Samsung The Freestyle: the best pico projector of 2022?


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The ultra compact Samsung The Freestyle pico projector looks like a spotlight and can be tilted 180° to project onto the wall or even the ceiling! You can therefore enjoy a large HD1080p image measuring up to 2.5m anywhere in the home. This mini Samsung projector has many assets: automatic image adjustments, 360° sound, WiFi streaming, Bluetooth, HDMI…

Sold for €990, can the attractive Samsung The Freestyle all-in-one projector rival competing pico projectors such as the Philips PicoPix Max TV and Xgimi H2?

Samsung The Freestyle and its remote control
With a diameter of less than 10cm and a height of just over 17cm (about the same as a Blu-ray case), the Samsung The Freestyle mini projector offers a wealth of features.

Samsung The Freestyle: packaging & accessories

Samsung: eco-friendly packaging
Except for the protective cover of the projector and the remote control, the packaging of the Samsung The Freestyle is entirely made of cardboard. It is very fun to open!

This projector comes with a remote control, a mains adapter and a 1.8 meter long USB-C cable. Everything is packaged in an environmentally friendly, fully recyclable cardboard box.

Samsung The Freestyle: accessories
The Samsung The Freestyle projector comes with a lens cover, a rechargeable RF remote control, a USB-C power cable and a mains adapter.

Samsung The Freestyle: presentation

This very appealing portable projector allows you to stream movies and series via WiFi. With its micro HDMI port, it is even possible to connect a video game console or a Blu-ray player. You’ll then be able to enjoy a large picture measuring up to 2.5 meters across. This Samsung projector can be tilted 180° to project on the wall or ceiling. Simply pivot the projector on its base to change the projection area.

Samsung projector: projection on the ceiling
With the Samsung The Freestyle, you can project onto the ceiling without worrying about the projection angle. It automatically adapts and corrects the angles of the image so that it is always in the right format.

Portable projector

This spotlight-like projector weighs 800 grams and measures 10cm in diameter and just over 17cm in height. Consequently, you can easily take it everywhere with you.

Samsung The Freestyle: compact format
Very compact and light, the Samsung The Freestyle is easy to carry throughout the house.

It is cylindrical in shape and its chassis is covered with a white rubber coating. The circular base allows you to adjust its angle and provides perfect stability.

Samsung The Freestyle: connectors
The base on which the Samsung The Freestyle projector is mounted ensures perfect stability. On the side, its connectors include a single micro HDMI port and the USB-C port for the power supply.

At home, all you need is a power outlet to use it. Outside, you can power it with an external battery via its USB-C port. It is a shame that there isn’t a built-in battery, as is the case with certain competing models.

Samsung The Freestyle: power supply
The Samsung The Freestyle’s power cable is 1.8 meters long, which gives you some freedom regarding placement. However, it is a shame that there isn’t a built-in battery, as is the case with the Philips PicoPix Max TV and the Xgimi Halo+.

Automatic image adjustment

One of the main advantages of this projector is its ability to automatically adjust the image as soon as it is turned on. It straightens the edges of the image, resets its geometry and focuses almost instantly. It can therefore be tilted and directed as desired, without having to be placed exactly opposite the wall. Regardless of its position and angle, the projector always manages to project a clear image with the correct geometry.

Samsung The Freestyle image correction
The very effective automatic keystone correction of this Samsung projector is a major asset. But as with all projectors, it is accompanied by a reduction in image quality with reduced definition.

It is important to note, however, that the keystone correction reduces the image quality. To achieve a true full-frame 1080p HD image with this projector, it must be placed in the axis of the screen.

Large image without zoom

The size of the image projected by the Samsung The Freestyle directly depends on the projection distance and angle. The further it is from the wall, the larger the image is. The picture quality can either be very satisfactory or mediocre depending on the surface of the wall (beware of roughness) and, above all, the projection conditions. With ambient lighting, the image is dull, but in the dark, it is a festival of colors!

Samsung The Freestyle
The Samsung The Freestyle’s DLP array is paired with a 550 lumen LED light source. This Samsung projector can project an image of 2.5m!

During our review, we pushed The Freestyle to its limits by projecting a 3 meter image in a dedicated room! The overall brightness of the image was then a little low, but the result remained acceptable. Note, however, that the pixels become visible if you stand too close to the screen with images measuring over 2 meters.

Samsung The Freestyle: Ready Player One
In a dark dedicated room, the Samsung The Freestyle managed pretty well, with colors that were rather rich and well saturated. However, the contrast was low. The darkest and lightest zones lacked shading.

With the standard picture mode, the colors are vivid and nicely saturated, which is ideal for sport and documentaries. With the cinema mode, the shades are softer and more suited to movies and series.

The Freestyle: frog
With the standard picture mode (dedicated room), the Samsung The Freestyle delivers saturated colors. Unfortunately, the blacks are a little under exposed.

The smart calibration of this projector adapts the colorimetry to the color of the wall. Therefore, it isn’t a problem if the projection surface isn’t completely white.

360° sound?

The Samsung The Freestyle’s speaker is supposed to deliver 360° sound. In practice, however, this is only the case when the projector is positioned vertically to project onto the ceiling. Otherwise, the sound is louder or quieter depending on whether you are seated in the axis of the speaker or not. However, even when the projector is behind the spectators, the sound remains sufficiently audible.

built-in driver
The audio section of the Samsung The Freestyle projector consists of a single driver. Placed on the back of the projector, it delivers 360 degree sound when projecting onto the ceiling. When projecting onto a wall, it is better to be behind the projector to get the best sound.

To improve the sound quality, we paired the projector with the Marshall Kilburn 2 Bluetooth speaker. We didn’t experience any delay between the sound and image. Another solution would be to connect the projector’s HDMI ARC/eARC port to a compatible HDMI port on a soundbar or amplifier.

Samsung The Freestyle and Marshall Kilburn 2
By pairing the Samsung The Freestyle projector with the Marshall Kilburn 2 Bluetooth speaker, the sound was wider with more generous lows.

This projector can also be used as a wireless Bluetooth speaker with a smartphone. However, the fan continues to run even when the projection feature is turned off. We measured a noise level of 33-34 dB at a distance of 1 meter, so you have to turn up the volume to no longer be disturbed by the fan.

Connected projector

The Samsung The Freestyle projector incorporates the Tizen operating system shared with all Samsung TVs. Once connected to the Internet via WiFi, it can access a multitude of content via Samsung services and applications such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, AppleTV+…

Samsung The Freestyle
The Samsung The Freestyle projector can access a multitude of streaming services via WiFi: Samsung TV Plus, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, AppleTV+, YouTube, OCS…

Voice control (Bixby and Alexa) and screen mirroring (via the SmartThing app or in AirPlay 2) are also available.

Samsung The Freestyle: key specifications

  • Image definition: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • DLP LED technology
  • Lamp lifespan: 20,000 hours
  • Automatic image adjustment
  • Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+… 
  • 360° sound
  • Micro HDMI 1.4 (ARC/eARC)
  • WiFi
  • Bidirectional Bluetooth

Samsung The Freestyle: configuration

We tested this projector by projecting onto a wall and onto the ceiling. We also tested it in a dedicated home theater room, with a Lumene Movie Palace UHD 4K Ultra Slim 300C screen. The projector was wirelessly connected to a Netgear Orbi RBK852 300C mesh WiFi router so we could enjoy the best possible bandwidth for streaming. 

Setup is quick and intuitive. You plug in the projector and turn it on by touching the dedicated control on its touch sensitive interface. The remote control is paired by pressing one of its keys, then you select the interface language. You then choose the configuration mode: via the smartphone or with the remote control. The first requires the installation of the SmartThings application, which is user-friendly and intuitive. The configuration of the projector takes only a few moments.

Samsung The Freestyle: our impressions

This Samsung pico projector is great for projecting anywhere: onto a wall, ceiling or portable screen. All you need is a power outlet and WiFi access or a smartphone as a video source. In addition, the fast and very efficient automatic image adjustment makes it very easy to use.

Samsung projector
The Samsung The Freestyle pico projector was very easy to set up. Placed a few dozen centimeters from the wall, it projected a very pleasant image.

The image quality was also very satisfying. The picture was precise and smooth and the colors were vivid and saturated as long as the image remained a reasonable size (ideally no larger than 2m) and the room was dark. If not, the contrast wasn’t great and the picture was dull.

The Freestyle
Once the room was dark, the picture had more contrast, with saturated colors.
Samsung The Freestyle
As is always the case, projecting in a dark room offered the best results. The colors were vivid and the 1080p HD image was precise and detailed.

Regarding sound, the projector’s speaker was sufficient when the viewers were seated nearby, delivering a clear and rather energetic sound. As always, the Tizen interface was comprehensive and easy to use. However, the projector lacked responsiveness when pressing the buttons on the remote control. Perhaps due to a small processor?

Samsung The Freestyle: compared to…

Xgimi H2 (€899)

Xgimi H2
The Xgimi H2 is brighter and can project a larger image than the Samsung projector. But it doesn’t offer the same flexible installation as the Freestyle, which automatically adjusts the picture in a matter of seconds.

The Xgimi H2 is brighter than the Samsung projector and can project a larger (up to 7 meters in diagonal) and more contrasted image. It has a wider range of connectors: 2 HDMI, 2 USB, optical output and headphone jack. The Samsung The Freestyle offers more flexibility thanks to the automatic image adjustment. The Tizen interface is also more intuitive and comprehensive.

Philips PicoPix Max TV (€899)

Philips PicoPix Max TV
A little more cumbersome and less fun to use than the Samsung model, the Philips PicoPix Max TV stands out thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery.

The Philips PicoPix Max TV projects a potentially larger, brighter and better contrasted image than the Samsung. Its connectivity is more extensive and its Android TV interface with Chromecast is on par with Tizen. Its image correction feature isn’t as advanced as that of the Samsung The Freestyle. However, it has an integrated rechargeable battery that provides an autonomy of 4 hours.

Samsung The Freestyle: who is it for?

This projector will appeal to those looking for an easy way to project movies and series anywhere in the home. No need for a dedicated room, or for it to be installed in the living room. The user-friendly Samsung The Freestyle makes projecting everywhere fun.

Samsung The Freestyle: conclusion

The Samsung The Freestyle projector is very appealing and impressed us despite its low brightness. One cannot fault its ease of use, its versatility and its picture quality when the conditions are right. But these assets and its innovative design don’t come cheap. It’s a pity that it doesn’t have a built-in rechargeable battery as standard.

We liked

  • The automatic image adjustment
  • The Tizen connected interface
  • The saturated colors (dark room)
  • The clear sound
  • The rechargeable remote control

We would have liked

  • Higher brightness
  • Better contrast
  • An integrated battery
  • Projecteur Samsung The Freestyle

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