Klipsch La Scala AL5: restyling a legendary speaker


The Klipsch La Scala AL5 speaker is a prestigious model from the Klipsch Heritage speaker range whose original version dates back to 1963. Imposing but elegant with its real wood veneer, this iconic speaker has just been revamped by the American brand.

The Klipsch La Scala AL5 cannot be matched when it comes to providing the listener with a hyper-realistic musical restitution.

The Klipsch La Scala AL5 differs from the previous version with the addition of a new neodymium magnet tweeter which ensures very high sensitivity (109dB). The speaker’s frequency response has been stretched to 20kHz, compared to 17kHz for the previous version. The Klipsch La Scala AL5 speaker also features new binding posts that are compatible with bi-wiring and bi-amping.

The design of the Klipsch La Scala AL5 speaker has also evolved as it now features metal grills that extend over the front panel slightly to give it a more modern look. These grills also sport a new logo. The manufacturer has added a black painted base under the speaker, thus raising it slightly. Special attention has been paid to the real wood veneers of each speaker: the path of the grain continues from top to bottom, uninterrupted across both parts of the speaker, guaranteeing a perfectly harmonious appearance.

The Klipsch La Scala AL5 speaker is part of the Klipsch Heritage speaker range. These legendary speakers are handmade in the United States, in Klipsch’s workshops in Hope, Arkansas. Unaffected by trends or the passing of time, the Klipsch Heritage speakers have kept their angular design and imposing proportions for many decades. Therefore, they preserve their musical nature and their ability to reproduce music in all its purity.

Enceintes Klipsch gamme Heritage

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