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Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Stax SRM-323X et SR-L500
Stax has updated its selection of dedicated electrostatic headphones and amplifiers and they are available on Son-Vidé

As a quick reminder, electrostatic technology, rather than using a standard dynamic driver (with coil and magnet), uses an electrically charged electrode-fitted conductive membrane which vibrates. What is so significant about this type of technology is the extreme precision of the sound, obtained using a high electric voltage combined with the considerable emissive surface of the electrostatic membrane.

Stax DMA-X1
The Stax DMA-X1 mono amp developed 1 kW and weighed 101 kg

The Japanese brand Stax was established in 1952 at the initiative of Naotake Hayashi. The Stax company was firstly known for its turntable cartridges and styluses before producing its first electrostatic drivers in 1954. This technology really came to the fore at the start of the 80s and was used in speakers. Like Magnepan or Quad, Stax produced electroacoustic panels and even amplifiers like the Stax DMA-X1, a 1000 Watt mono unit…on wheels.

The 2016 range features the Stax SR-L500 and Stax SR-L700 headphones. To use along with the aforementioned models of headphones, Stax has developed the Stax SRM-353X, a class A FET transistor headphone amp, capable of delivering a huge quantity of electric current. We suggest the purchase of these headphones as part of a pack along with the SRM-353X amplifier, available under reference Stax SRM-353X + SR-L500 and Stax SRM-353X + SR-L700. Lastly, we suggest the range’s exceptional flagship model, the Stax SR-009.

Stax SR-009
The leading model in the Stax range – the Stax SR-009

Stax isn’t the only brand to design electrostatic headphones and if you are interested in this technology, check out models from the Ergo range, offered at attractive prices, such as the Ergo One and Ergo Two and the Ergo Headphone Ampli One.

Ergo Two
The Ergo Two headphones

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