Beacon 325, Beacon 335 and Revival Petite: new 2021 models from Roberts


Building on its success in producing radios since 1936, the British brand Roberts has gradually expanded its catalog to include connected speakers, hi-fi turntables and, more recently, portable Bluetooth speakers with its new Beacon range. It has also updated its iconic radio series with the Revival Petite.

The Roberts Beacon 325 and 335 portable Bluetooth speakers benefit from an attractive design and exemplary finishes.

Roberts: Buckingham Palace’s official supplier

Founded in 1936 by Harry Roberts and Leslie Bidmead, the British brand Roberts specializes in the design of radio receivers. Very quickly, it received considerable support from the residents of Buckingham Palace, and for good reason: in 1941, Her Majesty the Queen Mother acquired a Roberts M4DC radio for her personal use. Fourteen years later, Roberts obtained its first Royal Warrant as official supplier of radio receivers to Queen Elizabeth II, then received a second in 1985 from The Prince of Wales.

As the official supplier of radios to Queen Elizabeth and The Prince of Wales, Roberts has been awarded two Royal Warrants.

Roberts: iconic design

Known for offering equipment that is as beautiful as it is efficient, the British brand Roberts continues its tradition with the new Revival Petite, Beacon 325 and Beacon 335. These latest generations of Roberts speakers and radios appeal with their colorful design, exemplary finish and features.

A true decorative object, the Roberts Beacon 325 portable Bluetooth speaker has a very elegant retro design.

The Roberts Revival Petite portable radio as well as the Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 Bluetooth speakers are available in a wide range of colors.

Beacon range: Roberts’ first portable Bluetooth speakers


The first Roberts portable Bluetooth speakers available on Son-Vidé, the Beacon 325 and 335 adopt a similar design. Both models have almost the same touch-sensitive interface, except that the Robert Beacon 335 speaker incorporates an equalizer indicated by four vertical bars between the two volume buttons.

Although the Roberts Beacon 325 and 335 Bluetooth speakers have a very similar design, they can be differentiated thanks to the four vertical bars symbolizing the equalization, present on the control interface of the Beacon 335.

The Beacon 335 portable Bluetooth speaker also has a powered USB port on its rear panel for recharging a smartphone, for example.

In addition to having an attractive design, these two Roberts portable Bluetooth speakers are powerful, each equipped with a 1.7″ neodymium driver complemented by two passive radiators for the lows. These audio components are covered with an elegant knitted and colorful fabric for a very British look.

Furthermore, they can be used for residential use when connected to the mains, or on the go as they both have a rechargeable battery offering up to 12 hours of autonomy for the Beacon 325 and 15 hours for the Beacon 335.


Roberts Beacon 325Roberts Beacon 335
1.7″ neodymium driver1.7″ neodymium driver
Two passive radiatorsTwo passive radiators
Multidirectional soundMultidirectional sound
Battery or mainsBattery or mains
12 hour battery life15 hour battery life
3.5mm mini-jack aux. input 3.5mm mini-jack aux. input
5 equalization modes
Stereo pairing (Bluetooth)

Revival Petite: portable radio and Bluetooth speaker

A brief history

The first Roberts Revival radio was released in 1956. For its design, Harry Roberts, co-founder of the brand, was inspired by one of his wife’s handbags. Known as the R66, this radio was small revolution in terms of design. Five years later, the iconic Roberts R200 radio was released as a single unit.

As soon as it was released in 1961, the Roberts R200 radio was the talk of the town.

Equipped with a gold cabinet, it attracted a lot of attention and ended up being stolen from a store. In 1990, Revival was back in the limelight with an advert for Martini: the appearance of the R200 rekindled public interest. This comeback was a success, with Roberts recording 3500 sales in the first few months.

In 2017, the range was revived with the Roberts Revival RD70 portable radio, followed in 2021 by the Revival Petite.


The Revival Petite portable radio is a colorful, simple and versatile model.

Whether you are a fan of color or prefer something more understated, you will find what you’re looking for in the six colors offered by the Revival Petite!

It features a dual analog and digital tuner for easy access to radio stations. A true Bluetooth speaker, the Roberts Revival Petite features a 1.6″ driver coupled with a passive radiator to enjoy music wirelessly in the best conditions. Versatile, it also incorporates a mini-jack auxiliary input allowing it to be connected to any compatible audio source. Finally, its generous 20-hour battery life allows it to easily follow you all day long.

After winning over the residents of Buckingham Palace, Roberts continues to delight its customers with equipment that is as unique as it is powerful, and which is a pleasure to admire and use.

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