Cayin Jazz 80: the future of tube amplification


Tube electronics specialist Cayin unveils its latest creation: the Cayin Jazz 80 amplifier. Equipped with KT88 (Cayin Jazz 80 KT88) or EL (Cayin Jazz 80 EL34) tubes, this new Cayin amp, available from €1,890, promises to bring warmth and naturalness to music. It can be easily combined with a wide range of sources and receive music wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth controller, which supports aptX HD, LDAC and aptX Low Latency. The front panel of its elegant chassis is adorned with two VU meters.

Cayin Jazz 80: KT88 or EL34 tubes

The amplification stage of the Cayin Jazz 80 adopts a configuration quite similar to that which made the multi award-winning Cayin CS-55A KT88 famous. It incorporates eight high-quality tubes, including two 12AX7 tubes for the pre-amplification stage and two 12AU7 tubes to control the power tubes. Depending on the model chosen, these are either KT88 (Cayin Jazz 80 KT88) or EL (Cayin Jazz 80 EL34) tubes.

The Cayin Jazz 80 uses KT88 or EL34 power tubes for a warm, natural reproduction and harmonic richness.

Like many of the brand’s models, the Cayin Jazz 80 can operate in two different modes: triode or ultra-linear. In triode mode, the Cayin Jazz 80 amplifier favors warmth, texture and openness above all else. The Cayin Jazz 80 KT88 delivers 2 x 20 watts into 8 ohms, while the EL34 version delivers 2 x 18 watts. In ultra-linear mode, the Cayin Jazz 80 gains in dynamism, bass extension and, above all, power. It rises to 2 x 40W for the KT88 version and 2 x 36W for the Cayin Jazz 80 EL34.

The Cayin Jazz 80 KT88 amplifier can deliver up to 2 x 40 watts into 8 ohms to power any pair of bookshelf or floorstanding speakers.

Cayin Jazz 80: Bluetooth HD

Like the Cayin MT-35MK2, the new Cayin Jazz 80 amp features a Bluetooth 5.0 controller. This makes it easy to listen to music streamed wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Thanks to the aptX, aptX HD and LDAC codecs, you can enjoy high-quality sound. The aptX Low Latency codec is also included to reduce latency and avoid any lag between the sound and the image. Finally, the Cayin Jazz 80 adopts an ES9018K2M DAC at the output of the Bluetooth module for precise conversion of digital signals before tackling the pre-amplification stage.

Thanks to its aptX HD and LDAC-compatible Bluetooth receiver, the Cayin Jazz 80 amp ensures high-quality wireless sound.

Cayin Jazz 80: RCA input and headphone output

In addition to wireless music playback, the Cayin Jazz 80 tube amplifier can be used with a network player, CD player or DAC, thanks to its three RCA inputs. Regarding outputs, in addition to the speaker terminals, the Cayin Jazz 80 has a headphone output so you can enjoy the richness of the tubes through your headphones or in-ear monitors.

With its three RCA inputs, the Cayin Jazz 80 amplifier can easily be combined with a CD player, network player or pre-amplified turntable, for example.

Cayin Jazz 80: price and availability

The new Cayin Jazz 80 tube amplifier is now available for pre-order on Son-Vidé at a price of €1,990 for the KT88 version and €1,890 for the Cayin Jazz 80 EL34. First deliveries are scheduled for the first half of October. You can also see the new Cayin Jazz 80 amplifier on October 21 and 22 at the 2023 Paris Audio Video Show.

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