The world’s first ‘smart record’ is French


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.


French artist Wax Tailor’s album of previously unreleased remixes By Any Remixes Necessary is the first vinyl record enriched with digital content. Thanks to an NFC chip integrated directly into the record, anyone with an NFC-compatible smartphone will have access to original digital content. The first of its kind, this ?smart? record will allow the general public to preview the record, access extra content about the artist, download the album in high-quality directly to a smartphone, and gain real-time access to the artist’s digital universe as well as related products: videos, lyrics, merchandising, Web TV…

Wax Tailor - ©Christophe Bardey_blog
Wax Tailor (Photo: Christophe Bardey)

Using an application is not required, as the enriched content is automatically uploaded to the user?s smartphone or tablet: upcoming concert dates, social network updates, Web TV, clips, e-shop… all thanks to a simple NFC connection.

Revice and MPO are the brains behind this new kind of vinyl record. According to Revive president Nicolas Baudry, “This new generation of vinyl record will revolutionize the act of buying an album. It represents a crossroads between the physical medium and the digital world, where the product becomes “phygital.? We believe that this new technology will allow labels and artists to further enhance their relationship with fans while offering new and innovative services. It?s a real boost for business and customer relations.?


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