Sound Days #3: highlights (Part 2)


The third edition of Sound Days put a spotlight on the world of vinyl, with a vinyl record convention uniting over 30 vendors, a stand where visitors could learn to clean and care for their LPs, and a listening station where new selections could be reviewed prior to purchase.

Vinyl art
The LP cleaning station, proposed in partnership with Clearaudio, attracted the attention of a number of vendors.

Naturally, all the leading turntable manufacturers were invited to showcase their finest models at The Carreau du Temple.

The vinyl record convention, one of the novelties of Sound Days #3.

First up, Technics presented the latest models to come out of its Matsushita factory, the SL-1200GR (silver) and SL-1210GR (black). These turntables are more affordable versions of the Technics SL-1200G (and the limited edition Technics SL-1200GAE), which became available toward the end of 2016 for upwards of ?3,000. Further on at the Elipson stand, the brand’s first carbon fiber turntable made an exclusive appearance. The Elipson Omega 100 Carbon, with its carbon fiber tonearm and subchassis, was presented alongside the Elipson Omega 100 Carbon RIAA BT, a Bluetooth version of the same model equipped with an integrated phono pre-amp.

The Elipson Omega 100 Carbon turntable made an exclusive appearance at Sound Days #3.

The Austrian brand Pro-Ject showcased a comprehensive range of its turntables, including several Beatles themed models and, most notably, the superb Pro-Ject Essential III Georges Harrison limited edition turntable. Visitors were also invited to discover the latest generation of Pro-Ject?s The Classic, a turntable equipped with a high-end Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge.

The Pro-Ject Essential III George Harrison turntable, a Son-Vidé exclusive.

Thorens also invited visitors to discover its products with 3 superb red models on display, of which the classic but nevertheless remarkable Thorens TD206, the original Thorens TD209 with its atypical design, and the high-end Thorens TD2035 with TP92 tonearm.

At the Thorens stand, the best of the Swiss brand’s products were on display.

Further on, Clearaudio presented its most prestigious model, the Statement, weighing in at 130 kg and priced at above ?30,000. A version of the Master Innovation, featuring a tangential tonearm in order to offer flawless tracking, was also a guest of honor. Meanwhile, the Clearaudio Concept MC stood as an example of the German’s brands more affordable offerings.

Clearaudio Master Innovation Statement: a unique object in the world of vinyl.

Triangle and Klipsch presented several complete systems integrating active speakers and turntables. The Triangle Elara LN01A Pack and Klipsch The Sixes / Heritage Debut Carbon systems allowed visitors to discover new ways to enjoy music which offer not only wireless playback for dematerialized music but also the ?opposite? of this, i.e., the ability to play vinyl records.

A view of the turntable co-produced by Klipsch and Pro-Ject.

Last but not least, Audio-Technica, MoFi, Teac and Onkyo also had a few of their latest turntable models on display.

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