A look back at the Son-Vidéo James Bond event


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the most famous secret service agent, the Son-Vidéo.com store in East Paris teamed up with Bowers & Wilkins to celebrate Agent 007 for an entire evening. An exceptional event that allowed guests to rediscover the saga on the best current TVs and home theater systems, but also to listen to the soundtracks of the movies on the legendary B&W speakers and to try to win numerous prizes, including the latest B&W Px8 007 Edition headphones.

James Bond Event: Aston Martin DB9

The James Bond event organized on October 26th started at the parking lot of the Son-Vidéo.com store where a beautiful Aston Martin DB9 was on display. A prestigious vehicle whose sport version allowed 007 to defeat his enemies once again in the movie Casino Royal.

For your eyes only, a sumptuous Aston Martin DB9 was displayed in front of the Son-Vidéo.com store.

James Bond Event: a casino royal

As you only live twice, the James Bond event was the perfect time to have a Vodka Martini at the bar and to place bets at the casino. Free tokens distributed at the entrance of the store by an MI6 agent allowed guests to try their luck at roulette to win the vinyl box set including 25 James Bond movie soundtracks, the B&W Px8 007 Edition headphones and many other prizes.

Like in Casino Royal, it was possible to play games to try to win numerous prizes.

James Bond event: exceptional listening sessions

In the auditoriums of the Son-Vidéo.com store, it was possible to listen to the original soundtracks of the 25 James Bond films. The Platinum auditorium featured these compositions on the B&W 702 S3 floorstanding speakers and the B&W 705 S3 bookshelf speakers from the new B&W 700 Series S3. They were associated with the Rotel Michi P5 preamplifier and the Rotel Michi S5 power amp.

The original soundtracks of the saga were heard on the new B&W 700 Series S3 speakers.

Diamonds are forever, as highlighted by the prestigious Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond speaker line, on display in the store’s third auditorium. The impressive B&W 801 D4, B&W 802 D4 and B&W 805 D4 were paired with prestigious McIntosh electronics, including the McIntosh C2700 preamp coupled with two McIntosh MC611 mono blocks.

Diamonds are forever with the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond speakers, which captivated the many visitors.

James Bond event: the saga on the big screen

License to kill in the three theaters of the store where the films of the saga were shown on the big screen. The famous agent’s exploits were projected with the best 4K HDR projectors, so that guests never, ever missed any action on the screen. The soundtracks were unleashed on the various Elipson, Klipsch, Dali and Focal Dolby Atmos systems. Visitors could also enjoy the charm of the spy in his Majesty’s secret service on the best OLED TVs and QLED TVs.

Visitors could also enjoy the charm of the spy in his Majesty’s secret service on the best OLED TVs and QLED TVs.

Did you miss this exceptional James Bond event? After all, you only live twice! We invite you to come to one of our 16 stores to relive those special 007 hi-fi listening and home theater sessions.

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