Cocktail audio: a new control app for network audio streamers


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Cocktail Audio has just updated the control app for their high-end audio players / streamers and revamped their connected amplifiers. The new version of NOVATRON Music X benefits from a redesigned visual interface and allows you to control the manufacturer’s devices more precisely (including Cocktail Audio X14, Cocktail Audio X35, Cocktail Audio N15D, Cocktail Audio X50D, Cocktail Audio X45 and Cocktail Audio X45 Pro).

Cocktail Audio X45
The Cocktail Audio X45 audio streamer and player.

Audio files stored on Cocktail Audio players play much faster, and actions such as copying, relocating and erasing, along with metadata imports, have all been improved.

It’s now possible to create a playlist directly in the app.

Shuffle mode, volume adjustment, pausing and skipping audio tracks are now all available.

The Novatron Music X control app.

Moreover, the NOVATRON Music X app has an integrated virtual controller that allows you to control Cocktail Audio players without having to use a remote control. Lastly, listening to Deezer, Tidal and Qobuz is now possible.

Cocktail Audio X14
The Cocktail Audio X14 audio streamer and player.

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