Cambridge Audio is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new range of high-end electronics


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.


While the British manufacturer?s latest Blu-ray players and wireless speakers have garnered attention from the specialized press, Cambridge Audio has been curiously quiet in the hi-fi domain since it introduced the CX range in 2015. The long wait has now been justified with the arrival of the Cambridge Edge range, a collection of audiophile-grade electronics designed to offer an unparalleled listening experience. An excellent way for the brand to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The Edge range takes its name from professor Gordon Edge, the founder of Cambridge Audio and the creator of the brand’s first product, the P40 integrated amplifier. No less than three years were necessary to develop and manufacture these electronics, during which time the brand set the objective of favoring flawless performance over theoretically ideal measurements. An  innovative design and proprietary technologies were brought together to achieve this goal.

The Cambridge Edge range of electronics has been designed to lower interference by reducing the complexity of the signal’s circuit, thus guaranteeing exceptionally natural and dynamic sound. Each component has been carefully selected to optimize the restitution of the signal while preserving its integrity.


The Cambridge Edge A and Edge W benefit from class-XA amplification technology, a proprietary technology exclusively used for the Edge range. Combining the advantages of class-A and class-AB amplification, class-XA amplifiers ensure the restitution quality of a class-A amplifier while matching the efficiency of a class-AB amplifier. Class-XA amplification differs from class-AB in that its active crossover filter has been adjusted in order to bring distortion down to inaudible levels.

Cambridge Audio has also revamped the design of its toroidal transformers in order to eliminate all sources of electromagnetic interference and reduce distortion even further. To this same end, the capacitors have been replaced by an active circuit.

The Cambridge Edge NQ is compatible with Spotify Connect and Chromecast. Both the Cambridge Edge NQ and the Edge A are compatible with the Bluetooth aptX HD codec, and audio files stored on a smartphone, tablet or PC may be streamed in 24-bit HD quality.

As for connectors, the Edge NQ and Edge A are equipped with optical inputs as well as a coaxial input (24-bits/96kHz), and an HDMI ARC input, while the Cambridge Edge NQ preamplifier also features a USB port (32-bits/384kHz and DSD256).

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