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Mis à jour le 3 September 2020.

VGP is Japan’s largest and most comprehensive award for audiovisual equipment.

Launched in 1987, VGP is Japan’s largest and most comprehensive award for audiovisual equipment. This award celebrates the best in audio and video technology, covering everything from 4K OLED televisions and 4K UHD Blu-ray players to hi-fi speakers, headphones, in-ear monitors and Smart home devices.

The VGP Awards include three different categories:

  • The Audiovisual category examines audiovisual and home theater devices including televisions, projectors, Blu-ray players, digital cameras, AV receivers, home theater speakers, AV cables, software and apps.
  • The Pure Audio category includes hi-fi audio devices, notably hi-fi speakers, active speakers, hi-fi amplifiers, audio players, DACs and turntables.
  • The Lifestyle category encompasses home and portable audio products such as soundbars, wireless speakers, headphones, earphones, DAPs and Smart home related devices.
The VGP judging panel for 2020.

VGP’s judging panel consists of 10 AV experts who work in fields such as specialized journalism and retail. These judges rigorously examine up to 2000 models from 250 different brands before voting on the very best products. When voting, the panel takes into consideration marketability, as well as quality and functionality. A total of three judging sessions are held for the three categories (Audiovisual, Pure Audio and Lifestyle). Based on the results, the award-winning models are chosen and the jury decides which equipment will receive a Gold Award. The results are announced on the VGP website, in the free VGP Awards magazine, and in the ホームシアターファイルPLUS (Home Theater File PLUS) home theater magazine.

The winners of the 2020 Summer edition of this prestigious award have just been announced by VGP. Discover the many different awardees in our VGP 2020 Awards selection.

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