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Mis à jour le 8 March 2021.


We are pleased to announce the addition of Taga Harmony products to Son-Vidéo.com?s catalog. Known for keeping a rather low profile, Taga Harmony builds high-quality electronics in Poland according to time-tested blueprints and sells its models at an attractive price.

Taga Harmony?s trademark is the vacuum tubes which crown nearly all of its products: headphone amplifiers, RIAA preamps, USB DACs, network amplifiers, DAC amplifiers and hi-fi stereo amplifiers.

Taga Harmony: the warmth of tubes

Vacuum tubes were at the very origin of the world’s first amplifiers and radios. At the time, they were called lamps and used to amplify the audio signal and drive the first acoustic speakers. At the dawn of the 20th century, the power rating of amplifiers rarely surpassed a couple of Watts. The invention of the transistor changed this, and vacuum tubes nearly disappeared as transistors were used to build amplifiers with much higher power ratings.

Taga Harmony HTA-2000 v.2
The Taga Harmony HTA-2000 v.2 hybrid stereo amplifier.

However, vacuum tubes are still favored by certain manufacturers for their ability to ensure a realistic and warm audio restitution. In China, Line Magnetic and Jolida are well-known manufacturers of tube amplifiers, and McIntosh pursues its tradition of building high-end tube amplifiers in the United States.

Taga Harmony joins the ranks with two different ways of integrating vacuum tubes into its amplifiers: first, hi-fi integrated stereo amplifiers with tubes for the preamp and amp sections and second, hi-fi hybrid stereo amplifiers with tubes for the preamp section and transistors for the amp section. For the latter, tubes define the sound signature of the incoming audio signal while transistors ensure adequate power to drive demanding speakers.

Taga Harmony HTR-1000 CD
The Taga Harmony HTR-1000 CD amplifier features an integrated CD player.

Taga Harmony: Bluetooth , DAC, DAB+ and phono amplifier

Most of Taga Harmony?s hi-fi stereo amplifiers are equipped with an integrated DAC in order to convert incoming digital signals from a variety of sources, including UHD displays, optical players, computers and NAS drives. Certain models are also fitted with a Bluetooth receiver to enable wireless playback for music stored on a smartphone or computer. These amplifiers also feature RIAA preamps for turntables as well as for certain FM tuners and digital DAB+ tuners.

Taga Harmony THDA-200T
The Taga Harmony THDA-200T headphone amplifier.

Discover Taga?s lineup of headphone amplifiers, RIAA preamps, USB DACs, receivers, DAC amplifiers and hi-fi stereo amplifiers in our tube electronics boutique.


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