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Are you familiar with GoldenEar? This company produces in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, wall speakers, satellite speakers and subwoofers. Sandy Gross, co-founder of the Polk Audio and Definitive Technology brands, is the creator. Suffice to say that this American brand has an impressive pedigree.

Adopting a discreet yet elegant style, GoldenEar speakers and subwoofers offer excellent acoustic performance. Enough to delight enthusiasts of energetic and powerful sound in search of ambitious and easy-to-integrate models.
While compact and aesthetically discreet, this pack of GoldenEar SuperSat 50 (5.1) home theater speakers proves to be very effective. Each speaker can handle 200 watts of power while the subwoofer has an amplification of 1000 watts!

Backed by a very inventive research and development department, GoldenEar integrates highly innovative exclusive technologies into its SuperSat and SuperCinema 3D Array speakers. For example, the MVPP technology which implements a multi-veined phase-plug in the center of the midbass drivers. This optimizes the diffusion of sound waves and promotes wide spatialization.

The MVPP midbass drivers of the GoldenEar speakers have a finned waveguide that optimizes sound dispersion and favors the distribution of a wide soundstage.

The GoldenEar satellite speakers and wall speakers are also distinguished by their high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter (HVFR technology) developed by the manufacturer. This driver, which can deliver sound up to 35kHz, offers a three-dimensional sound image as well as a smooth response and lots of detail.

The high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter (HVFR technology) that equips the GoldenEar speakers provides precise, lively and detailed highs that can reach 35kHz.

Occupying a special place in the manufacturer’s range of wall-mounted speakers, the GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array speakers are intended to reproduce the three front channels of a home theater system (left, center, right). These GoldenEar speakers combine the finesse and elegance of a soundbar with the sound qualities of a real speaker. They can be powered by any A/V receiverdelivering 20 to 200 or even 300 watts of power per channel.

GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array X
GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array wall-mounted speakers are ideal for reproducing the front channels in a home theater system. Their dimensions are suitable for most 48 to 75 inch (120 to 189cm) TVs, and sometimes even larger models (here the GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array X speaker).

The American manufacturer’s catalog also includes two ranges of subwoofers with a unique design and exceptional performance.
The ForceField range is illustrated by its singular, aysmmetrical cabinets that eliminate standing waves and internal resonance. Each model in the range uses very powerful digital amplification to power a front-firing driver. The latter is supported by a large, down-firing quadratic passive radiator.
The GoldenEar ForceField 4 features a 25cm long-throw front-firing driver supported by a down-firing passive radiator. It features 1200-watt digital amplification and its non-parallel panels eliminate any risk of sound coloration. Ideal for home theater, this subwoofer is also suitable for a hi-fi configuration thanks to its high level inputs.
GoldenEar SuperSub XXL: inside view
The unique design of the GoldenEar SuperSub XXL subwoofer uses two 30cm drivers mounted back to back. Powered by 1600 watts of amplification, they are supported by two large passive radiators. These improve the amplitude of the bass and the sound pressure, allowing you to experience intense moments while watching movies and during gaming sessions!

Finally, GoldenEar is also a manufacturer of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with a wide range covering both hi-fi and home theater use. These models are therefore very versatile. They can ensure the reproduction of the front left, right and center channels, but also the side and rear surround channels in a private home theater room or in a living room with a home theater system.
The GoldenEar Invisa SPS in-wall/in-ceiling speaker can be used for front left, right and center channels, as well as side and rear surround effects in a home theater or living room. It is also suitable for a high quality integrated stereo system.

Perfect for equipping a private home theater but also a living room with a hi-fi or home theater setup, GoldenEar subwoofers, wall-mounted speakers and in-wall/in-ceiling speakers are now available on Son-Vidé .

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