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Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Valentin Fage Immersit

Valentin Fage is the CEO of Immersit, the French Tech startup behind the Immersit Vibes, a tactile transducer which makes it easy to reproduce the motion-enhanced cinema experience at home.

Can you tell us about French Tech?
As a label above all, French tech offers a coherent image for events and product demos around the world. This label is starting to gain international recognition and gives startups more leverage than we would each have separately. It?s also a community composed of innovative, high-performance startups offering us opportunities to share our experiences and build our network.

When did you become inspired to design a home cinema tactile transducer?
Very simply, while I was watching a movie at home. Even though I had a great display and a better-than-average sound system, I was frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t experience each scene in a more realistic and intense way! After dedicating a lot of time to research, I decided that launching my own line of immersive products for video game consoles and home cinema installations was the best way to go.

Who do you think would benefit from owning an Immersit Vibes tactile transducer?
The Immersit Vibes was designed with a wide range of users in mind, especially those who might not have a home cinema installation but nonetheless desire a more immersive cinematic or gaming experience?without the need for a very powerful and technically complex product which could only be used to 10% of its capacity when brought into an apartment.

Immersit Vibes

What?s the best way to use the Immersit Vibes?
The Immersit Vibes is a consumer product designed to offer an enjoyable experience to home cinema enthusiasts and gamers alike. Quick to install and easy to use, its low-key and simple design make it perfectly adapted for use in an apartment or a house, without spending time on integration or changing anything about your couch. The Immersit Vibes allows gamers to feel the action and become much more immersed in a multisensory experience. For cinephiles, the Immersit Vibes is the ideal solution for adding an extra degree of realism in order to transform a movie into a 4D cinematographic experience for a great value. The ability to use it with any audio or video system, from a smartphone or soundbar to a home cinema installation, TV, or video projector, makes the Immersit Vibes a perfect fit for a large public, from those less tech savvy to cinephiles who can use the Immersit Vibes to create a multisensory cinema experience at home.

The Immersit Vibes includes two pods: what is the power output for each?
The power output for each pod is 65 Watts.

Can additional pods be added’
Yes, an Immersit Bluetooth transmitter can be paired with and send signals to two complete sets, for a total of 4 pods and an even more immersive experience!

Immersit Vibes

Why was Bluetooth technology chosen for the wireless connection between the transmitter and the Immersit Vibes? amp-receiver?
This technology is efficient, fast, reliable and relatively inexpensive.

What is Immersit?s approach to managing the audio delay associated with Bluetooth technology?
For audio, eliminating delay between the image and the sound is crucial. For vibrations, a few milliseconds of delay is acceptable. In our case, the codec we used allowed us to reduce the delay to imperceptible levels.

The Immersit Vibes? wireless transmitter has a digital audio input in addition to an analog input: what?s the reason behind this?
Immersit Vibes is compatible with all AV systems, from smartphones, tablets and TVs, to video projectors, home cinema installations and DVD/Blu-ray players. For this reason, we?ve designed the Immersit?s transmitter to be compatible with multiple platforms by proposing both a digital and an analog input.

Does one of these inputs have the priority over the other?
The 3.5 mm analog jack input takes priority over the optical input.

Immersit Vibes

Does the Immersit Vibes? light turn on automatically when an audio signal is detected or does it always stay on’
When your AV system is on and the Immersit transmitter is connected via USB, the latter will immediately establish a connection with the pods. The user only needs to press one of the pod’s buttons once to activate the Immersit Vibes system and enjoy all it has to offer.

Why did Immersit choose to put the volume control on each pod rather than on a remote control’
When you?re watching a movie, you have to be focused to get the most out of the experience, and you don’t want to have to go looking for your smartphone to control the intensity of the vibrations, or a remote control to adjust settings for this or that device. Since our homes already have enough remote controls for different systems, we wanted to create a simple, intuitive and efficient product. No matter where you are seated, you only have to press a button to adjust the intensity of the vibrations for the duration of the film. Also, a remote control would have added an additional cost without offering a real advantage.

Can you tell us about any new projects Immersit is working on’
We are still developing the Immersit Motion which will aim to meet the needs of professionals while remaining much more accessible to the larger consumer market than the internationally recognized and costly D-box system.

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