Two-way Bluetooth and HiBy Link control technology


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.


Two-way Bluetooth controllers are being integrated into a growing number of hi-fi and home theater devices. Consequently, certain home theater receivers and Ultra HD Blu-ray players can now not only play audio files stored on a smartphone via Bluetooth, but they can also transmit audio files from a Blu-ray player to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, a Bluetooth speaker or a Bluetooth-enabled DAP, for example. A two-way Bluetooth function is integrated into the Sony UBP-X800 4K Blu-ray player and the Yamaha R-N803D network receiver, for example, and we found it very practical.

Digital audio players with a Bluetooth DAC mode

While network amplifiers, home theater receivers and UHD Blu-ray players were the first devices to integrate two-way Bluetooth controllers, portable audio players are now following suit. The goal’ Use the DAP as a wireless rendering device to play audio files stored on a smartphone or computer. Evidently, Bluetooth transmission implies a significant amount of audio compression, but the DAC and headphone amplifier integrated into high-end DAPs ensure an excellent listening experience with headphones.

The HiBy Link app on an Android smartphone and the Shanling M2S DAP.

Control your DAP with your smartphone

This is made possible by the Bluetooth HiBy Link app. Practical for those who bring a smartphone and a DAP along for a walk, but only want to use one device. Thanks to HiBy Link, the smartphone may be used to wirelessly control the DAP. All you need to do is install the HiBy Music mobile app for iOS or Android’ and own a DAP compatible with HiBy Link. This is the case for the following DAPs:



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