Buyer’s guide: Norstone’s Arran, Jura and Skye cables


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

NorStone Jura coaxial

The French brand NorStone, well known for its A/V furniture and accessories, is revamping its offer of AV cables. For the occasion, the manufacturer accepted to send us samples of their HDMI, RCA, optical and speaker cables. Norstone?s offer includes three ranges: Arran, Skye and Jura.

Each of Norstone?s three new cable ranges includes:

NorStone Arran, Skye et Jura

NorStone Arran: the entry-level range

The NorStone Arran range is characterized by its use of oxygen-free copper conductors (99.999%, 5N) with triple shielding and a braided sheath. The aluminum connectors at either end are gold-plated. Together, the cables in NorStone?s Arran series represent the brand’s entry-level offer.

NorStone Arran HDMI
The NorStone Arran HDMI cable
NorStone Arran USB
The NorStone Arran USB cable

NorStone Skye: midrange cables

The Skye range takes on all the same characteristics of the Arran range, but the OFC 5N copper is plated with tin and silver (1%). The triple shielding is again present, as well as the gold-plated contacts. The silver plating enhances the transmission of highs.

NorStone Skye montés

NorStone Jura: the high-end range

Lastly, the NorStone Jura range benefits from copper conductors plated with a higher quantity of silver (10%), and the conductors are moreover Solid Core (thicker). The connectors at each end of the cable are also silver-plated (10%). The cables in the Jura range have been developed for high-end hi-fi and home cinema applications.

NorStone Jura optique
The NorStone Jura optical cable

We?ll be sharing information pertaining to the individual specifications for each of these cables, as well as our impressions in terms of their musical qualities, in our upcoming reviews.

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