Review: Cabasse Stream 1


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Cabasse Stream 1

This week we would like to take a look at the Cabasse Stream 1 wireless speaker. This model has been designed to listen to dematerialised music streamed from online services such as Spotify or Deezer and features a plethora of network functions. Although it comes with its ovoid remote control, this speaker is meant to be controlled via a smartphone or a tablet due to its control application. This model is clearly adapted to every possible modern use as it features: WiFi, DLNA, Bluetooth apt-X, NFC pairing, type A USB port and line input.



The Cabasse Stream 1 is a 3-way model using a 16 cm diameter downward oriented bass driver placed under the speaker, in a down-firing bass-reflex enclosure with two small ports. On the top of the speaker is a large rounded fabric cover concealing an 8 cm coaxial driver and a 19 mm fabric dome tweeter. The amplification is provided by a class-D power module ? with an external switch-mode power supply ? allowing the speaker to reach a sound level of 98 dB at 1 metre.


The Cabasse Stream 1 speaker can be placed vertically, horizontally or even mounted on a wall thanks to its fixation holes (in which case it is resting on a rubber strapped stand). Right next to it are the speaker’s command keys and its connections. There is a 3.5 mm mini-jack line input, a type-A USB port, an RJ-45 port and 3 buttons: on/off, WiFi WPS coupling and factory settings.



Quick and easy. We downloaded the Cabasse android app, then the Awox app specifically developed for this speaker. The latter is the most enjoyable to use. The app is very reactive and intuitive and the speaker rapidly responds to the different commands. We tested this model in our office using CD quality files via the DLNA protocol in WiFi, as well as 16/44 and 24/88-96 FLAC files stored on a flash drive. As we often do, we listened to an Internet radio station (FIP), which was streamed in MP3 @ 128 kbps.

L'application d'AwoX pour ANdroid, pratique et réactive
The AwoX app for Android is convenient and fast

Listening impressions

The positioning of the Cabasse Stream 1 will influence its sound balance. We understood this pretty quickly after placing it on a glass table, which ended up trimming the low frequency range. When properly placed (on a wooden shelf, for instance) the Stream 1 immediately offers a much more balanced sound. The 8 cm coaxial driver placed at the front delivers a clear and articulated sound and the tweeter even offers a fair amount of softness. The sound benefits from omnidirectional distribution, thus allowing you to enjoy a pleasant tone no matter where you stand in your listening room. Given the amplification power and the drivers’ sensitivity, this speaker should be used in a small living room or a larger room for background music.


Strong points

With its original look and elegant design, the Cabasse Stream 1 stands out from its competitors. The quality coaxial driver used for this speaker offers a clear sound which works well with Internet radio (jazz or classical music for instance). The control app developed by Awox is also well done and grants you easy access to Deezer and Spotify. The various network modes and the presence of an NFC microchip allowing you to pair up the speaker with smartphones and Bluetooth tablets are also very strong features.

Cabasse Stream 1

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