Spotify HiFi: streaming in lossless CD quality


The Spotify streaming platform has just announced the arrival of a new subscription in 2021: Spotify HiFi. While details are still scarce on this subject, the Swedish platform declared that this new service “will deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers”.

Spotify is entering the lossless streaming market a bit later than its competitors Qobuz, Tidal or even Deezer, but offers the advantage of being compatible with a wide array of WiFi / Bluetooth amplifiers , of network drives andconnected speakers. The streaming service has therefore indicated that its new offer will provide CD quality, regardless of the device used for playback, without specifying the price of this new subscription or the countries in which it will be available. . The initial launch of Spotify HiFi will be reserved for “a few countries” at first, it remains to be seen which countries will be able to access this new service or if it will be necessary to wait as was the case with Amazon HD.

The current Spotify offer consists of the Individual subscription at €9.99 per month, Duo at €12.99 per month, Family at €14.99 per month and Student at €4.99 per month. We can therefore expect a price placement comparable to what Deezer and Qobuz offer, i.e. €14.99 per month for Spotify HiFi.

More details should appear in the coming months. Note that Spotify also announced its arrival in 80 new countries which will greatly increase the number of subscribers to the streaming platform which currently has 345 million users including 155 million paid subscriptions.

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