Devialet Gemini II: French elegance and performance


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The French brand has just revealed its second generation of True Wireless earbuds: the Devialet Gemini II. These new in-ears feature the latest transducers, improved connectivity and a revamped design that is more ergonomic and compact, but just as elegant. Starting at €399, do the Gemini II True Wireless earbuds live up to their price tag?

Devialet Gemini II
Devialet has unveiled its new Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earbuds, which have a similar design to the French manufacturer’s iconic Devialet Phantom speakers.

Devialet Gemini II: accessories

The Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earbuds come in an elegant package. Included are four pairs of ear tips (XS/S/M/L, the M tips are already mounted on the earbuds), the charging cable (20cm), a quick start guide and the usual safety instructions.

Devialet Gemini II + accessories
The Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earbuds come with 4 pair of silicone ear tips, a charging cable and all the necessary information to familiarize yourself with them.

Devialet Gemini II: presentation

Design and ergonomics

As always, the French manufacturer has created an elegant design for its Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earbuds. The aesthetic influence of the Devialet Phantom speakers is evident. The circular panel is adorned with the brand’s logo and doubles as a touch-sensitive control interface. The earphones are available in black or white, and have an Opéra de Paris version. The latter, available for an additional €200, is embellished with magnificent 24-carat gold plating.

Devialet Gemini II - 3 colors
As well as black and white finishes, the Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earbuds are available in an Opéra de Paris version that features elegant 24-carat gold plating.

Shape-wise, this second generation is very similar to the Devialet Geminis, but the size of the earbuds has been reduced by 22% for better comfort. The case is also more compact, allowing it to be placed in a pocket or bag. It is still compatible with inductive charging. Both the case and earbuds are certified IPX4 and are therefore resistant to perspiration and water splashes. However, this certification is a far cry from the IP57 standard adopted by the majority of models in this price range. 

In terms of fit, the different sizes of silicone ear tips ensure optimum adjustment to the ear, regardless of its shape. With the right tips in place, Devialet Gemini 2 wireless earbuds stay firmly in place, even during intensive movements.

Devialet Gemini II
The Devialet Gemini II in-ear monitors come with 4 pairs of silicone ear tips. It is essential to choose the right ear tips to enjoy an optimal listening experience with punchy bass, ideal passive isolation and a perfect fit in the ear.

Acoustic design

The Devialet Gemini 2 Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with a 0.4” titanium transducer in each earpiece. They ensure deep lows down to 5Hz, harmonious mids, and clear highs up to 20kHz.

Wireless connectivity

The Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earbuds benefit from Bluetooth 5.2 technology to ensure a fast and steady connection with a smartphone, tablet or computer. This module is compatible with the aptX codec to provide optimal audio quality with compatible smartphones and DAPs.

Devialet Gemini II + laptop
The Devialet Gemini II wireless earphones benefit from the Bluetooth Multipoint feature so that they can be connected to two devices at the same time and seamlessly switch from one to the other.

Among the new features added to these second-gen earbuds is Bluetooth Multipoint, which allows you to connect two devices simultaneously. This function comes in very handy if you want to be alerted of every phone call. What’s more, compatibility with Google Fast Pair simplifies pairing for Android smartphone users, enabling them to configure their earphones in a single gesture, without having to search through the phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Ease of use

Like the first-generation earbuds, the Devialet Gemini 2 feature a touch-sensitive interface that allows them to be controlled with a press on each earpiece. These controls can now be customized in the app. It is therefore possible to select various actions for each gesture, such as changing tracks, and activating the noise cancelling or the Transparent mode. The Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earbuds provide a satisfying and intuitive user experience.

Devialet Gemini II - tactile interface
The circle on the top of the Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earphones, proudly bearing the brand logo, also acts as a control interface.

The app, which is free to download for iOS and Android, offers many more settings, notably with access to the battery levels (case, left and right earbuds), the equalizer and the stereo balance. It is also possible to activate the smart pause mode, which pauses playback when an earbud is removed. Note that you can use just one of the two earpieces if you need to, as long as the second is stored in the case. In this case, access to the app’s settings will be blocked.

Devialet Gemini app
The Devialet Gemini app provides access to many settings, including the ANC and Transparent modes, the equalizer, and the customization of the tactile controls.

ANC and Transparent mode

The Devialet Gemini II earphones stand out with their exclusive active noise cancelling technology, which uses two microphones and specific digital filters to eliminate unwanted background noise efficiently. This technology is further improved by the Internal Delay Compensation feature, which provides effective noise cancelling over a wide frequency range. However, it is important to note that the three levels of ANC have been replaced with a single mode. Moreover, the app and touch-sensitive interface only allow you to activate the ANC or Transparency mode. It is impossible to deactivate these two options, which would have extended battery life. 

The Devialet Gemini 2 True Wireless earbuds also incorporate the innovative AWR (Active Wind Reduction) technology, which combines mechanical and software advances to minimize wind disturbance. The result is an optimal sound experience, even in windy weather.

Devialet Gemini II in a train
The Devialet Gemini II Bluetooth earbuds’ ANC is particularly useful in trains, as it effectively filters out ambient noise, such as the sound of the tracks and the chatter of passengers.

Lastly, the Transparent mode allows you to remain aware of your surroundings, in order to hear announcements in a train station or traffic noise, or to have a brief conversation without having to remove your earphones.

22-hour battery life

Thanks to their charging case, the Devialet Gemini II provide up to 22 hours of autonomy. On a single charge, the Gemini 2 offer up to 5 hours of continuous playback, which is less than rival models. On a positive note, QI-compatible wireless recharging is included.

Devialet Gemini II: key specifications

  • Closed-back, in-ear design
  • 0.4” transducers with a titanium coating
  • Devialet Gemini control app (iOS and Android)
  • IPX4 certification
  • ANC, wind noise reduction, transparent mode
  • Frequency response: 5Hz to 20kHz
  • Bluetooth 5.2 – SBC, AAC and aptX – Multipoint
  • Battery: 22 hours (case), 5 hours (earbuds only)
  • Weight per earbud: 6g / Case weight: 49g

Devialet Gemini II: listening conditions

For our review, we connected the Devialet Gemini II wireless earbuds to an aptX compatible Android smartphone as well as an HP computer. We listened to Hi-Res tracks streamed from Qobuz.

Devialet Gemini II
The Devialet Gemini II Bluetooth earbuds are aptX compatible, ensuring an optimal wireless connection.

When pairing the earbuds for the first time, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Open the case
  • Press and hold the button on the back of the case for three seconds or until the LED flashes white
  • Open the device’s Bluetooth settings and select “Devialet Gemini II”
  • A sound is emitted each time a device is connected

This second generation has improved considerably when it comes to pairing. The two earbuds didn’t disconnect, and the Multipoint function worked perfectly.

Devialet Gemini II: our impressions

The Devialet Gemini II Bluetooth earbuds provide excellent sound quality. With Greentea Peng’s song Hu Man in Bluetooth aptX, the artist’s voice was perfectly highlighted. The bass was punchy, while the cymbals and trumpet were smooth. The stereo effects were perfectly spatialized.

Devialet Gemini II in their box
The Devialet Gemini II wireless earphones provided excellent musicality with punchy bass, well-defined mids and clear highs.

On the track Where the Hood At by DMX, the Devialet Gemini II earbuds delivered dynamic lows, as well as clear, crisp highs. For those who enjoy even deeper bass, the equalizer provides access to several presets, including a very effective “Bass” mode. With the 6 band equalizer, you can also precisely adjust the sound to suit your preferences. As a result, the Devialet Gemini II True Wireless earbuds offered a balanced, powerful and immersive sound reproduction, no matter the musical genre. 

To test the ANC, what better than public transport? In a train with the music at low volume, the ANC got rid of the background noise, but didn’t manage to completely erase surrounding conversations. By turning the volume up, we were immersed in our playlist, without any noise around us. The transparent mode was ideal for listening to announcements or to have a short conversation without taking the earbuds out.

Devialet Gemini II VS Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX

Sold at the same price, both models are comfortable to wear. However, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX stand out with their IP57 certification, making them more resistant to water and dust. The Devialet Gemini 2, however, provide slightly punchier bass, and the accompanying app with its 6 band equalizer allows for more precise sound control.

Devialet Gemini II: who are they for?

The Devialet Gemini II are designed for those looking for earbuds with high-quality sound and a beautiful design. They will also appeal to users who often listen to their playlists and podcasts in noisy environments and who need powerful ANC.

Devialet Gemini II - packaging
The Devialet Gemini II wireless earbuds will appeal to discerning audiophiles, but also to those who love beautiful designs.

Devialet Gemini II: conclusion

The Devialet Gemini II earbuds embody the perfect combination of French elegance and high-end audio performance. This second generation offers a revamped design, more compact and ergonomic, while preserving its aesthetic appeal. They benefit from a host of new features, including state-of-the-art transducers, advanced active noise cancelling, high-performance Bluetooth connectivity, and an app with customizable settings.

We liked

  • The elegant design
  • The powerful bass
  • The detailed reproduction
  • The effective transparent mode
  • The Multipoint pairing

We would have liked

  • Greater autonomy
  • A superior IP rating
  • The ability to adjust the noise cancelling

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