How to find which IsoAcoustics products are compatible with your speakers


Mis à jour le 18 November 2021.

Founded in January 2012 by Dave Morrison, IsoAcoustics is a Canadian company that specializes in manufacturing audio isolation accessories. The manufacturer provides specialized speaker stands and feet that use patented technology and are designed for audiophiles and audio professionals alike. The brand’s goal is to improve the performance of all home and studio speakers.

IsoAcoustics is a Canadian company specializing in audio isolation products such as the IsoAcoustics GAIA II isolating feet with their elastomer base.

The highly effective isolation of IsoAcoustic stands is mainly a result of the shape, thickness and density of the isolation material used, as well as the way the top and bottom isolators work together with the insert to manage vibrations. The shape of the isolators creates a suction cup effect on smooth surfaces and provides a strong friction grip if the surface is textured. These robust stands provide a wider soundstage, as well as better spatialization and clarity.

IsoAcoustics rigorously tests its products to ensure superior isolation. Here, the models from the IsoAcoustics GAIA range were tested inside an anechoic chamber.

IsoAcoustics offers several ranges of speaker stands and feet for home use, including the Aperta, GAIA, OREA, DELOS and Modular series, that are compatible with a great number of speakers. The best way to ensure that an IsoAcoutics product is compatible with your speakers or audio equipment is to use the handy calculator on the manufacturer’s website. Simply select the type of audio equipment you wish to isolate, enter the brand name and model and the calculator will suggest the best IsoAcoustics stand or feet for your needs. You can then confidently choose the ideal speaker stand here.

Thanks to the handy calculator on the IsoAcoustics website, it is easy to find which stand or feet are compatible with your speakers.
Once you’ve clicked Get Started, simply select the type of audio equipment you wish to isolate.
Then enter the brand and model of your equipment. Here, we chose to search for the Focal Chora 826 floorstanding speakers.
After clicking Next, the calculator will recommend a product based on the brand, model, weight and dimensions of the equipment you wish to isolate.

If you still can’t find the isolating feet you need, there are “universal” solutions that are compatible with all speakers, such as the NorStone Damp 50, the Oehlbach resonance dampers and the Stabren MiniStab vibration damping pads, for example.

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