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Mis à jour le 4 November 2021.

Dali Opticon 8
Dali Opticon 8 speakers

This week, we are starting with a new range of Dali speakers, the Opticon series. It is made up of two compact models, the Dali Opticon 1, Dali Opticon 2, a wall mounted speaker, the Dali Opticon LCR, a centre speaker, the Dali Opticon Vokal and three floor-standing models, the Dali Opticon 5, Dali Opticon 6 and Dali Opticon 8. Except for the compact models, all of the Dali Opticon speakers feature a hybrid tweeter. In other words, a combination of two tweeters. One is a classic dome tweeter, the other one is a ribbon tweeter (the latter handles very high frequencies). The Dali Opticon speakers boast the same high end technology as the Epicon range. Each model delivers a very refined sound and benefits from a superb finish.

iBasso DX80
The iBasso DX80 portable player

Two new audiophile portable players with the iBasso DX80 and Hidizs AP100, both offering PCM 24 bits / 192 kHz and DSD decoding. The DAC used is the Cirrus Logic CS4398, also found in the Astell&Kern AK240, for example. iBasso has used two Cirrus Logic CS4398 DACs for its portable player.

Chario Terza
The Chario Terza speakers

More speakers with the arrival of new Chario models at Son-Vidéo.com. These elegant Italian models have the particularity of featuring three rectangular tweeters, two of which are used to deliver sound towards the back of the speaker. The Chario Prima, Chario Seconda and Chario Terza are now avaible on Son-Vidéo.com and their elegant design is not synonymous with excessive price.

Vivitek H1188
The Vivitek H1188 video projector

Three new Vivitek video projectors, the Vivitek DH558, Vivitek H1186 and Vivitek H1188. These are 3D compatible DLP 1080p models. The Vivitek DH558 is an entry level model with a high brightness level of 3000 lumens, well adapted for screening with interior lights on. The Vivitek H1186 and H1188 feature a 6 segment wheel and use Darkchip 3 technology as well as an ISF pro calibration system. Their 2000 lumens brightness make them a better  choice for darker environments. The H1188 model also benefits from Vivid Motion color enhancement technology.

Rel Acoustics T-7i
The Rel Acoustics T-7i subwoofer

Three new subwoofers, all part of REL’s Ti range – the REL Acoustics T-5i, REL Acoustics T-7i and REL Acoustics T-9i. These subwoofers were designed for hi-fi purposes but can also be used in a home-cinema configuration. The T-5i is a closed model with an 8″ driver and a 125 W RMS amp, a very powerful subwoofer despite its small size. The REL Acoustics T-7i is bulkier and is equipped with an 8″ active driver, a 10″ passive driver and a 200 W RMS amp for a frequency response going down to 30 Hz (-6 dB). As regards the REL Acoustics T-9i, its 10″ active driver is paired up with a 10″ passive driver and a 300 W RMS amp. The T-9i offers an even lower frequency response (28 Hz) as well as a much higher level of acoustic pressure. The passive driver allows an important increase of the low range frequencies without making the speaker much bigger. These subwoofers can be used along with the REL Arrow transmitter.

Pioneer SC-LX59
The Pioneer SC-LX59 9.2 home-cinema amplifier is Dolby Atmos Compatible

More home-cinema components with Pioneer?s top of the range, the Pioneer SC-LX59, Pioneer SC-LX79 and Pioneer SC-LX89. The Pioneer SC-LX59 is a 9.2 model with Direct Energy HD amplification featuring Dolby Atmos technology. It can deliver up to 240 Watts per channel (peaks), is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 controller with 4K 60 scaler, two ESS Sabre ES9016S DAC, a Bluetooth and a WiFi controller for internet radio, Spotify or 24 bits / 192 kHz FLAC files playback. The SC-LX79 model is slightly more powerful and benefits from AirStudios calibration technology. The SC-LX89 is even more powerful and features a USB DAC input.

Philips 55PUS8700
The Philips 55PUS8700 4K TV with Android OS

Two new Philips Ultra HD 4K TVs, the  Philips 55PUS8700 and Philips 65PUS8700. The Philips 55PUS8700 is a 139 cm, curved screen, UHD 4K television. It uses Ambilight technology, a high performance 1400 Hz video treatment, is equipped with a wide range of connection possibilities and offers advanced Smart TV functions with an Android interface and a 16 Gb internal memory, which can be extended via USB. The 65PUS8700 is a 165 cm screen which offers the same functions.

Moon by Simaudio enters the Son-Vidéo.com catalog. The American brand specialises in analog and digital audiophile electronics and offers everything music enthusiasts would expect. Phono preamps, USB DACs, headphone amplifiers and even audio network players.

Dunu DN-2000
The Dunu DN-2000 in-ear headphones

Dunu also makes its first appearance in our catalog with many models of in-ear headphones.

Polk Audio Hinge
The Polk Audio Hinge telephone headphones

Another newcomer to Son-Vidéo.com is the Polk Audio brand with its elegant sets of headphones and its multiroom AirPlay and Bluetooth apt-X compact speaker, the Polk Audio Woodbourne.

Ministry of Sound Audio S
The Ministry of Sound Audio S portable speaker

Ministry of Sound also joins our catalog. Ministry of Sound Bluetooth speakers are also WiFi DLNA compatible, such as the Ministry of Sound Audio L Plus.

Reloop RP-8000 Straight
The Reloop RP-8000 Straight turntable

New turntables as well, with Reloop models. No less than 7 models specially designed for DJing, don’t miss them!

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