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Samsung’s professional Smart Signage department provides several extensive ranges of professional displays for all kinds of uses. The company has already proven its cinema expertise with its Onyx LED screens, whose technical accomplishments can be admired in the 3D theaters of the Pathé Beaugrenelle and Lyon Bellecour cinemas. Recently, this professional division has developed a 1080p, 4K and 8K compatible modular display. Named The Wall, this display has such excellent sharpness and image quality that the Korean manufacturer decided to release a version for consumers. The result is the Samsung The Wall Luxury.

The Samsung The Wall Luxury TV first impresses with its size, and then with its image quality and ultra-slim screen.
The Samsung The Wall Luxury TV is equipped with a very quiet ventilation system and is relatively slim for a screen measuring over 3 meters that is almost bezel-less.
Onyx LED Cinema technology is already used in two French movie theaters: Pathé Beaugrenelle and Lyon Bellecour.

Heavy-duty displays for all purposes

Smart Signage (the professional branch of Samsung Display) provides several ranges of professional displays. Very large urban display panels that are UV and weather resistant, professional monitors for educational, sporting and medical use… the Korean brand produces screens for all purposes and all viewing conditions, whether they’re ceiling-mounted, vertical or even curved. Considering professional screens are sometimes powered on 24/7, it is easy to understand why they need to be durable. We can also easily comprehend the need for reliable screens in medical environments for example, or inside air traffic control towers. UV resistance behind a shop window, high luminosity, touch interactivity… Samsung’s professional displays provide a vast palette of options for all commercial and corporate needs.

Samsung’s professional Smart Signage division provides an extremely wide range of screens of all sizes and resolutions up to 8K.
Samsung’s professional displays allow for all kinds of imaginative designs, including curved screens.
Samsung’s professional displays allow for all kinds of imaginative designs, making it possible to display content around corners.
How about a ceiling screen in the hallway?

The Wall Luxury: a television with no size limit

Samsung has already proven its love of beautiful objects with The Frame range, which includes screens that fit perfectly into any interior with elegance and discretion. Its new Samsung The Wall Luxury screen continues in this vein and is only 3cm thick, measures 3.7m across and has a 4K UHD display. We were able to admire a television that was 3.2m wide and 1.8m high in the Frankfurt showroom. This massive television was composed of several 80cm panels that were perfectly assembled without any visible lines. Modular to suit the needs of well-to-do clients, the smallest version of The Wall Luxury currently available measures 146 inches (4K UHD) and the largest measures 292 inches or 7.4m (in 8K UHD resolution)!

The Samsung The Wall Luxury TV is composed of several 80cm panels that are perfectly assembled without any visible lines.

The Wall Luxury: a modular display

You can build your custom wall by assembling multiple LED panels. 2:35, cinemascope or 16:9 formats, vertical or triangular, The Wall allows for every creative whim. Nevertheless, you will still be restricted by video content, but one can imagine that content can be made according to the layout of the screens on the wall. Some artists will surely know how to use this technology to produce contemporary video work.

The Samsung The Wall Luxury’s image display is handled by a powerful remote processor.

The Wall Luxury: microLED technology

It is thanks to microLED technology that Samsung is able to design large modular televisions without visible lines, with flawless sharpness, very high definition and excellent cinematographic image quality (contrast). Using artificial intelligence, these microLEDs work in conjunction with a Quantum Flex processor to display 8K images by upscaling the definition of movies, video games and any other content received by the television. Concerning figures, Samsung announces a peak brightness of 2000 nits for a refresh rate of 120Hz. The Wall Luxury is also HDR compatible with support for HDR10+, but does not support Dolby Vision. The Korean company also showcases its expertise by including its Black Seal (high contrast) and Ultra Chroma (perfect colors) technologies, both of which are supported by the Quantum Flex and Quantum HDR processors.

The Samsung The Wall Luxury TV is very bright and provides exceptional contrast thanks to HDR10+ compatibility and the proprietary Black Seal (high contrast) and Ultra Chroma technologies.

The Wall Luxury: the television that becomes part of the wall

This television can’t be placed on a piece of furniture; it is meant to be mounted on a wall or ceiling and blends into its surroundings. Like the Samsung The Frame and Samsung Serif televisions, The Wall features an advanced control interface that can be piloted via a tablet or smartphone or with the Samsung Bixby voice assistant. This software interface allows you to create any background you like with the Ambient mode. Multiple master paintings, photo collections and patterns can be displayed by the immense Samsung The Wall Luxury TV. Samsung’s Infinite Design makes it possible to conceal the screen in a contemporary interior. Several decorative frames can be added to the edges of this giant television, allowing you to personalize your screen with a range of different textures and finishes (wood, brushed metal, rusty steel, etc.).

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