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Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

This week, we are giving you the opportunity to discover Kennerton headphones and earbuds. The brand’s catalog is very comprehensive and features wideband headphones, 2-way models, open and closed back hi-fi headphones, as well as a Planar Magnetic set of headphones.


Kennerton Odin
The Kennerton Odin Planar Magnetic headphones

The Kennerton Odin headphones are the American brand’s flagship model. This open back circumaural set of headphones is fitted with planar magnetic transducers developed by the brand. The special feature of these transducers is their significant size, 3 inches in diameter. This 10 µm multilayer polyamide film is optimized to maintain a coherent phase from bass to treble while offering regular impedance characteristics. In other words, these headphones can be powered by any type of amplifier, especially given the high sensitivity of the transducers (104 dB / mW) and their reasonable impedance (35 Ohms). No less than 10 semi-circular neodymium magnets are used to set the diaphragms in motion.

Completely plastic free, the Kennerton Odin headphones are made of wood, aluminium and natural lamb leather. The wood earpieces went through a meticulous process consisting of laser cutting , sandblasting, polishing, drying in a special chamber, second polishing and second drying at 74 °C during 8 hours, to finish with laser carving and patina.

The sound delivered is incredibly transparent and beyond comparison with traditional dynamic transducers.

Kennerton Vali
The Kennerton Vali dynamic headphones

The Kennerton Vali headphones are fitted with 50 mm dynamic transducers with a passive filter in order to ensure the linearity of the frequency response. The earcups in which the transducers are placed are made of Peruvian walnut, a material especially popular in the world of Hi-Fi for its anti-vibration qualities. These natural wood earpieces are treated with mineral oil and are fitted with a zinc grill structure which provides an especially wide sound stage.

Kennerton Magister
The Kennerton Magister headphones

The Kennerton Magister headphones are directly derived from the Vali, aside from their closed back design, implemented to insulate the listener from outside noises. The earpieces are made of African oak, which is also popular in the world of Hi-Fi for its anti-vibration qualities. These natural wood earcups are treated with a mineral oil.

Kennerton Laguz
The Kennerton Laguz in-ear headphones

The Kennerton Laguz earbuds open the in-ear range of the American manufacturer. Capable of producing an important sound volume (sensitivity of 100 dB / mW for a 16 Ohms impedance), they are adapted to smartphones, tablets and audiophile portable players. Each earbud is fitted with an 8 mm diameter dynamic transducer, which results in a generous restitution of every type of music.

Kennerton Jimo
The Kennerton Jimo headphones

The Kennerton Jimo in-ear headphones are fitted with double transducers (6 and 10 mm) for a more efficient restitution of low and high frequencies. The particular structure of the earbuds was designed to enhance the response in the lower end of the spectrum, down to 10 Hz.

Kennerton Ikiz
The Kennerton Ikiz headphones

The Kennerton Ikiz in-ear headphones can deliver a high sound volume (103 dB / mW sensitivity for a 10 Ohms impedance) and are adapted to smartphones, tablets and audiophile portable players. Each earbud features not one, but two dynamic transducers.

Kennerton Algiz
The Kennerton Algiz headphones

The Kennerton Algiz headphones are also fitted with two transducers and stand out due to their linearity.


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