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The French brand Jadis is a newcomer to Son-Vidé catalog. Located near Carcassonne, Jadis has been designing and manufacturing tube electronics for the past 35 years. The brand’s products display impressive craftsmanship and resemble real works of art. Each electronic component is carefully selected, tested and matched, and the brand’s stereo amps, power amps, preamps, RIAA preamps and turntables are all handcrafted.

Vacuum tubes are known for providing a warm and realistic sound, much more open and natural than that offered by standard solid-state electronics. Their low power cannot be compared to transistors, as the infinitely higher voltage guarantees a spectacular listening experience, even with only a couple of Watts.


Jadis began producing valve amplifiers in 1983 in Villedubert. Jadis? own output transformers are the centerpieces which grant the amplifier absolute stability, regardless of the demand placed on them. Entirely produced by the brand, the transformers? coils are wound by hand using an original approach. A special resin is then used to guarantee water resistance and thermal stability. The specs are surprising: the maximum acceptable power is 2500 Watts before saturation.

As such, Jadis? amplifiers are extraordinarily energetic across the entire audio spectrum. Totally free from coloration, most of the brand’s amplifiers are pure class-A models. For these reasons, Jadis? valve amplifiers are an ideal match for any acoustic speaker, regardless of its impedance rating, functioning principles or output.

i50_04wJadis has an R&D lab reuniting 3 specialized departments, equipped with high-performance materials and state-of-the-art technologies.

The tubes

The tubes are a key factor to building efficient amplifiers, which is why each lot is rigorously manufactured with only the best components. Jadis uses tubes from different brands for its electronics, and each has its own specific characteristics. During an initial round of selection, the tubes are warmed and cooled repeatedly (dilation of materials), during which time each is checked for insufficient air evacuation and mechanical defects. Each tube is then measured individually to verify its characteristics and determine the best pairing. Depending on the model, the tubes are manufactured in Russia, the USA of China. Certain flagship models, such as the 300B, are exclusively sourced from Electro Harmonix. Jadis doesn’t rest on its laurels; it equips a few of its models with its new KT120 tubes.

Tests and quality control

Each product in Jadis? catalog undergoes rigorous testing. During assembly, each stage is verified with an extensive checklist using high-performance technologies. A product presenting even the slightest defect is immediately pulled from the production line.

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