Focal Symphonie 40th anniversary bundle


Mis à jour le 21 October 2020.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Focal has released a limited and numbered edition Focal Symphonie 40th bundle to complement its range of hi-fi headphones. The Focal Symphonie 40th bundle includes the French manufacturer’s two best hi-fi headphones, the Focal Utopia and Focal Stellia headphones (Made in France), paired with the Focal Arche headphone amplifier and DAC and the Questyle QPM DAP.

Focal Symphonie 40th: freedom, musicality, high fidelity

The Focal Symphonie 40th bundle provides two exceptional listening experiences: with the Focal Utopia open-back headphones and the Focal Arche amplifier/DAC, home listening takes on a completely new dimension; with the Focal Stellia closed-back headphones and the high-definition Questyle QPM DAP, music can be experienced to the full when listening on-the-go.
Awarded time and again by the international specialized press, the Focal Utopia headphones are among the world’s best high fidelity headphones.

These two flagship models, which are designed and produced in France inside Focal’s production workshops, combine multiple innovations and are true conveyors of musical emotion. The Focal Utopia are a reference for the French manufacturer, with the first wideband driver with an M-shaped dome in pure Beryllium that is entirely open at the rear. The sound achieved with this design rivals that of the best loudspeakers!

Focal Utopia
Designed and produced in France by Focal, the driver used in the Focal Utopia and Focal Stellia headphones features a pure Beryllium cone with an “M” profile.

For the closed version, the Focal Stellia headphones incorporates state-of-the-art drivers that provide exceptional dynamics for closed-back headphones: even the tiniest details are reproduced and vocals are strikingly realistic!
The closed-back Focal Stellia headphones are suited to portable hi-fi listening. Its large earpieces are comfortable and provide effective isolation against background noise.
The Focal Arche headphone amplifier is designed specifically to power the Focal Utopia and Focal Stellia headphones. It has a 4-pin XLR output (balanced) and a 6.35mm jack output (unbalanced).
With its solid amplification, the Questyle QPM DAP can power the Focal Utopia (pictured here with the balanced 4.4mm Pentaconn cable) and Focal Stellia headphones efficiently.

Focal Symphonie 40th: an exhaustive audio bundle

Designed to connect the Focal Utopia headphones to the Focal Arche headphone amp, the Ultima cable uses a multistrand Litz wire structure. The eight Litz wires are comprised of four copper wires and four silver plated copper wires. Each wire is made up of 41 strands.

For total ease of use as well as optimal performance, four cables dedicated to each listening set-up are included in the set:

  • a balanced 4-pin XLR Litz wire cable to connect the Focal Utopia headphones to the Focal Arche amplifier (Ultima cable); 
  • a balanced 4.4mm jack cable to connect the Focal Stellia headphones to the Questyle QPM DAP; 
  • a 3.5mm mini-jack stereo cable to connect the Focal Utopia headphones to the Questyle QPM DAP; 
  • a balanced XLR cable to connect the Focal Stellia headphones to the Focal Arche headphone amp. 

Consequently, it is possible to pair both headphones to each electronic device, notably to the Arche amplifier, which features a dual AK4490 digital/analog converter (one per channel) and provides two pure Class A amplification modes to ensure listening experiences rich in musical emotion.
The balanced cable with OFC copper conductors (AWG 24) is meant for the Focal Stellia headphones. Its 4-pin XLR connector allows it to be connected to the corresponding output on the Focal Arche headphone amplifier.

Focal Symphonie 40th: special limited edition
The Focal Utopia and Stellia headphones, Focal Arche headphone amplifier, Questyle QPM DAP and cables that make up the Focal Symphonie 40th bundle come in a luxurious case that looks as if it could have been designed by a luxury luggage brand.

The different elements that make up this Focal Symphonie 40th bundle are elegantly stored and presented in an exquisite numbered case. The case is adorned with a Makassar ebony veneer, a precious wood with a satin finish. The inside is lined with beige microfiber, a material chosen for its soft finish. The clasps and side handles are made of metal and round off this sumptuous piece, which could be at home in an office, a living room or a library for an extraordinary visual and musical experience.

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