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Architectural speakers deliver very high-quality sound while being almost invisible. Very prevalent in stores and malls, more and more individuals are using these in-wall and in-ceiling speakers at home. Visually discreet, they also have excellent audio qualities, as they inherit the technologies developed for conventional speakers. The biggest acoustic speaker manufacturers therefore offer many in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

the best architectural speakers for 2023
Architectural speakers deliver very high quality sound while being almost invisible.

Architectural speakers are equipped with either coaxial drivers or separate midbass drivers and tweeters. Some are resistant to humidity so that they can be installed in a bathroom or pool house. Others feature two tweeters for stereo sound from a single speaker. This is ideal for a small bathroom or even a powder room. Almost all architectural speakers can be used for both hi-fi and home theater. However, some models are specifically designed to be integrated into a private cinema or a home theater room. 

So, which architectural speakers should you choose? Find out in this comparative guide about the best architectural speakers for 2023.

Architectural speakers: integration champions

Designing an audio system to play music in several rooms means using multiple speakers. It also implies running many speaker cables to the amplifier. This can cause problems, notably for aesthetic reasons, or simply for lack of space. In this case, architectural speakers are the perfect solution. Built into the wall or the ceiling, they provide the same sound quality as bookshelf speakers and even small floorstanders. Once the architectural speaker is installed, only the grille remains visible. It is even possible to paint the grille so that the speaker is even more discreet in your home. 

Moreover, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a more budget-friendly solution than equivalent classic speakers. They can be implemented as part of a renovation, or when building a new home.

Focal 100 ICW6
The Focal 100 ICW6 architectural speaker blends into the decor. This type of speaker is also chosen for its small size.

Among the most discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are the KEF Ci50R and EarthQuake ECS3.0. These models, which are the size of an LED spotlight, are equipped with a miniature 2” wideband driver. Also very compact, the Artsound FL30 speaker only requires a hole of 3.4” to be made in the wall or ceiling.

L’enceinte encastrable KEF Ci50R
The KEF Ci50R architectural speaker is roughly the size of an LED spotlight, a serious asset for discreet integration.

These speakers are suitable for playing background music at low volume. They are ideal for use with a small subwoofer to provide a better bass response. For a home theater system, they can reproduce rear and lateral surround effects as well as Dolby Atmos effects well mounted in the ceiling.

Installing architectural speakers

In-ceiling speakers: background music, surround sound and Dolby Atmos

In-ceiling speakers are often smaller than in-wall speakers and generally have a coaxial design. They are designed to be installed in hollow spaces (suspended ceilings, wood panels, etc.). In-ceiling speakers are perfect for playing background music. This makes them ideal for use in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. They can also be used as surround speakers or Atmos effect speakers in a home theater installation.

In-ceiling speakers in a kitchen
In-ceiling speakers are ideal for playing music in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

Renowned for the quality of its wireless hi-fi speakers, bookshelf speakers and floorstanding speakers, KEF is also known for its impressive in-ceiling speakers. The proprietary Uni-Q technology is present in the majority of the manufacturer’s models, ensuring a perfectly coherent acoustic image. With its 5” coaxial driver equipped with a 0.7” central tweeter, the KEF Ci130.2 CR covers a wide frequency range. This speaker is great for playing music or listening to news reports in a bedroom or kitchen. It also lends itself very well to the reproduction of Dolby Atmos effects in a home theater installation.

KEF Ci130.2 CR
Once installed in the ceiling, the KEF Ci130.2 CR in-ceiling speaker delivers music energetically. It is also comfortable with reproducing the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X effects of movies in a home theater system. Note that this very slim speaker (less than 9cm thick) can be installed in partitions or suspended ceilings that aren’t very deep.

A true reference in the hi-fi and home theater speaker market, American manufacturer Klipsch has a large catalog of architectural speakers. The CS (Custom Series) range offers remarkable performance at a reasonable price. They are also very easy to install thanks to the ingenious automatic Sky Hook system. The Klipsch CS-18C Sky Hook speaker is the perfect example of this, with an 8” coaxial driver offering powerful, responsive lows. The high sensitivity makes it easy to power this speaker capable of producing a high volume with few watts.

Klipsch CS-18C Sky Hook
With the Klipsch CS-18C Sky Hook architectural speaker, you can enjoy the American manufacturer’s expertise at a very reasonable price.

Even more powerful, the Klipsch PRO-18RC has an 8” IMG graphite cone coaxial driver. This driver, which can also be found on the Klipsch Reference 2018 speakers, comes with an aluminum dome tweeter. The latter is mounted in a Tractrix horn to optimize the directivity of the high frequencies. This powerfully motorized speaker has a very high sensitivity of 95 dB, making it easy to power. Perfect for a clear, precise hi-fi listening experience, it is also perfectly suited to home theater applications and can be used for the surround and Dolby Atmos channels.

Klipsch PRO-18RC
The IMG midbass driver and Tractrix horn tweeter let you enjoy the legendary Klipsch sound with this discreet Klipsch PRO-18RC architectural speaker.

Focal also offers a wide range of in-ceiling speakers that feature the technologies used in its standard speakers. The French manufacturer’s best-sellers are the Focal ICW5 and ICW6 speakers, which are equipped with a Polyglass cone coaxial driver. Identical to the one used in the brand’s hi-fi and home theater speakers, it produces clear mids and structured lows. At its center is an aluminum inverted dome tweeter,  typical of Focal speakers. It offers clarity, smoothness and precision at the highest frequencies.

Even more efficient is the Focal 300 ICW6, which integrates a 6.5” Flax cone midbass driver. It is accompanied by an aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter that delivers a precise and detailed sound. Ideal for hi-fi in any room of the house, this in-ceiling speaker can also be used for home theater. It is also able to reproduce surround and Atmos effects alongside the speakers in the Focal Aria 900 range.

Focal 300 ICW6
The Focal 300 ICW6 speaker is versatile and can be ceiling mounted in many different rooms to deliver music with energy and precision. 

Elipson also knows how to build excellent, versatile in-ceiling speakers with recognized acoustic qualities. The Elipson IC4 and Elipson IC8 speakers are the perfect illustration of this. They feature a cellulose pulp midbass driver, offering velvetiness and precision in the midrange. The silk dome tweeter brings detail and clarity to the highest frequencies while maintaining a pleasant softness.

Renowned for its multi-room speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers and connected speakers, American brand Sonos also designs architectural speakers. The Sonos Architectural In Ceiling Sonance speaker is a favorite among fans of the pioneering multi-room brand. Ideally paired with the Sonos Amp connected amplifier, it is perfect for delivering surround sound effects to complement a Sonos soundbar.

Sonos Architectural In Ceiling Sonance
Powered by the Sonos Amp, the Sonos Architectural In Ceiling Sonance speaker is the perfect partner for a Sonos soundbar and subwoofer to reproduce the surround sound effects of movies and video games.

A global reference when it comes to hi-fi amplifiers and AV receivers, Yamaha also makes architectural speakers with many qualities. Its catalog includes several in-wall/in-ceiling models, notably the Yamaha NS-IC600. The success of the latter is due to its impeccable finish and sparkling musicality.

Yamaha NS-IC600
The Yamaha NS-IC600 is equipped with a 6” 2-way coaxial driver. The amplitude is remarkable with sparkling highs thanks to the ferrofluid tweeter.

The American brand JBL also has several ranges of architectural speakers in its catalog, notably the B Series, Studio Series and Stage speakers. The Studio range features the most high-end models, equipped with proprietary PolyGlas cone woofers. The tweeters also benefit from HDI waveguides so that the high frequecies are evenly distributed throughout the room. Lastly, to make installation easier, JBL architechtural speakers feature the brand’s XL-2 system. A screw activates a mounting bracket on the back of the unit, ensuring a secure hold in the wall.

Ultra-slim architectural speakers

For ceilings and walls with limited installation depth, some manufacturers offer very slim speakers. An example is the French manufacturer Elipson with the Elipson Ultra Slim IC8 architectural speaker. Very flat, the latter is only 5cm deep. It features a total of five drivers, including three woofers and a midrange driver all measuring 3” in diameter. They are equipped with cellulose fiber cones and are accompanied by a silk dome tweeter.

The Elipson Ultra Slim IC8 is ideal for small installation spaces.
The Elipson Ultra Slim IC8 architectural speaker can be built into a suspended ceiling or a wall with limited installation depth.

Klipsch also offers several slim architectural speakers, including the Klispch SLM-3400-C which is less than 4cm thick! It has a 4” IMG (graphite and copper) cone driver, which is also used on the Reference Series speakers. A 1” aluminum dome tweeter loaded in a Tractrix acoustic horn is also included, offering optimal directivity.

Klipsch SLM-3400-C
The Klipsch SLM-3400-C is very compact. Its thickness of under 4cm makes it easy to install in a ceiling.

Which mini integratable or rack amplifier should you use to power these speakers?

If you want to use in-wall/in-ceiling speakers for more discretion, perhaps you want to hide the amplifier too. Some models are perfect for this, notably WiFi/Bluetooth amps. As long as they integrate a digital amplifier that doesn’t heat up too much, they can be easily hidden in a technical rack, or simply in a cabinet. Or even in a specially designed compartment in a wall or suspended ceiling, with a discreet access hatch.

Among the most suitable amplifiers for discreet integration are the Tangent Ampster BT II and Artsound Smart Hyde ultra-compact Bluetooth models, which are Bluetooth, AirPlay and DLNA compatible. It is best to install them somewhere that is easy to access in case you need to adjust the volume, for example.

Tangent Ampster BT II
Compact and Bluetooth compatible, the Tangent Ampster BT II delivers 2 x 25W into 8 ohms and 2x50W into 4 ohms. Hidden inside a cabinet, it can discreetly power a pair of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Ideal for Bluetooth listening with an invisible audio system.

WiFi and multi-room compatible, the Elipson Connect 250, Sonos Amp and NAD CI 720 v2 can be installed in a rack or hidden in a partition. Their control via a smartphone app facilitates this usage.

Elipson Connect 250
The Elipson Connect 250 amplifier can be placed inside a cabinet, hidden away in a niche or wall mounted thanks to its removable brackets.

In-wall speakers: hi-fi and home theater versatility

In-wall speakers can be installed in hollow partitions. That could be a wood panel, an MDF panel or even plasterboard. They can also be used for both hi-fi and home theater systems. The left and right speakers should be placed on either side of the TV and the center speaker is placed below or above the screen. It is also possible to place the center speaker behind an acoustically transparent screen in an installation with a projector. The micro perforated fabric allows the sound to pass through the screen without losing any frequencies.

As one of the most iconic brands in hi-fi, French manufacturer Focal offers a wide range of in-wall speakers. The Focal 100 IW6 and Focal 300 IW6 are among the best entry-level models.

Focal 100 IW6
The Focal 100 IW6 in-wall speaker is designed for both hi-fi and home theater.

The Focal 100 IW6 is equipped with a 6.5” Polyglass cone midbass driver and an aluminum inverted dome tweeter. The acoustic performance of these two drivers can be adjusted using a switch on the front panel. 

More powerful, the Focal 300 IW6 in-wall speaker boasts an EISA award. Its midbass driver has a Flax cone, which is a glass fiber and linen composite. The lows are energetic and well structured. The aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter brings clarity and dynamism to the sound. This Focal speaker is ideal to be used as a surround speaker with a Focal Aria speaker system.

Focal 300IW6
The Focal 300 IW6 architectural speaker is designed to be installed in a wall. It features a 6.5” Flax cone driver and a directional aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter.

Another popular in-wall speaker is the Elipson IW, part of the Elipson Architect In line. The Elipson IW6 and Elipson IW8 are ideal for playing music in a living room. They can also be paired with the Elipson IW14C in a home theater room or private cinema. Elipson also offers a full range of speakers for home theater integration: the Elipson Infinite line.

Elipson IW6, Elipson IW8 and Elipson IW14C in-wall speakers
The Elipson IW6, Elipson IW8 and Elipson IW14C in-wall speakers are suitable for both hi-fi and home theater.

American manufacturer Klipsch also has a wide range of very efficient in-wall speakers. Providing an energetic and lively musical experience, the Klipsch CS-16W Sky Hook speaker is also easy to install thanks to its patented mounting system.

Klipsch CS-16W Sky Hook
The Klipsch CS-16W Sky Hook in-wall speaker is a two-way model equipped with a 6.5” midbass driver and a dome tweeter.

For hi-fi and home theater use in a living room, or a dedicated room, the Klipsch DS-250W-LCR Sky Hook is an excellent choice. It can be used in stereo or for the three frontal channels of a home theater system.

Klipsch DS-250W-LCR Sky Hook
The Klipsch DS-250W-LCR Sky Hook in-wall speaker is equipped with two 5” drivers and a 1” silk dome tweeter. This speaker can be installed in a wall or ceiling. It is particularly suitable for home theater use as a front speaker (LCR) or even as a surround and vertical Dolby Atmos speaker.

In the UK, Bowers & Wilkins also creates excellent in-wall speakers with clear musical qualities. An example is the B&W CWM664 with its 1” aluminum dome tweeter and Nautilus enclosure. It offers soft and precise highs up to 50kHz. Its 6” glass fiber midbass driver combines impact and responsiveness in the lows.

B&W CWM664
The B&W CWM664  in-wall speaker displays great linearity from 45Hz to 50kHz. It is just as well suited to hi-fi as it is to home theater.

The British manufacturer KEF also has a good range of in-wall speakers. Among the best KEF in-wall speakers are the KEF Ci100 QS and KEF Ci200 QS with a coaxial Uni-Q driver. Thanks to the crown waveguide, the tweeter ensures optimal high-frequency dispersion. Its perfect phasing with the midbass driver guarantees a very uniform musical reproduction. These speakers are also resistant to corrosion. They can therefore be used in a bathroom, near a swimming pool, by the sea and even on a boat.

KEF Ci200 QS
The KEF Ci200 QS architectural speaker has a wide range of applications while delivering first-class music reproduction with Uni-Q technology.

Hailing from northern Europe, Danish manufacturer DALI impresses with its Dali Phantom architectural speaker range. Most models feature a wood fiber cone midbass driver. Recognizable by its dark red color, it is characterized by powerful and well-structured bass. Opening the range, the Dali Phantom H-60 R and Dali Phantom H-80 R speakers are great value for money.

Dali Phantom H-80 R
Whether you leave it visible or hide it with its white grille, the Dali Phantom H-80 R speaker adapts to all interiors. Its minimalist design helps it to blend into the decor.

Stereo and Bluetooth architectural speakers

Stereo architectural speakers

Equipped with two side-firing tweeters, stereo architectural speakers are ideal when space is at a premium. They can be installed in the ceiling in small spaces that don’t allow for multiple speakers. A single speaker can deliver stereo music to a small space. Most manufacturers offer at least one in-ceiling stereo speaker in their catalog.

Elipson IC6ST
With the Elipson IC6ST, the French manufacturer offers a model capable of delivering stereo music from a single source.

Among the most powerful models are the Elipson IC6ST, the only stereo model offered by the French manufacturer. At Cabasse, the stereo architectural model is called Cabasse Archipel 17 ICPS. It features a dual-coil midbass driver and two tweeters.

Cabasse Archipel 17 ICPS
The Cabasse Archipel 17 ICPS architectural speaker is a stereo model with a double tweeter, a good solution when space is lacking.

British brand KEF has the KEF CI160 CR DS stereo speaker, whose coaxial driver is equipped with two tweeters. They benefit from a Tangerine waveguide that reduces resonance and optimizes the distribution of high frequencies. They are positioned in front of a 6” woofer. This KEF stereo architectural speaker is resistant to humidity, so it can be installed in a bathroom or indoor pool.

The KEF CI160 CR DS stereo architectural speaker offers state-of-the-art musical performance thanks to its advanced design.

Out of the three stereo architectural speakers produced by Klipsch, the Klipsch DS-160CSM Sky Hook offers the best value for money. It is equipped with a 6.5” polypropylene driver that guarantees a precise and clear sound in the lows and mids. The two silk dome tweeters offer a soft high frequency reproduction. They produce a harmonious and balanced sound.

Klipsch DS-160CSM Sky Hook
Covering a wide diffusion area of 160°, this Klipsch DS-160CSM Sky Hook speaker produces a full, precise and generous sound.

At DALI, the only stereo model is called DALI Phantom E-60 S. Its output power of 2 x 80 watts and sensitivity of 90 dB allow it to be paired with many stereo hi-fi amplifiers. It is perfect in rooms measuring up to approximately 20m².

DALI Phantom E-60 S
The DALI Phantom E-60 S stereo speaker is ideal for listening to music in an office or small atelier.

Bluetooth and WiFi

Recently introduced to the market, Bluetooth and WiFi architectural speakers have a major advantage. With their built-in amplifier and Bluetooth/WiFi receiver, they only need a power supply to operate! There’s no need for additional amplifiers or to run speaker cables through the ceiling. These all-in-one speakers easily stream music from a smartphone, wirelessly and discreetly.

A pioneer in this field, the manufacturer Lithe Audio offers the Lithe Audio IP44 Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker. Waterproof and dustproof with 50 watts of amplification, it can be used to provide impressive sound in a living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker
The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker is designed to deliver music from Bluetooth compatible sources (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Architectural speakers for home theater

In a living room equipped with a home theater installation or a private theater, architectural speakers arguably offer the best solution in terms of integration. Aesthetics and space saving are their main assets, and they disappear for a fully immersive experience. 

Manufacturers of traditional home theater speakers have understood this and offer a wide range of dedicated architectural speakers. Some models can be used as both center speakers and front speakers to deliver the three front channels. These models are called LCR (Left, Center and Right).

The best LCR architectural speakers

The Elipson Infinite range provides a comprehensive solution for home theater speaker integration. The Elipson Infinite 8 and Elipson Infinite 14 speakers, as well as the Elipson Infinite S12 subwoofer, can be installed in a partition and behind an acoustically transparent projection screen for impeccable integration.

Elipson Infinite
The speakers in the Elipson Infinite range are designed specifically for integration in a home theater. They can be wall-mounted or integrated.
Elipson Infinite
Once the acoustically transparent projection screen is rolled down, the Elipson Infinite front speakers are completely hidden.

Ideally, these Elipson home theater speakers can be used with the Elipson Infinite INF6 and Elipson Infinite INF8 ceiling speakers to reproduce Atmos or surround sound effects thanks to the directional tweeter. These cinema speakers deliver a very high sound level whilst being hidden in the walls, ceiling or behind the projection screen.

Elipson Infinite speakers

The Focal 100 IW LCR5 architectural speaker is an affordable and effective solution for a dedicated home theater. This 2-way speaker has two 5” Polyglass drivers and an aluminum inverted dome directional tweeter.

Focal 100 IW LCR5
Positioned horizontally or vertically, the Focal 100 IW LCR5 architectural speakers can be used as a center or front speaker.

More expensive but also more powerful and precise, the Focal 300 IW LCR6 architectural speaker boasts an EISA award. This 3-way speaker is equipped with Flax drivers and has inherited the technologies used by the Focal Aria speakers.

Focal 300 IW LCR6
Lauded by international trade press (EISA), the Focal 300 IW LCR6 is perfect for a superior home theater installation.

Also from Focal, the Focal 100 IC LCR5 LCR speaker is one of a kind as it is installed in the ceiling. This unique speaker can even reproduce the left, center and right front channels, as well as the left, center and right rear channels of a 5.1 system. Exclusive Polyglass cones and an aluminum inverted dome tweeter are used in this innovative speaker design.

Focal 100 IC LCR5
The unique design of the Focal 100 IC LCR5 in-ceiling speaker can be used for both front and rear channels.

At Klipsch, the Klipsch DS-250W-LCR Sky Hook architectural speaker is the most affordable LCR model in the range, but is far from being the least interesting. Characterized by pleasant breadth and well-controlled energy, it delivers a detailed and precise sound.

enceinte encastrable Klipsch DS-250W-LCR Sky Hook
The Klipsch DS-250W-LCR Sky Hook features two 5” Polypropylene cone drivers that deliver a precise and clear sound in the upper bass and mids. The silk dome tweeter provides smooth and detailed highs.

Danish brand DALI’s catalog includes the high-end Dali Phantom M-250 in-wall speaker. It benefits from the company’s best technologies to deliver a rich sound.

Dali Phantom M-250
The Dali Phantom M-250 architectural speaker is equipped with two front-firing bass-reflex ports that extend the bass response.

THX certified architectural speakers

THX certified in-wall and in-ceiling speakers meet strict specifications to provide a performance worthy of real movie theaters. They guarantee optimal sound and immersion, faithfully reproducing the director’s intentions, both for action scenes and dialogue. In this category, two manufacturers stand out: KEF and Klipsch.

THX selection

British manufacturer KEF’s KEF CI4100RL-THX in-wall speaker is highly recommended for dedicated home theater rooms but can also be integrated in a living room. This three-way LCR model has four drivers including a Uni-Q coaxial driver and three 4” drivers dedicated to low frequencies.

Despite the fact that they are in-wall models, the KEF CI4100RL-THX speakers offer a very linear frequency response and deliver an acoustic image that rivals that of traditional speakers.

To accompany this KEF THX LCR speaker, the KEF Ci200RR-THX speaker is ideal for reproducing Dolby Atmos effects. This in-ceiling speaker equipped with a Uni-Q coaxial driver offers a very consistent sound and is incredibly precise.

Powerful and discreet, the KEF Ci200RR-THX architectural speaker is perfect for a high-end home theater installation.

Klipsch has a wide range of THX certified speakers that offer an exceptional sound experience. The Klipsch THX-502-L and Klipsch THX-504-L speakers are a great example.

Klipsch THX-502-L
The two glass fiber cone drivers and Tractrix horn-loaded titanium tweeter of the Klipsch THX-502-L in-wall speaker promise a powerful and realistic sound.

Equipped with powerfully motorized glass fiber cone midbass drivers and a Tractrix horn tweeter, they plunge you into the heart of the action with a lot of realism.

Klipsch THX-504-L
The Klipsch THX-502-L and Klipsch THX-504-L in-wall home theater speakers are very effective in reproducing movie and video game soundtracks with great realism.
Create a private movie theater

Which architectural speakers are the best?

After looking at the different types of architectural speakers on the market and their possible uses, here is our selection of the best architectural speakers for 2023:

The most compact architectural speakers under €150

  • KEF Ci50R (single unit): 2″ wideband driver, 82 dB, 155 Hz – 20kHz
  • Artsound FL30 (pair): 50W, 3″ wideband driver, 90 dB, 150Hz – 20kHz
  • Earthquake ECS3.0 (pair): 45W, 2″ driver, 150Hz – 20kHz

The best in-ceiling speakers under €150

  • Elipson IC4 (single unit): 80W, 4″ 2-way coaxial driver and 0.75″ tweeter, 84 dB
  • Elipson IC8 (single unit): 125W, 8″ 2-way coaxial driver and 1″ tweeter, 87 dB
  • Yamaha NS-IC600 (pair): 110W, 6.5″ coaxial driver, 90 dB, 65Hz – 28 kHz
  • Klipsch CS-18C Sky Hook (single unit): 40W, 7.9″ coaxial driver and 1″ tweeter

The best in-ceiling speakers from €150 to €250

  • Focal ICW5 (single unit): 100W, 5″ coaxial driver, 65 Hz – 23 kHz, 88 dB
  • KEF Ci130.2 CR (single unit): 80W, 5″ coaxial driver and 0.75″ tweeter, 87 dB
  • Focal ICW6 (single unit): 6.3″ 2-way coaxial driver, 62Hz – 23kHz, 89 dB
  • Elipson Ultra Slim IC8 (single unit): 70W, 3-way, 4 drivers, 88 dB

The best in-ceiling speakers over €250

The best in-wall speakers under €200

  • Elipson IW6 (single unit): 100W, 6.5″ driver and 0.75″ tweeter, 87 dB
  • Elipson IW8 (single unit): 125W, 8.3″ driver and 1″ tweeter, 87 dB
  • Elipson IW14C (single unit): 100W, 2x 6.5″ coaxial drivers and 0.75″ tweeter, 87 dB
  • KEF Ci100 QS (single unit): 50W, 4″ driver and 0.75″ tweeter, 88 dB

The best in-wall speakers from €200 to €400

The best in-wall speakers over €400

  • KEF Ci200 QS (single unit): 150W, 7.9″ coaxial driver and 1″ tweeter, 90 dB
  • Dali Phantom H-80 R (single unit): 200W, 8″ coaxial driver and 1.1″ tweeter, 90 dB
  • Focal 300 IW6 (single unit): 6.5″ driver and 1″ tweeter, 55Hz – 28kHz, 90 dB

The best stereo architectural speakers from €120 to €300

The best Bluetooth architectural speaker

The best LCR architectural speakers from €299 to €899

The best THX architectural speakers from €500 to €1,149

Want to go further with an outdoor speaker for your terrace? Need a solution for listening to music throughout the house with connected speakers? Want to set up a hi-fi installation with compact or floorstanding speakers? Take a look at our comparisons of the best speakers for every need:

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