LG OLED TV 2023: official presentation of the new ranges


We were lucky enough to attend the official presentation of the new LG 2023 OLED TV range at LG France’s headquarters. The opportunity to discover the LG OLED B3, LG OLED evo C3 and LG OLED evo G3 (with MLA technology) televisions. Read on to discover the main features of these different models and what we thought of them.

LG OLED 2023: new LG OLED TV ranges
LG is simplifying its 2023 LG OLED TV lineup with only three ranges in the catalog: the LG OLED B3 line (LG OLED55B3 on the left), the LG OLED C3 line (LG OLED55C3 and LG OLED65C3 in the center) and the LG OLED G3 line (LG OLED65G3 on the right).

As the market leader in OLED TVs, LG is facing increasing competition. Especially since Samsung and Sony have begun to offer TVs with QD-OLED technology. Consequently, the new 2023 LG OLED TVs must be even more efficient. They have to face the challenge of HDR brightness presented by these new competitors.

All LG 2023 OLED TVs share the following features:

  • Image and sound: HDR10, Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X compatibility
  • Gaming: HDMI 2.1 ports / VRR (G-Sync/ FreeSync) / Response time: 1 ms / Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz
  • Smart TV: webOS 23 / Magic Remote / Artificial intelligence (LG ThinQ, Alexa) / Matter home automation protocol compatibility

Note that the HDMI 2.1 ports of 2023 LG OLED TVs are all QMS (Quick Media Switching VRR) compatible. This feature prevents a momentary black screen when switching from one HDMI source to another. However, it only works with HDMI 2.1 QMS VRR certified sources.

You’ll also notice the return of support for DTS and DTS:X, in addition to Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos compatibility. Fans of this high quality audio format will be delighted.

LG OLED B3: entry ticket to the world of LG OLED

The LG OLED B3 range is now the entry ticket to the world of LG OLED TVs. It is available in three screen sizes (55″/139cm, 65″/164cm and 77″/195cm):

  • LG OLED55B3 (55″/139cm): €1,999
  • LG OLED65B3 (65″/164cm): €2,699
  • LG OLED77B3 (77″/195cm): € 3,999

The Korean manufacturer has simplified its offer by proposing only three tiers (while waiting for the LG OLED M3…).
Availability: spring 2023.

LG OLED B3 (2023)
The LG OLED B3 TV range comes in three sizes: 139cm, 164cm and 195cm.

Main advantages

  • LG OLED technology / α7AI 4K Gen6 processor
  • Sound: 20W, stereo drivers
  • Gaming: 2 x HDMI 2.1 ports with QMS

LG OLED evo C3

Intended to replace the Korean manufacturer’s flagship range, the very popular LG OLED C2 series (2022), the LG OLED evo C3 line is available in six screen sizes (42″, 48″, 55″, 65″, 77″, 83″):

  • LG OLED42C3 (42″/106cm): €1,599
  • LG OLED48C3 (48″/120cm): €1,699
  • LG OLED55C3 (55″/139cm): €2,099
  • LG OLED65C3 (65″/164cm): €2,899
  • LG OLED77C3 (77″/195cm): €4,199
  • LG OLED83C3 (83″/210cm): € 6,499

Availability: April-May 2023.

It differs from the B3 range by the integration of LG “evo” technologies, including the Brightness Booster, designed to boost image quality. In addition, it incorporates the α9 AI 4K Gen6 processor and the number of HDMI 2.1 ports is increased to four.

LG OLED C3 (2023)
The LG OLED evo C3 series features Brightness Booster technology to deliver greater brightness and optimize contrast on 4K HDR images.

All HDMI ports on LG OLED C3 TVs are Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz, G-Sync and FreeSync compatible, and now support QMS (Quick Media Switching VRR). The LG OLED C3 range is therefore an ideal choice for playing video games in the best conditions.

LG OLED C3 (2023): gaming
HDMI 2.1 with QMS, 1 ms response time, Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz, G-Sync and FreeSync: the LG OLED C3 series should quickly become popular with gamers.

Finally, the LG OLED C3 range adopts the WOW Orchestra technology that synchronizes the sounds of the TV’s drivers with those of compatible LG soundbars, including the LG SC9S (2023). The latter will also include a dedicated stand to raise the TV screen (55″, 65″ and 77″). This stand can also be used to mount the TV and soundbar on the wall!

LG OLED C3 (2023) and LG SC9S soundbar (2023)
The LG SC9S soundbar is designed to perfectly match the 55″, 65″ and 77″ TVs in the LG OLED C3 range. It comes with a stand to raise the screen. It also allows the TV and the soundbar to be mounted on the wall together.
LG OLED C3 (2023) and LG SC9S soundbar (2023) wall mount
With its LG SC9S soundbar, the Korean manufacturer offers a dedicated stand to accommodate the TV and the bar and wall-mount them for seamless integration (for 55″, 65″ and 77″ screens).

Main advantages

  • LG OLED evo technology / α9 AI 4K Gen6 Processor / Brightness Booster
  • Gaming: 4 x HDMI 2.1 ports with QMS
  • Smart TV: Hands Free Voice Control
  • Design: Thin frame (6mm) / Composite fiber / Ultra light
  • Audio: 40W, 2.2 channel system / WOW Orchestra / Optimized design with the SC9S


Replacing the LG OLED G2 TV range (2022), the LG OLED G3 series is the most powerful in the 2023 LG OLED TV catalog. Still designed to be wall mounted (support provided), it has an ultra-thin design to blend in with the decor. The LG OLED G3 series comes in four sizes:

  • LG OLED55G3 (55″/139cm): €2,599
  • LG OLED65G3 (65″/164cm): €3,599
  • LG OLED77G3 (77″/195cm): € 4,999
  • LG OLED83G3 (83″/210cm): € 7,499

Availability: mid-April 2023.

Note that the LG OLED97G2 (97″/245cm) remains in the nmanufacturer’s 2023 catalog (€24,990).

LG OLED G3 (2023)
The LG OLED G3 series features an OLED panel with micro-lenses (MLA) and Brightness Booster Max technology to deliver very bright, high contrast images with intense colors.

In addition to its specific design, this LG OLED G3 range is distinguished by the adoption of a new OLED panel boosted with MLA (micro lenses intended to increase brightness), except for the 83″ model. In combination with the Brightness Booster Max technology, it provides a 70% increase in brightness compared to a standard OLED panel. The difference in brightness is also striking compared to the C3 range, as we could see during this presentation. Placed right next to an LG OLED65C3, the LG OLED65G3 was much more at ease with brightness peaks. It was also clearly superior when it came to the vitality and subtlety of the various hues displayed.

LG OLED C3 and LG OLED G3 (2023)
Compared to the LG OLED65C3 (left), with the same image and settings, the LG OLED65G3 (right) offers higher brightness peaks and more nuances, in both dark and bright areas.
The LG OLED65G3 panel (right) handles highlights and shades more efficiently and offers an even purer white than the LG OLED65C3 panel (left).

Another asset of this LG OLED G3 range, its new anti-reflection filter is much more efficient than the previous range, without affecting the brightness or colors. In addition, MLA technology increases viewing angles: colors remain vivid and brightness hardly decreases, regardless of where the viewer is seatedin relation to the screen. Again, the difference with the LG OLED C3 range is obvious.

LG OLED C3 vs LG OLED G3 (2023): viewing angles
Although the viewing angle is more pronounced with the LG OLED65G3 (right) than with the LG OLED65C3 (left), the LG OLED G3 offers better brightness and more intense colors.

Main advantages

  • LG OLED evo technology / α9 AI 4K Gen6 processor / Brightness Booster Max (up to 70% brighter than standard OLED) / New anti-reflective filter / Wider viewing angles
  • Design: One Wall Design / Sold with wall mount
  • Gaming: 4 x HDMI 2.1 ports with QMS
  • Smart TV: Hands Free Voice Control
  • Audio: 60W, 4.2 channel system

What about the LG OLED M3?

It was one of the most exciting announcements LG made at CES 2023: the upcoming arrival of a new lineup dubbed LG OLED M3. Its specificity: an ultra-thin wall-mounted design and a remote box containing all the electronics and connectors, connected wirelessly to the screen!

Unfortunately, LG France had not yet received a demo model during our visit. We will probably have to wait a few more months before we can discover this little gem.

A look at webOS 23

During the presentation of the new LG 2023 OLED TV range, we received more information about the webOS 23 interface with its new “tiles” layout. Among the interesting new features, it is possible to group your applications and services by themes, accessible by clicking on a dedicated tile.

webOS 23
LG has redesigned the webOS 23 interface to be more intuitive and flexible. It allows you to classify applications according to different activities (working from home, sports, games, home dashboard…) to find them more easily.

The menu for accessing the TV’s settings has also been simplified and allows you to see at a glance the selected modes (image, sound), brightness, active audio output…

webOS 23
The TV settings menu is much more intuitive in webOS 23 and allows you to see all settings at a glance.

A custom image mode has also been introduced. It is based on the user’s tastes to refine the image settings. The custom image assistant invites us to choose our favorite image among several series. In doing so, it detects our preferences in terms of color temperature, hues, but also brightness and contrast. It can then propose a personalized setting that can be saved.

custom image assistant slideshow

Multi-screen management is also much more flexible and intuitive. In a few clicks, you can display a program in full screen and a sports match in a thumbnail overlay, for example.

Finally, the LG SmartThings interface, combined with Matter compatibility, allows you to control all your connected devices directly from the TV. You can turn your Philips Hue light bulbs on and off and change the color with the remote control, directly from this menu.

The home dashboard allows you to control all the connected objects in the home that are compatible with the Matter protocol, such as Philips HUE connected lighting.

LG OLED 2023: summary table

Brightness Booster
LG OLED evo with MLA
Brightness Booster Max
New anti-reflection filter
Wider viewing angles
Processorα7 AI 4K Gen6α9 AI 4K Gen6α9 AI 4K Gen6
ImageHDR10, Dolby Vision IQHDR10, Dolby Vision IQHDR10, Dolby Vision IQ
SoundDolby Atmos, DTS:XDolby Atmos, DTS:XDolby Atmos, DTS:X
Gaming2x HDMI 2.1
1 ms response time
Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz
4x HDMI 2.1
1 ms response time
Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz
4x HDMI 2.1
1 ms response time
Dolby Vision 4K 120Hz
Smart TVwebOS 23
Magic Remote
Artificial intelligence (LG ThinQ, Alexa)
Matter Compatibility
webOS 23
Magic Remote
Artificial intelligence (LG ThinQ, Alexa)
Hands Free Voice Control
Matter Compatibility
webOS 23
Magic Remote
Artificial intelligence (LG ThinQ, Alexa)
Hands Free Voice Control
Matter Compatibility
DesignBlade TV standBlade TV stand
Slim bezel (6mm)
Composite fiber
Ultra light
Optimized design with LG SC9S soundbar
One Wall Design
Sold with wall mount
Audio20W, 2 channels40W, 2.2 channels
WOW Orchestra
60W, 4.2 channels
WOW Orchestra

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