Tangent PowerAmpster II and Preamp II: miniature amplifiers and preamps


Following the success of the ultra-compact Tangent Ampster BT II, the Danish manufacturer is using this minimalist format for two new hi-fi devices: the Tangent PowerAmpster II and the Tangent PreAmp II. Affordable and discreet, these two new electronics are ideal for creating a hi-fi system composed of separate elements and capable of combining power, musicality and compactness.

Danish minimalism

A leading specialist in competitively priced hi-fi and home theater speakers, the Danish manufacturer is also known to the general public for its range of ultra-compact hi-fi electronics. Inaugurated with the Tangent Ampster BT, now in its MKII version (Tangent Ampster BT II), this range consists of devices with a minimalist format, measuring only 19cm deep and wide, and less than 10cm high. The Tangent CD II CD player and the Tangent Tuner II FM/ DAB/DAB+ tuner are also extremely compact. The equipment can therefore be easily tucked away in a piece of furniture, on a shelf or on a desk. The manufacturer is now extending this capability to the new Tangent PowerAmpster II and Tangent PreAmp II.

Very visually discreet thanks to its compact size and minimalist design, the Tangent Ampster BT II is ideal for powering a pair of bookshelf speakers in an office or bedroom.

Tangent PreAmp II: analog and digital inputs

The Tangent PreAmp II is designed to centralize all your sources. Its analog section consists of an RCA input and a mini-jack auxiliary input to connect a CD player or a DAP, for example. The RCA input can be switched to line level and phono, allowing you to connect a turntable. The digital section of the Tangent PreAmp II provides an optical input for connecting a network player or a television, for example. Its Cirrus Logic DAC then ensures playback of music up to 24-bit/192kHz.

The Tangent PreAmp II features both analog and digital inputs for easy connection to a variety of sources.

To achieve accurate and natural signal processing, the Tangent PreAmp II uses high-quality components arranged in the shortest path. It has a low noise power supply associated with a double J-Fet transistor to increase the gain while preserving all the musical information.

Thanks to its low-noise power supply and J-Fet transistors, the preamp accurately processes musical signals.

Tangent PowerAmpster II: up to 200 watts

With its RCA and XLR output, the Tangent PreAmp II connects easily to the Tangent PowerAmpster II. The latter is then able to automatically come out of standby mode when it detects a signal on its inputs. It is then responsible for amplifying the signal to bring the power to 2 x 100 watts into 4 ohms or 1 x 200 watts into 8 ohms in mono bridge mode. This ensures a perfect power supply for any pair of bookshelf or floorstanding speakers in a hi-fi or home theater installation. The Tangent PowerAmpster II can also be used to power a passive subwoofer or a 4D shaker.

The Tangent PowerAmpster II can deliver up to 2 x 100 watts or 1 x 200 watts. It comes out of standby mode automatically when it receives a signal on its RCA or XLR input.

To deliver this power with control and musicality, the Tangent PowerAmpster II uses a very generous power supply to ensure that it responds instantly to the dynamic differences in music. Its power supply is combined with Digital Audio Mosfet transistors to digitally amplify the sound, ensuring an even greater impulse response.

Digital amplification ensures that the Tangent PowerAmpster II has a dynamic reproduction and an excellent impulse response.

Tangent PreAmp II and PowerAmpster II: Small size, small price

With the Tangent PowerAmpster II power amp and the Tangent PreAmp II preamp, the Danish manufacturer offers one of the most compact and affordable separate-element hi-fi systems on the market, with a price tag of €449 for the package. The Tangent PowerAmpster II and Tangent PreAmp II are also available separately for €269 and €199 respectively.

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