Interview with Sébastien Bergeret, Consumer Electronics Training Manager for LG


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Sebastien BERGERET

Sébastien Bergeret is Consumer Electronics Training Manager for LG Electronics France, in charge of brown and white products. As OLED screens are becoming increasingly popular, he reveals the secrets of the exceptional image quality offered by this new type of TV.

Can you explain how OLED display technology operates?
An OLED screen is very different from an LCD screen. Whilst an LED screen (LCD with LED backlighting) transmits the light created by backlighting, an OLED screen emits its own light. This is known as self-emissive technology. An OLED screen has a more straightforward structure compared to an LCD screen as no backlighting nor LCD screen is required to operate. An OLED TV is made up of carbon-based organic diodes (Organic Light Emitting Diode), capable of emitting their own light. OLED screens made by LG  use what’s known as WRGB or 4-Color Pixel technology. With this technology, each pixel is made up of 4 white, red, green and blue sub-pixels. When an electric current passes between the cathode and anode, the pixel lights up.

If no electric current is sent to the pixel, it remains switched off, thus allowing perfect black. This technology enables unrivalled quality image display.

The main benefits of this type of technology are the levels of deep black it can display. As there is no backlighting, the OLED attains an infinite contrast ratio. The deep black allows deep, intense and natural colours to be displayed. The image is consistent, regardless of the position of viewers in relation to the screen, due to the fact that there aren’t any liquid crystals. This is beneficial in terms of design as the absence of backlighting and an LCD screen means that slimline screens, measuring up to 4.8 mm in thickness are possible. The design is therefore minimal yet sophisticated.

Is OLED technology the worthy successor to plasma technology?
OLED technology is more similar to plasma than to LCD. It is however superior in terms of quality as black is perfect. It also consumes less energy and enables an ultra slimline design (up to 4.8 mm thick).

Why choose an OLED rather than an LCD TV?
The image quality of an OLED TV is often described as the best available. The exceptional contrast ratio of an OLED TV has a bearing on viewers’ perception of light and colour. It’s the ideal screen for film buffs and image purists as the videos are natural and precise, whether viewed in bright or dark surroundings. If viewers watch in pitch black surroundings, the images seem to float in the air as the blacks on display melt into the dark surroundings.

LG 65EG960V

What are the advantages of a curved screen’
Curved screens improve the overall feeling of immersion. They also  give more depth to the image. OLED is the ideal technology for curved screens with a wide viewing angle. However, not all LG OLED screens are curved. We offer customers the choice of either 55? or 65? flat or curved UHD screens.

The image display size of TVs regularly increases. What are the advantages for users?
The bigger the image, the more immersive the viewing experience. The increase in definition (Full HD to UHD) and the reduction in frame thickness enables viewers to now benefit from wide screens without having to move back. The aim is for viewers to experience the same sensations at home as they would in a cinema.

Is the purchase of a Full HD TV still relevant?
We have a variety of affordable Full HD LED or OLED screens. Once again, we let consumers make their choice. We offer Full HD screens which give viewers an OLED level of image quality at a more accessible price. UHD screens can display native UHD content or upscale HD images to get closer to a UHD level of image quality.

LG 65EG960V

The user interface of your SmartTV televisions is called WebOS. What are its main advantages?
WebOS is LG’s latest generation smart TV interface. It has three main benefits. First of all, it is easy to browse, no matter what you do, a simple click on your remote control’s ?Home? key displays the toolbar and gives access to the content. Furthermore, each TV with a Magic Remote controller understands common terms and responds. It’s user-friendly, straightforward and convenient. An easy-to-use content with a search engine and the best VOD (video on demand) and Replay TV content at the click of a button. In addition, the app ?Today? allows users to access the most recent LG recommended content. It’s also easy to connect ? once connected to your SMART TV, every new device appears on the screen. Users can access external devices using the source selector located at the top right of the main screen.

Does WebOS offer online 4K UHD content?
Connected TVs are currently one of the only options to access UHD quality programs. We currently offer three apps with UHD content ? Netflix, Youtube (via the #4K VIDEOS channel) and Wuaki and are working with many apps which are planning on releasing 4K content via webOs in 2016.

What is LG’s Triple XD Engine used for?
Triple XD Engine is the image processing technology developed by LG. It aims to optimise contrast with Tru Black Control technology as well as clarity using the upscaler and colour accuracy.

Can you tell us about the integrated Harman Kardon audio system in your OLED TVs?
LG has chosen to use the expertise of the major audio brand Harman Kardon for its top-of-the-range products. Sound has been developed in accordance with Harman Kardon’s high standards. This includes several acoustic settings (low distortion, consistent frequency response). The result is optimal sound for an even greater immersive experience.

What advice would you give users when adjusting the image of their OLED TV?
In order to obtain the most natural image, simply reduce the brightness setting of your screen. The standard mode is well adapted to most TV content and cinema mode is ideal for watching films. For further image adjustments, our screens have 2 integrated ?Expert? modes, enabling access to even more accurate and personalised settings.


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