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Mis à jour le 20 October 2020.

Why settle for only local radio stations when radios from around the world are at your fingertips? With internet radios, you can easily travel the world without leaving your living room and wirelessly stream audio files stored on your computer. Some models even allow you to download podcasts and save radio programs on a memory card or USB flash drive. Don’t wait any longer to broaden your musical horizons!

The Pure Evoke F3 radio incorporates an FM tuner, a DAB/DAB+ digital radio tuner and access to Internet radios from around the world all in one device. Moreover, its wireless Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity also mean that it can be used as a speaker to play music wirelessly using a smartphone, tablet or computer as a source.

Thousands of accessible radio stations!

The majority of “traditional” radio stations simultaneously broadcast their programs over radio waves and on the internet. This makes it easy to listen to each country’s top national radio stations on your internet radio set, but on the web you will also be able to find many local radio stations and even independent stations that will allow you to discover new cultures, bands and singers on a daily basis and access local news from around the world.

The TuneIn service available in many applications (here in the Heos app for Denon and Marantz connected devices) provides access to a multitude of different web radios that can be found by searching for different categories: local radios, trending, music, location, news…

Plug in, turn on, listen…

Although they are just as easy to use as traditional radios, internet radios do require internet access to work. Connect your radio to your internet router using an RJ-45 network cable or even better, via a wireless WiFi connection, turn the radio on and get ready to travel the world! Radio stations are automatically listed and are usually organized by country of origin and by genre.

Internet radios are just as easy to use as FM radios. They have the ability to save several stations that are then accessible via shortcut buttons, as is the case with this Pure Elan IR5 internet radio.

Podcasts: the radio the way you want it, whenever you want…

Behind the word podcast is the ability to download your favorite radio programs on demand so that you can listen to them when you have time, on the radio set itself or on your Android or iOS device or DAP!

A multi-functional player

Most internet radio sets can play MP3 files stored on your computer by using a wired RJ45 connection or a wireless WiFi connection.
The Roberts Revival iStream3 radio features a USB port to play music saved on a USB flash drive. Its WiFi connectivity allows it not only to access web radios, but also to play music shared over the local network.

Consequently, all the tracks saved on the computer that is in your office are available on the radio set in your kitchen or bedroom. Some models can also play audio files saved on a memory card or a USB flash drive thanks to their USB port or memory card slot. Lastly, other models even include an iPod dock and an auxiliary input to play your playlists directly via your portable music player.

As a bonus…

Feel like waking up to salsa music broadcast by a Cuban radio station? It’s possible thanks to the alarm feature provided by many models, which become truly multicultural clock radios!

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  1. I am very happy with my purchase of the Ocean Digital Internet Tuner. Although as a United States resident I cannot access most of the DAB capability, the features I can access are more than sufficient. Many high-end streamers and DACs have built-in Internet tuners. I believe this Ocean outboard unit matches or exceeds their performance.

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