What is Dolby Vision HDR technology?


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HDR (High Dynamic Range) is now present in all 4K UHD TVs, OLED TVs, QLED TVs and 8K UHD TVs. There are currently two main HDR technologies: HDR10, the standard adopted by default by all HDR televisions. And HDR Dolby Vision, a more efficient and more elite competing format, integrated into high-end TVs. Dolby Vision comes in several versions, namely Dolby Vision IQ and the brand new Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail.

LG OLED C2 TV: HDR10, HDR Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail compatible.
The LG OLED C2 TV range is HDR10 compatible but also supports Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail. Images are more contrasted, colors richer and more nuanced.

What is HDR?

HDR technologies make it possible to display large differences in brightness between the darkest and lightest part of an image. This is referred to as a High Dynamic Range image. HDR makes it possible to obtain better contrast, with more light gradations and, therefore, more nuances. More detail is revealed in both the highlights and the shadows. HDR images generally offer better contrast and are richer than standard dynamic range (SDR) images. Colors also benefit from this wider dynamic range.

All about HDR and HDR Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision technology is an enhanced version of standard HDR technology. It optimizes the level of detail, contrast and colorimetry for each shot of the film during post-production. Compatible TVs automatically adapt to Dolby Vision content to optimize their display, frame by frame. This is called dynamic HDR. This makes it possible to obtain the best possible display with each type of TV screen (OLED, LED, Local Dimming…).

Dolby Vision HDR home theater selection

Dolby Vision IQ

Dolby Vision IQ is an evolution of Dolby Vision which takes into account the lighting conditions of the room. It adjusts the brightness, colors and contrast of the TV in real time according to the ambient light. For this, Dolby Vision IQ relies on the light sensor integrated into the TV. If the weather is overcast and suddenly plunges the room into darkness, the brightness of the image adjusts in real time. This preserves the level of contrast. Conversely, if the room suddenly brightens, Dolby Vision IQ increases the overall brightness of the image. With a 4K TV compatible with Dolby Vision IQ, you can enjoy 4K Dolby Vision Blu-ray films and Netflix programs in Dolby Vision in the best conditions both day and night, in a dark or bright room.

Dolby Vision IQ HDR technology
Many 4K UHD TVs, OLED TVs and 8K TVs incorporate Dolby Vision IQ technology to optimize the display of Dolby Vision content based on ambient light.

Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail

Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail is a new feature for TVs with Dolby Vision IQ. This evolution of Dolby Vision reveals even more detail in the light and dark areas of the image. They then benefit from more texture and more intense and nuanced colors.

LG OLED G2 TV: HDR Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail compatible
LG OLED C2 and LG OLED G2 TVs are equipped with a very bright OLED Evo panel. They incorporate Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail technology to bring out its full potential and display high-contrast images with rich, highly nuanced colors.

Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail technology is integrated in the LG OLED C2 and LG OLED G2 TV ranges. In real time, the TV adjusts brightness, color, contrast and detail to wide dynamic range scenes. Picture quality is optimized based on the genre of content being viewed and the lighting conditions in the room. This makes it possible to fully benefit from the qualities of the new LG OLED Evo panel and its enhanced brightness.

Should you opt for a Dolby Vision TV?

Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ compatible TVs are generally higher end models. They feature the best technologies and most often offer the best image quality.

Additionally, all Dolby Vision-enabled TVs also support HDR10. But not all HDR10 compatible TVs support Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision compatible TVs therefore guarantee optimal compatibility with all HDR content. Whether it’s 4K Blu-ray movies or streaming services, you get the best performance.

How to choose the right music and VOD streaming service

If you have a Netflix Premium and/or Disney+ subscription, you have access to a lot of 4K HDR Dolby Vision content. This is one more reason to invest in a Dolby Vision compatible TV in order to enjoy the service in the best conditions. Why not opt for a Panasonic TX-65JX600E, a Sony KD-65X85J, a Philips 65PUS9206, an LG OLED65C1 or even a Panasonic TX-65JZ1500E TV?

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