A comparison of the best party speakers of 2022


Party speakers are ideal for livening up events and providing the musical atmosphere for all your parties and celebrations, large or small. Indoors or outdoors, party speakers adapt to all family events and shows. They offer very high power and generous bass to set the mood and give rhythm to your dances. Lighting effects, but also microphone connectors, guitar connectors, chaining function, etc… the options are endless. So, which party speaker should you choose? Find out in this comparative guide of the best party speakers of 2022.

A large number of manufacturers offer party speakers: Muse, Sony, LG, Escape and Eltax. Some are portable and battery-powered, while others are wired and stationary. Power, battery life, portability, lighting effects… discover all the characteristics to consider when choosing your party speaker.

Party speaker vs Bluetooth speaker

Although party speakers are all equipped with a Bluetooth receiver, they differ from portable Bluetooth speakers by a larger format. Specifically designed to liven up birthday parties, New Year’s Eve parties and karaoke parties, these speakers have larger drivers and high amplification power to play music in a large room or in the garden and make all your guests dance. These speakers, also called PA speakers, also provide extensive connectivity to connect all your sources, including a microphone or a guitar, for example. Finally, they are often accompanied by light effects to set the mood on the dance floor.

Party speakers like the JBL PartyBox 1000 can add sound to large spaces and create a festive atmosphere with lighting effects, as well as microphone and guitar inputs.

The importance of bass

Scientists agree on the importance of low frequencies to set the rhythm and make you want to dance. However, parties often take place in large open spaces, whether it is a large living room, a garage or a space rented for the occasion. Producing decibels and hammering out the beat effectively in these conditions means choosing a party speaker with large drivers and very generous amplification. Some manufacturers also boost their speakers with DSP systems to extend the bass response. This is the case with Sony speakers, which benefit from the Extra Bass mode.

Thanks to its 12″ driver combined with high amplification power and the Extra Bass function, the Sony MHC-V83D party speaker is capable of producing powerful, deep and driving bass.

Portable or wired party speaker?

Some party speakers like the LG RP4, Eltax Voyager BT 10 and JBL PartyBox 310 are equipped with a rechargeable battery. They can therefore be taken to every corner of the garden, to the pool or to your friends’ home, depending on your needs. You are free to party anywhere, even at the beach or in the great outdoors. To set the mood until the end of the night, be sure to choose a model with a substantial battery life, such as the Sony SRS-XP500 which can operate for more than 20 hours.

The JBL PartyBox 310 party speaker provides up to 18 hours of battery life for dancing and partying the night away.

Portable speakers are practical, but you will need to recharge them after each use. In addition, the autonomy indicated by the manufacturers may drop during prolonged listening sessions at very high volume or when using lighting effects. Therefore, it may be best to opt for a wired party speaker if your biggest events last several days. These wired speakers are intended for use near an electrical outlet, whether indoors, on the terrace or in a patio. The reference models are the Sony MHC-V83D, Sony MHC-V13 and JBL PartyBox 710.

The LG ON7 party speaker is a wired model designed to accompany you during your longest parties. Thanks to Bluetooth, it is even possible to associate it wirelessly with a television.

Bluetooth party speakers

All party speakers have at least one Bluetooth controller to receive music streamed wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet, DAP or computer. These may be tracks stored in the device’s memory or playlists played from an online music service via its dedicated application (Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, etc.). Bluetooth listening quality varies depending on the codec used. Ideally, opt for an aptX compatible speaker like the Escape P9 for near CD quality audio. For even more detailed listening, the LDAC codec present on the Sony MHC-V13, Sony SRS-XP700 and Sony MHC-V83D speakers is capable of transmitting high-resolution audio streams up to 24 bits at 96kHz.

The Escape P9 party speaker is Bluetooth aptX compatible to maximize wireless listening quality. Thanks to its 360° sound diffusion, all guests benefit equally from the music.

So that everyone can share their music and overcome the problem of the single, self-proclaimed DJ, some brands like Sony offer the possibility of a multi-device Bluetooth connection on their party speakers. The principle is simple: the speaker can be connected via Bluetooth to several devices simultaneously. If a song is playing, it can be muted and changed at any time by another connected device. So everyone can be the DJ of the party!

The Sony SRS-XP700 speaker can be associated simultaneously with several Bluetooth sources so that each guest can share their favorite music.

Party speaker connectors

In addition to the Bluetooth connection, party speakers generally adopt a wide range of connectors. They are mostly equipped with one or more analog and/or digital audio inputs to connect a CD player, a network player or a pre-amplified turntable, for example. Many party speakers also offer inputs for microphones and musical instruments. You can therefore become the life of the party by showing your talents as a musician or singer to your guests. Party speakers with microphone inputs are perfect for karaoke lovers. For even more creativity, some speakers like the JBL PartyBox 1000 include an effects pad allowing you to play the guitar, the piano and even record loops.

The Sony SRS-XP700 speaker is perfect for showing your musical talents to your guests during karaoke evenings thanks to its microphone and guitar input.

Multi-room and stereo chaining

To optimize and extend the sound distribution, some party speakers offer a chaining function. Sometimes called Party Chain or Daisy Chain, this function most often makes it possible to couple several speakers to simultaneously stream the same music to add sound to large spaces and increase the overall volume. For example, Sony speakers like the Sony SRS-XP700 use the Party Connect function which allows stereo pairing, but also to associate up to 100 compatible Sony Bluetooth speakers to synchronize music and lighting so that everyone can listen and dance to the same song. The pairing between two party speakers is done wirelessly, using the Bluetooth connection.

It is possible to couple two JBL PartyBox 710 party speakers to enjoy even more powerful stereo sound and effectively animate your biggest parties.

If you prefer to opt for a single party speaker, it is preferable to use a model capable of delivering 360° sound, such as the LG RP4. That way, all partygoers can fully enjoy the music in good conditions. If possible, place the speaker up high to further extend the distribution and avoid the feeling of “muffled sound” when someone is in front of it.

The LG RP4 party speaker broadcasts 360° sound so that all your guests hear the music equally.

Lighting effects

No party is complete without lighting effects to set the mood on the dance floor. Well designed, party speakers are often equipped with lighting effects to add a more festive feel. For example, the Muse M-1920 DJ speaker adopts multicolored mood lights, as well as a strobe. That way, it feels like there is a real DJ at your party.

The Muse M-1920 DJ speaker is equipped with light effects and a strobe to create a festive atmosphere.

Party speaker resistance

For partying by the pool or at the beach, it is imperative to choose a party speaker that is waterproof, sandproof and dustproof. This capability is certified by the international IP standard. The IP rating is always followed by two numbers and/or a letter. The first digit defines the degree of protection against the ingress of solid foreign objects, such as dust. The second defines the degree of protection against liquids. For example, the Escape P6 BT speaker is IPX4 certified, meaning it is protected against splashes of water. Even away from the swimming pool, it is preferable to opt for a robust speaker, capable of withstanding changes in weather, splashes of water and cocktails, as well as possible bumps from dancers.

Splash and dust resistant, the Escape P6 BT party speaker is ideal for partying by the pool, at the beach or in the rain.

What is the best party speaker?

Throughout this guide, we have sifted through the essential criteria for choosing a party speaker. From these different elements, we have made a selection of the best party speakers for all budgets:

The best party speakers under €300

  • Muse M-1950 DJ: battery and wired, 500W, Bluetooth, CD player, USB x2, microphone and guitar inputs, light effects
  • Eltax Voyager BT 10: battery and wired, 250W, Bluetooth, wireless microphones included, lighting effects
  • LG RP4: battery and wired, 120W, Bluetooth, USB and mini-jack input, lighting effects

The best party speakers from €300 to €500

  • JBL PartyBox 110: battery and wired, 160W, Bluetooth, microphone and guitar inputs, lighting effects
  • Eltax Voyager BT 15 Pro: battery and wired, 500W, Bluetooth, wireless microphones included
  • Sony SRS-XP500: battery and wired, Bluetooth LDAC, microphone/guitar input, lighting effects

The best party speakers over €500

  • Sony SRS-XP700: battery and wired, Bluetooth LDAC, microphone and guitar inputs, light effects, waterproof and dustproof
  • Sony MHC-V83D: wired, Bluetooth LDAC, DVD/CD player, microphone and guitar inputs, lighting effects, waterproof and dustproof
  • Escape P9: battery and wired, 100W, Bluetooth aptX, mini-jack input, waterproof and dustproof

If you just want to enjoy powerful sound and deep bass, you can also opt for the SoundCast VG7, SoundCast VG5 or JBL Boombox 2 portable Bluetooth speakers. The latter form good alternatives by abandoning party functions such as lighting and microphone inputs in favor of better portability.

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