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Straight from St.Georgen in Germany, Rekkord Audio turntables are entirely handcrafted. Mostly made of parts from the Black Forest region and nearby, these turntables are designed with the utmost respect for German expertise and manufacturing traditions. They also look a little like Dual vinyl turntables, as the two brands belong to the Alfred Fehrenbacher GmbH company.

Designed in St.Georgen in the Black Forest region, Rekkord Audio turntables are handcrafted with the utmost respect for German tradition and craftsmanship.

Rekkord Audio’s catalog includes six automatic models in the F range and two manual turntables in the M range. All turntables offered by the brand feature an Ultra Low Mass (ULM) tonearm with aluminum tube and platter. On the higer-end models, this tonearm is equipped with an internal damping ring.

Ortofon 2M Blue
Rekkord Audio turntables all feature an ultra-low-mass ULM tonearm with an aluminum tube for precise groove tracking.

Rekkord Audio turntables all feature an ultra-low-mass ULM tonearm with an aluminum tube for precise groove tracking.

The Rekkord Audio range of automatic turntables consists of the following models:

Rekkord Audio F100: marketed at €349, the F100 turntable adopts a traditional and simple design with a pressed wood chassis mounted on anti-vibration feet. Equipped with a fitted Audio-Technica AT91 cartridge and a non-adjustable counterweight, it requires no adjustment and can be directly connected to the phono input of a compatible hi-fi amplifier or to an external phono preamplifier.

Rekkord Audio F100P: sold for €389, this version of the Rekkord Audio F100 turntable with an integrated phono preamplifier is fitted with an Audio-Technica AT3600 cartridge.

Rekkord Audio F110: The Rekkord Audio F110 turntable differs from the F100 in its chassis/sub-chassis design, which allows better absorption of vibrations and better damping of the motor. The Rekkord Audio F110 turntable also adopts a fitted cartridge and fixed counterweight.

Rekkord Audio F110P: just like the F100 turntable, the F110 is available in a version with an integrated phono preamplifier. Available for €479, it exists in two versions: the Rekkord Audio F110P AT3600 and the Rekkord Audio F110P OM10.

Rekkord Audio F300: available for €549, the Rekkord Audio F300 turntable has the same design as the F110 but adds a magnetic anti-skating system as well as a changeable cartridge and an adjustable counterweight. It also differs from the entry-level models with its MDF chassis that is more rigid and less prone to resonance.

Rekkord Audio F400: The Rekkord Audio F400 turntable is the most premium automatic model offered by the manufacturer. Marketed at €699, it has the same characteristics as the F300 and is distinguished by its Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, which is pre-mounted on a detachable carbon fiber headshell, its aluminum platter with internal damping reinforcement, its improved ball bearing and its compatibility with 78 RPM records.

The Rekkord Audio manual turntable range consists of two models:

Rekkord Audio M500: marketed at €1,199, the Rekkord Audio M500 turntable has an MDF chassis and a floating sub-chassis mounted on 4 parabolic springs. The optimized ULM tonearm features a cardan bearing system and is paired with an Ortofon 2M Blue moving magnet cartridge.

Rekkord Audio M600: the flagship of the brand’s range is priced at €1,599. Composed of a thick anti-vibration MDF chassis, the Rekkord Audio M600 features a tonearm with high-precision adjustments that accommodates a pre-mounted Ortofon Quintet Red moving coil cartridge. Compatible with 33, 45 and 78 RPM, the Rekkord Audio M600 turntable features an electronically controlled motor for ultra-precise and stable playback speed.

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