IFA 2023 TCL: giant ultra-bright TVs up to 115″!


IFA 2023 TCL: QD-Mini LED TV
At IFA 2023, TCL was promoting QD-Mini LED technology with extra-large TVs in all the ranges on show.

Now the world’s second-largest TV manufacturer, just behind Samsung, TCL clearly stated its ambitions at IFA 2023, particularly in the mini LED TV market. The Chinese manufacturer is also taking advantage of the current consumer trend of very large screen sizes, offering its new references in XXL formats. All new TCL TVs are also 4K 144Hz and VRR compatible to satisfy the most demanding gamers, especially for the Xbox Series X and PS5.

IFA 2023: TCL X955, 5000-nit mini LED TV

The flagship of the manufacturer’s 2024 catalog, the TCL X955 range exploits a new proprietary Mini LED technology with micro lenses to increase backlight power and better manage light output. (see article TCL X955 Dual-5000 Mini LED: the brightest extra-large TVs!) Brightness peaks reach up to 5000 nits, and backlighting is managed over 5000 zones! Onkyo’s 4.2.2-channel audio section supports Dolby Atmos and DTS HD.

The TCL X955 range features powerful backlighting with a backlighting of up to 5000 nits and managed over 5000 zones to maximize contrast.

Marketed in 85″ and 98″ versions in 2023, the TCL X9 range (TCL X955) will be extended with a 115″ model in 2024 (5000 nits/20,000 zones).

IFA 2023: TCL C9 and TCL C8

At the heart of TCL’s future Mini LED range is the TCL C9 (or TCL C955) series. Maximum brightness reaches 2000 nits with management over 2000 zones. The integrated audio system delivers 2.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos sound. The brand announced two new sizes for 2023 (98″ and 85″), followed by three more models in 2024: 65″, 75″ and 115″.

The Chinese manufacturer also demonstrated its determination to democratize Mini LED technology with its TCL C805 range. On the menu: a QLED Mini LED panel with a maximum brightness of 1300 nits, Dolby Vision/Atmos compatibility and the Google TV interface, integrated into all the manufacturer’s references. The TCL C805 range will be available from 50″ to 98″.

IFA 2023 TCL: XXL mini LED TVs
The TCL C9 and C8 ranges will also be available in extra-large sizes, up to 98″ (2.5m) across.

IFA 2023: TCL and Dolby present Dolby Atmos FlexConnect

Alongside its TVs, TCL demonstrated the new Dolby Atmos Flex Connect technology. Developed jointly by TCL and Dolby, it is designed to simplify the diffusion of immersive 3D sound by wirelessly connecting one or two speakers and a compatible TCL TV.

IFA 2023 TCL: Dolby Atmos FlexConnect
Dolby Atmos FlexConnect technology, currently exclusive to TCL, enables you to wirelessly connect one or two compatible speakers to easily distribute immersive 3D sound throughout your living room, with no restrictions regarding speaker placement.

During IFA 2023, the manufacturer presented a pair of prototype 180-watt wireless Atmos speakers (Tutti Choral Speakers), each with 3 surround drivers and 2 Atmos drivers. The demonstration was very convincing, with true 3D sound immersion, whatever the position of the speakers in relation to the TV and the viewers.

IFA 2023 TCL: Dolby Atmos FlexConnect speaker
On its stand, TCL unveiled an example of what its future Dolby Atmos FlexConnect wireless speaker, due in 2024, could look like.

Determined to catch up with Samsung in the global TV market, TCL is setting its sights high. One example is the new TCL X955 range unveiled at IFA 2023, featuring exclusive high-performance mini LED backlight technology. The manufacturer’s ascent will also involve the democratization of very large TVs and mini LED technology, with entry-level and mid-range models offered at affordable prices.

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