Panasonic LZ1500 and LZ2000: the most impressive OLED TVs!


Panasonic is known for the quality of its 4K UHD TVs, especially its OLED TVs. Every year, the international press praises the cinematographic picture offered by Panasonic OLED TVs. Like the award-winning Panasonic TX-65JZ1500E and Panasonic TX-65JZ2000E, the Panasonic LZ1500 and Panasonic LZ2000 OLED TV lines should follow suit. Here is a quick peak at these new models…

Panasonic LZ2000
The flagship of the Panasonic 2022 4K UHD TV catalog, thePanasonic LZ2000 OLED TV range offers stunning image quality with highly immersive surround sound.

Panasonic 2022 OLED TV: a true cinema image

The Panasonic LZ1500 and Panasonic LZ2000 TVs adopt the same next-gen Master OLED Pro UHD 4K panel. Professional colorists from the best post-production studios in Hollywood did the calibration.

Panasonic LZ1500
Panasonic 2022 OLED TVs offer superb image quality, respecting the vision of filmmakers (here a TV from the Panasonic LZ1500 range).

These Panasonic OLED TVs are thus optimized to offer realistic colors and perfectly respect the vision of the directors. They offer the True Cinema image mode and, above all, the Filmmaker mode. The latter has been endorsed by the greatest filmmakers and film professionals.

How to enjoy the Filmmaker Mode

The Panasonic LZ1500 and Panasonic LZ2000 TVs are ideal for enjoying HDR10+ and Dolby Vision content. They also offer HDR10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ compatibility. These two processes adapt the HDR picture according to the ambient light to ensure that the image quality is always optimal.

Panasonic LZ1500 and LZ2000: Dolby Vision IQ
Thanks to the Dolby Vision IQ technology of the Panasonic LZ1500 andPanasonic LZ2000you can be sure to get the most out of HDR content, no matter how bright the surroundings.

The Panasonic LZ2000 range differs however from the Panasonic LZ1500 range by its Luminance Booster technology. This ensures superior peak brightness. On screen, this translates into even more nuanced and detailed images in the highlights.

Everything there is to know about HDR and Dolby Vision

Panasonic LZ1500 and LZ2000: optimized for gaming

These OLED TVs Panasonic LZ1500 and Panasonic LZ2000 feature two 4K 120Hz compatible HDMI 2.1 connectors. These latest generation HDMI ports support ALLM, VRR and AMD FreeSync Premium technologies. Guaranteed responsiveness and smoothness with PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles and gaming PCs.

How to fully enjoy your video games

Panasonic LZ1500 and LZ2000: Dolby Atmos immersive sound

The Panasonic LZ1500 and Panasonic LZ2000 ranges are both Dolby Atmos compatible. Their respective audio sections, however, have notable differences. The Panasonic LZ1500 range is equipped with a 2.1 audio section of 50 watts. It reproduces virtual Dolby Atmos thanks to the Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro technology.

Panasonic LZ1500 and LZ2000: Dolby Atmos sound
The Panasonic LZ2000 OLED TV range has a Technics audio system offering true 360° spatialization. Immersive sound guaranteed!

For its part, the Panasonic LZ2000 range is equipped with a Technics soundbar integrated under the screen. The latter is accompanied by two drivers placed on either side for surround effects. Two others directed towards the ceiling diffuse the vertical sound effects. The system has 150 watts of amplification and produces an extremely immersive spatialized sound.

Dolby Atmos: home theater sound in 3D

Panasonic LZ1500 and LZ2000: DTT, USB multimedia and streaming

The Panasonic LZ1500 and Panasonic LZ2000 OLED TVs have HD TV, cable and satellite tuners with a USB recording function. They also play movies, music and photos stored on a USB stick or external hard drive. Connected to the Internet, they provide access to major streaming services such as Disney+, Apple TV+, YouTube, Molotov, Prime Video and Netflix.

How to choose the right music and VOD streaming service

The Panasonic LZ1500 and Panasonic LZ2000 OLED TV ranges are well on their way to becoming real references. Displaying images consistent with the video masters calibrated in Hollywood studios, they take full advantage of the capabilities of OLED technology. Very bright and HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ compatible, they offer viewers images with deep, detailed blacks and rich, natural colors. Panasonic has also perfectly understood the expectations of gamers, as these televisions are suitable for 4K 120Hz video games. Whether it’s with the latest consoles or a gaming PC. Panasonic has definitely not finished delighting us!

Panasonic LZ1500 OLED TV range
Panasonic LZ2000 OLED TV range

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