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  • Great review! It really highlighted the strengths of each speaker.

    Would you mind sharing your thoughts on how they compare to the Zensor series?

    Thank you

  • How does the tonality of the Spektor Vokal compare with the Zensor range? From the picture it looks like the tweeter and the bass drivers are the same as used in Zensor speakers. I am planning to get the the Spektor Vokal to complete my 4.0 Dali Zensor 5 set because the Zensor Vokal is too big for proper placement in my living room; also I am currently using a Zensor Pico Vokal as my centre speaker, so hoping the Spektor Vokal will be a noticeable upgrade from the Pico Vokal.

  • Great for its price!

    I started to run it in my living room (Salon we call it) and its nearly 20m2. The amp is Rega Elicit-r. The source is Raspberry Pi3 and Boss Dac, Mundorf rca cables and Audioquest Cinnamon usb 3.0 to the external harddrive. And take my words with a pinch of salt as these aren’t full burnt-in yet.

    Hiss is almost zero. Detail projection is high even though there is at least 4m between me and the speaker. Brilliant at jazz and other instrument oriented genres.

    Downside is its poor performance at electronics while worst at dubstep. And believe me its not that amplifier3 friendly 🙂 Guys my amp is giving out a little more than she can benefit but it rated at 83db and its clear that you have to raise the volume to achieve the same result with say my Rega rs3 tower speaker.

    But overally I say its wonderful!

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