Backbone One: portable controllers for your remote games!


With summer in full swing, Backbone has released the Backbone One game controllers, four portable models to enjoy your remote video games in the best possible conditions. To meet everyone’s needs, the controllers have all the features necessary for PlayStation, Xbox and PC games, as well as iOS and Android!

Backbone One video game controllers
Backbone One game controllers let you play your favorite games wherever you want, at your friends’ homes or on vacation.

Backbone’s aim is simple: to turn a long car, plane or train journey into the perfect opportunity to enjoy your remote video games. The manufacturer’s controllers turn your smartphone into a portable console!

Backbone+ app

The strength of Backbone One portable controllers lies in their app. It features both the PlayStation and Xbox console ecosystems thanks to Remote Play, as well as the Steam Link for Steam games. In addition, gamers will always be able to resume a game started at home on console or PC while on the move, thanks to the Backbone+ application. A small revolution that opens up new horizons for iOS and Android gamers alike.

Backbone One controllers are compatible with PlayStation, Xbox and Steam thanks to the Backbone+ app
The Backbone+ app integrates the PS Remote Play, Xbox Remote Play and Steam Link ecosystems, so you can remotely control your console and resume a game in progress, even thousands of kilometers from home.

Backbone One controllers: easy to use

Backbone One controllers are easy to use. Just slide your smartphone into the center of the controller and you’ve got a portable video game console. Via the app, games from the App Store or Play Store are instantly available, as well as titles from the Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce NOW cloud gaming services. At any time of day, gamers who want to restart a game can enjoy optimal playing conditions!

Simple to use, Backbone One game controllers are portable.
Backbone One controllers are very easy to use: just slide the smartphone into the center and open the Backbone+ app to access a multitude of video games!

Marketed at €119.99, Backbone One controllers are now available on special offer at €99.99 on Son-Vidé The perfect opportunity to progress in your favorite video games while on vacation!

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