New THX certified in-wall speakers by Klipsch


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

After releasing the 2018 Klipsch Reference and 2018 Klipsch Reference Premiere range, the American manufacturer’s next move was to add its Cerametallic and Tractrix technologies to its new range of 2-way in-wall speakers. These THX certified speakers are designed to be part of a home theater system.

Klipsch THX Select2 in-wall speakers

The Klipsch THX-502-L and Klipsch THX-504-L speakers are THX Select2 certified. In other words, these speakers can deliver a high sound pressure level while maintaining a low distortion rate in a living room measuring up to 20m². The Klipsch THX-502-L features two fiberglass woofers while the Klipsch THX-504-L is fitted with twice as many.  The strength of these speakers is their horn-loaded titanium dome tweeter which lowers the distortion rate while increasing the reach of high frequencies.

The Klipsch-THX-504 in-wall speaker is THX Select2 certified.

Klipsch THX Select2 in-wall speakers

The Klipsch THX-5002-L, Klipsch THX-5002-S, Klipsch THX-8000-L and Klipsch THX-8000-S in-wall speakers are THX Ultra2. They are therefore designed to be installed in large rooms measuring 50m² and over. In addition to the Cerametallic technology, the Klipsch THX-5002-L and Klipsch THX-5002-S speakers also have the particularity of featuring a bass-reflex enclosure.

The speakers can therefore ensure an energetic delivery of lows down to 45Hz. The number of tweeters is what sets the two speakers from the range apart. The L model is fitted with one tweeter, while the S features two. Note that the use of two tweeters ensures enhanced dispersion but only offers mono sound restitution.

The Klipsch THX-5002S is fitted with two tweeters for enhanced dispersion of high frequencies.

The Klipsch THX-8000-L and Klipsch THX-8000-S in-wall speakers feature an 8” (20 cm) Cerametallic woofer paired with one (L model) or two (S model) tweeters.

Note that in-wall speakers benefit from the use of a subwoofer or in-wall subwoofer.



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