Yamaha is renewing its range of home theater receivers for 2017, with its sights set on Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, HDR technology and Dolby Vision. The Yamaha MusicCast audio streaming system and bi-directional Bluetooth are also part of the package. Result: a new range composed of the Yamaha RX-V383, Yamaha RX-V483, Yamaha RX-V583 and Yamaha RX-V683.

Yamaha RX-V383

Yamaha RX-V383
The Yamaha RX-V383 home theater receiver

The Yamaha RX-V383 5.1-channel home theater receiver opens the brand’s new range of receivers for 2017. Replacing the Yamaha RX-V381 without making any major changes, the RX-V383 adopts the same specs in terms of power and connectivity. Rated at 70 W in stereo (hi-fi quality), this model delivers up to 140 W per channel. As such, it aims to offer a wide dynamic range and should be able to drive most compact speakers as well as smaller floorstanders. The HDMI controller benefits from an improved design and all audio and video formats are supported.

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V683 : Dolby Vision et HDR

The very latest generation of Ultra HD Bluray players may be paired with the Yamaha RX-V383, since 2160p videos in HDR 10 BT-2020 or Dolby Vision format may be transmitted to a compatible TV. Yamaha has integrated a Dolby Audio processor bringing together myriad processing techniques, such as dynamic range adjustment, automatic volume control, 5.1 matrix encoding for stereo signals and surround sound for listening to soundtracks with headphones.


The 2017 range?s extra advantage takes the form of a bi-directional Bluetooth controller, which may be used to listen to music stored on a smartphone or to a film soundtrack (transmitted via the TV?s ARC channel, for example) directly with a pair of Bluetooth headphones.


In terms of connectivity, all the standard options are available, with the addition of several HDMI inputs and a USB port on the receiver?s front panel for connecting an iPhone or USB flash drive, for example. Lastly, a dual FM/AM tuner and the Yamaha Y.P.A.O. autocalibration system are also integrated.

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V483

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V483
The Yamaha MusicCast RX-V483 home theater receiver

The Yamaha RX-V483 5.1-channel AV receiver sets itself apart from the RX-V383 with its higher power rating (+ 10 W, with 80 W in stereo) and, above all, the availability of a dual WiFi and Ethernet controller compatible with AirPlay, DLNA and MusicCast. Meanwhile, the Yamaha MusicCast app for iOS and Android grants access to Internet radio stations as well as to Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal. For Spotify fans, the Spotify app (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu) may be used to control the receiver. A second control app (Yamaha Controller) allows the user to adjust the receiver?s various settings.

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V583

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V583
The Yamaha MusicCast RX-V583 home theater receiver

The Yamaha RX-V583 7.1-channel AV receiver is a direct descendant of the Yamaha RX-V483, with the distinction of introducing 2 additional amplification channels. A noteworthy attribute as it opens the door to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, two multichannel audio formats offering a much more precise sound spatialization while introducing a vertical audio channel restituted by speakers placed above the listener. Bi-amplification and amplification for a second listening zone are also possible.

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V683

Yamaha MusicCast RX-V683
The Yamaha MusicCast RX-V683 home theater receiver

The Yamaha RX-V683 7.1-channel AV receiver is the flagship model of the brand’s new range. It adopts the same functions as the RX-V583 while featuring a bigger power supply and more powerful transistors. With a power rating of 90 W in stereo and a peak power of 150 W, this receiver may be used to drive relatively demanding floorstanding speakers. The Yamaha RX-V683 may also be connected to a turntable thanks to its RIAA MM phono preamp. Lastly, this receiver integrates a web server which, in addition to offering remote control via any smartphone, proposes advanced settings which may be accessed from any web browser.

Amplis home-cinéma Yamaha RX-Vx83

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