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Mis à jour le 2 January 2017.

Founded by George Lucas in 1983, the name THX has since become synonymous with high-fidelity. THX-certified products are recognized around the world for respecting a particularly demanding set of specifications and, consequently, offering outstanding performance. The latest technological innovation from THX Labs, named THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (or THX AAA), aims to offer all the advantages of Class A amplifiers while maintaining a very high level of efficiency.

THX?s AAA technology aims to bring distortion levels for analog amplifiers down to near-zero levels (0,0001% at 1 kHz) while overcoming the constraints typically associated with amplifiers of this class in terms of their energy consumption, weight and thermal output. More details about the different types of amplifiers can be found in our article on amplifier classification.

In addition to surgical precision and infinitesimally low noise levels, THX AAA technology also ensures a significant increase in energy efficiency. An essential asset for portable headphone amplifiers, as it will greatly extend the source?s battery life. The fruit of THX Labs? efforts brings breakthrough features to the market in terms of distortion levels, signal-to-noise ratios, and energy consumption.

Note: the term ?achromatic? refers to the fact that there is no coloration of the sound and the original signal is thus amplified without being altered.

THX claims that the levels of intermodulation distortion and crossover distortion are reduced by 20% in comparison with standard amplifiers for an energy consumption of only 5 mW at resting point.

Initially developed to meet the needs of professionals and recording studios, and implemented for the first time by Benchmark Audio with a high-end, hi-fi amplifier bearing the name AHB2, THX?s AAA technology guarantees minimal distortion and increased autonomy for on-the-go audiophiles. The listener thus hears music exactly as it was recorded in the studio, with not even the smallest detail left out.

THX has announced that the first generation of headphone amplifiers implementing the brand’s Achromatic Audio Amplifier technology will boast distortion levels dropping below -130 dB for a maximum output power of 63 mW. Capable of driving all types of headphones, from the most modest to the most demanding, all while guaranteeing outstanding performance and a listening experience more detailed than ever, electronics sporting the THX AAA label will be able to handle all audio formats and reveal the smallest details in each song thanks to the exceptionally high levels of definition.

Further information about the THX quality standard is featured in our guide to cinema audio formats.

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