Denon Home: HEOS update, Alexa Built-in and wireless 5.1 surround sound


Denon just rolled out a major HEOS software update for the Denon Home 550 soundbar and Denon Home 150, Denon Home 250 and Denon Home 350 wireless speakers.
With the Denon Home speaker (here the Denon Home 350) and Denon Home 550 soundbar software update, Alexa is now directly integrated.

This update adds built-in Alexa voice assistance to the entire Denon Home range, as well as the ability to stream 5.1-channel surround sound wirelessly to the Denon Home 550 soundbar. Owners of the Denon Home 550 soundbar can now associate it with a pair of Denon Home 150 speakers or a Denon Home 250 or Denon Home 350 stereo speaker as wireless rear speakers to enjoy a fully immersive sound experience.

With this software update, the Denon Home 550 soundbar can now use Denon Home speakers as wireless surround speakers (here two Denon Home 150s).

In addition, via this update, the Denon Home 550 soundbar benefits from upgraded DSP, which makes it possible to improve the bass response for a more impactful sound.

Finally, in addition to the new features provided by this update to the Denon Home range, all users of devices integrating HEOS multi-room technology can now enjoy a new look in the HEOS application with a more streamlined and intuitive interface.

Denon Heos: multi-room systems

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